Homeless Pit Bull gives birth in a den during a massive rainstorm. SO MANY PUPPIES!!!

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  1. nooooo puppy!!!!!

  2. droplet has beautiful eyes .Thunder,raindrop and misty look like rainbow.maybe bolt and flash came from dad. stormy and breezy are twins!!

  3. Who would dislike this and why?

  4. Why are there dislike in this videos??? I don’t get it

  5. Like this comment if you agree pit bulls are not a vicious dog it’s based on how they are brought up my friend has a Pit bull and has just been told that she can’t have puppies her name is Bella she is the cutest she is so gentle and caring???

  6. 6:21 ” oh my god, it’s raining down my underwear.”

  7. Liberty the Salazar

    shame on the 334 people who disliked. if you are one of them, give me your reason for disliking this.

  8. *and then they had to put them all to eternal sleep, because nobody adopted one or cared to donate*

  9. Who else loves watching dog rescues?

  10. MajorMantisGaming

    This video describes how people treat animals. Hope for Paws is a organization that helps animals that are sick,stray, and close to death. I actually adopted one of the dogs from the website they said go to at http://www.wagsandwalks.org

  11. mrspooderman derp

    No tears stay the fuck away

  12. Wow, there’s a lot of asshole-trolls on here hating on pitbulls. Fuck you people! There’s no such thing as a bad dog only bad owners, and there sure as hell ain’t no such thing as an aggressive breed.

  13. i hate that so many animals are homless and so many suffer a day it is so say

  14. As somebody who owns a very sweet Pitbull puppy mix this really warms my heart.

  15. Pls give me 1 like bc I just save a pit bull today pls

  16. Did anyone else hear a lady say “it’s raining down my underwear”?

  17. I’m not crying, your crying ??

  18. I am really dumb I saw the title and thought pit bull the singer was homeless and somehow giving birth.

  19. Whenever I watch these videos, I want a hamburger after wards.
    Because hamburgers save puppy dog lives!!

  20. the father was a black dog

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