How to Dress a Ferret for Christmas

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Ferrets don’t like playing dress-up for the holidays but there are always ways to motivate them!


  1. Eggs Benedict Crumplesnatch

    my heart is exploding!

  2. Continue with these awesome ideas :)

  3. Lovely!!!!

    What treats do you give them??

  4. This was so adorable. I wish I could have tried this with my old man before
    he passed away. But I’m sure he would have had a fit. Your ferrets are so
    cute. Hope to see more videos like this soon!

  5. OMG ! hahaha so cute!

  6. I love ferrets and ur videos

  7. I really can’t wait to get my own ferrets (In one or two months) I could

  8. Ahhhh so cute!! Love the hats lol

  9. ale śmieszne

  10. who is the person that voted this down?

  11. I love your videos! thanks for posting them

  12. That’s clever!

  13. Why is it that I watched 1 ferret video a month ago and for the past month
    nothing but EpicFerret videos have been flooding my recomended section?

  14. would love one of these but they are illegal to own where I live. 🙁 

  15. omg, so cute :D

  16. What kind of hata did you use? Doll hats? What did you attach & how?
    Doesn’t look like elastic. I’d love to try but don’t want it to squeeze or
    choke them so thought I’d ask before I tried. Love your ” Deamatic Ferret ”
    vid – its my fave. ♡

  17. omg I love them…!

  18. I know this peace of music is very famous, but what is it called again?
    Lovely video btw :)

  19. Awww so cute! Do you know where to get rabbit and guinea pig clothes?

  20. leopardgecko4life1

    Haha. Theres a little gif of this on failblog

  21. Cute clothing and freaky song.

  22. And what the ferrets got for Christmas????

  23. Amy Deanne (TitaniumBiscuit)

    My daughter and I watched this and thought it was super cute!! Not sure if
    our babies would allow us to put cute hats on them LOL!

  24. Yuri dontwannasaylastname

    thought the video was going to start like
    how to dress your ferrets up for any occasion?
    U can’t

  25. I have felt alone in my passion for our ferret friends till now. Thanx. My
    baby passed away not too long ago. Sharing your family is right in time.

  26. nice viduo

  27. All your videos are awesome! =3 I have my ferret from 9 months ago,I adopt
    him December 31 jeje ^^

  28. musicsoundsification

    its funny but animals are not for being dressed…

  29. Awsome they are so cute! I want a ferret. Oh, and can you also make a video
    on how to MAKE the cute costumes? Thanks!

  30. Where did you get the hats from?

  31. I don’t see how anyone can dislike ferrets. As long as you treat them right
    they can be so lovable and cuddly and playful. Love your vids ^^

  32. Brilliant strategy! It’d probably work on me too!

  33. cool way to dress a ferret

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