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  1. Can’t stop watching this video.


  3. Black dog: ” Um, Dave, I think their laughing at us”

  4. Thumbs down for the vertical video.

  5. These reddit fedoras are going to be the end of youtube. Mock my words.

  6. forgot how to dog

  7. fat fucks redditors are here

  8. I don’t get it. Why do people think the dogs are being abused? Why would
    the dog be in pain from that mans voice? And if it was, then why would the
    dog mimic it?

  9. Stop recording vertically, for the love of god.
    For what little effort it requires to turn your phone 90 degrees, you get
    better video resolution and you don’t look like an incompetent moron.
    It’s a win for everyone involved.

  10. This is awesome!!

  11. Gento deserves more then PewDiePie!

  12. Butthurt pricks be like “animal abuse!1!1! Mean people!1!1!” 

  13. E aqueles países da Ásia ainda comem eles, na boa se pudesse jogava um
    bomba nesse país de merda, dai acaba com essa praga!

  14. I don’t get it

  15. they are really saying hello!!!!

  16. A perfect training

  17. Hello!

  18. Justa couple buddies right there. 🙂
    its Super Rotty & his side kick Pip Squeak

  19. I have a plan: I will report every comment with a fedora in the profile
    picture. WE CAN STOP THEM.

  20. Diversity is chasing down the last white person.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  21. Hi John,

    My name is Daniel and I am contacting you from a UK television company
    called Mentorn Media (www.mentorn.tv).
    We are making a new programme called ‘Pets Do the Funniest Things’ where we
    will celebrate the amazing wealth of entertaining animal clips online.
    I came across your clip and would love to gain your permission to use this
    clip in our show.
    Do you own it? If not do you know who does?

    Also would you be willing to conduct a short interview regarding your pets?
    Please get back to me to discuss: ddempster@mentorn.tv
    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes,

  22. That’s so cute

  23. Redditors=Bunch of fatass fedora wearin mother fuckers=No Lives

  24. There evolving!!!

  25. Funniest GD thing ive seen in a while.


  27. lamagiduneinstant76

    Dog: ” God, what’s it take to please these guys? How about being seriously
    impressed that I learned Your language. You gotta work on mine, buddy.”


  29. Hello!!!

  30. Sweet Lemonpop30959

    HEWOO! hewoo!

  31. MooseLimbs CANT Coexist

    The dog actually speaks TWO languages, he says “ha row” because he was
    raised in Asia

  32. MooseLimbs CANT Coexist

    The dog is actually a special needs animal, working in the inner city
    teaching English under the auspices of the No Child Left Behind program.

  33. 這樣可以爽這麼久也不錯!

  34. This is so funny!

  35. Then the black dog shouts “what’s up niggaz!”

  36. I love the way the dog is so gung ho!

  37. Sounds like hallo not hello to me.

  38. I feel really out of it, I have a runny nose, but to be honest I think I’m
    smashing this. #thatdogsaidhello

  39. Boston terrier ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. looks like a boston terrier to me.. way cute..

  41. I wish everyone laughing be kept undrr bars like the dogs and people would
    look at them and laugh

  42. Karolina Szczepanik

    kto oglada to przez EskeTV ? :D

  43. I don’t know what’s funnier, the actual video of the dog making the noise
    which sounds like hello, or the comments saying that it is cruel, there is
    nothing cruel about the video except the cruel people who are insulting the
    man who made this video.

  44. I have a hard time figuring out why there are 362 dislikes for this video.

  45. Nerf Lee Sin.

  46. I can’t stop laughing at this video because the people are going nuts.

  47. I like dogs. Have a dime. +ChangeTip 

  48. This little guy deserves a HUGE steak…. LOL
    Hes Amazing and he deserves it for his little attitude and putting so much
    into his HAROOO!!

  49. ????????

  50. mike Kemp (EMKAYBEE)

    Don’t get it. The dog makes that sound and the humans think they are clever
    imitating the dog. Retards.

  51. Mine barks in spanish.


  53. lawl nd it seems funny to me that only in d west people say so much about
    animal abuse. Well….if u really care so much why dont u people turn
    vegetarians first?

  54. I think the guy saying “Hello” sounds funnier

  55. Came here because of the fucked up title

  56. Anne Marie Callaghan

    A clever Boston terrier, a not so clever human being with limited
    conversation skills. Terrier is probably bored already!

  57. Boston terriers are smart

  58. Dog’s be like ‘why are they laughing, we said the password, now let us out
    for some pets and wiggles’ =)

  59. XDDDDD

  60. Hey. Yall. Who. Say. Bad. Stuf. Of. Them. You. Are. More. Horrible. .and.
    yeah. Imagen. If. Somebody. Told. You. That. How. Will. You. Feel? So.
    Quit. It. Out

  61. 😀 😀 😀 :D

  62. LOVE it!!!

  63. 0:01-0:03 Hawoo. Hawoo. Favorite part of the whole video.

  64. HELLO!

  65. This has to be the funniest video on youtube

  66. Hawwoooo :D

  67. How freacking holaris is this video????????

  68. John Freeman (LeMarc)

    3 nights in a “HAIR ROW” laughing all night cause i used to do shit like
    this to our neighbors dogs n they hated me but it was too funny

  69. John Freeman (LeMarc)

    If you look at the in between single syllable barks i think the lil dogs
    pissed that he can’t even stop himself and between embarrassing ‘hair rows’
    he is saying “FUCK”

  70. Spartans what is your profession 0:10

  71. Iggy!

  72. Lol, I saw this on tru tv’s top funniest earlier today. I kept rewinding
    because it’s too funny! X’D

  73. Иван Иванов


  74. lol this is ovesly fake

  75. Black dog be like, “You’re all a bunch of lunatics.”

  76. I love at 0:29 after the “hello” the dog does another little bark as if to
    say “oy, the fuck you laughing at?”

  77. Hello – Adele ft Hello dog would be awesome

  78. Awow bring this video to americas funniest video. Hey you never know you
    will win $10,000

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