Hissing parrot with owner

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Bird Hissing with me in perfect synchrony


  1. Came here from Imgur…Not disappointed, take another upvote you magnificent bastards!

  2. Never make that Face again

    The Internet

  3. That Bird got every color in the rainbow and i find it very pretty where did you find it??

  4. why did i spend 12 seconds to watch two hissing each other

  5. Biggest Troll Ever

    Who gives af about the parrot I’m trying to fuck that chick.

  6. Legends say that they’re still hissing

  7. Prettiest bird ever ?

  8. I feel like it’s my duty now to upload more vids cos everyone is subscribing to my shitty channel

  9. Why do you hiss with tongue out? hahaha

  10. someone should make a “we will rock you” remix of this

  11. When Will You Learn

    This is why the Internet was created.

  12. David -flamingsword1

    Ah… yep that’s exactly what I expected from the comment section.

  13. What a beautiful bird! ?

  14. I’d hiss at you too for making a face like that.
    Good on ya bird

  15. what kind of eagle is that

  16. HOw is this on trending

  17. You know she put makeup on just for that video

  18. wow, that is a colorful bird! it reminds me of the second generation of barnyard commando toys from the early 90s.

  19. Minecraftgirl003

    Seems like something my mom would do with her bird because she and her bird are weird af

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