How to Make a Great Toy for Your Ferret

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The best Ferret Toys are always dirt cheap! Here’s one you can make that will guarantee your Fuzzies hours upon hours of enjoyment! Ferret Owners Sign up at

Music: “Hey” by Juanitos


  1. ha! cool vid

  2. I’m doing this TOMORROW…our boy will go nuts! Great idea thx. And go
    Pancake goooo! 😀

  3. So CUTE! I am going to have to do this for my ferret Annabelle.

  4. Rice filled sock works also – mine go nuts over that thing…

  5. so cute I remember playing tug of war with our little one…and her funny
    antics….miss her …these videos are so entertaining thank you for
    magz :)

  6. The title needs correcting! How to make a great toy forn an imprisoned
    ferret. :(

  7. Please. Name of this song

  8. Luis Felipe Navarro Pelayo


  9. my ferret loves this toy

  10. I had great luck with milk jugs. Just wash them out and place a couple of
    coins inside. The buggers loved hauling them around and they were too big
    to fit in their nests so you can retrieve them easily.

  11. Samantha Valentin

    Don’t listen to jinx. I currently do not own ferrets, but I’m interested in
    adopting one so I’m looking into all information of any sorts about
    ferrets. Every video I’ve seen, J1NX has been putting out information about
    humans prisoning ferrets. J1NX has his own opinions which is OK, however he
    is only getting a thrill of our opinions, and retaliating back at him. So
    if you believe something is incorrect, as long as you know it’s not true
    then just ignore idiotic comments and opinions that everyone shares in

  12. Samantha Valentin, thank you, I subscribed to your channel.

  13. Kimiko “Demon dog” Hanyou

    awesome toy ur fuzzes are cute!

  14. primadonna ftisland

    i has a cat, but he just to lazy to play.. and my sugar glider also.. when
    i introduce my sugar glider with new toy.. he will interested to play for
    only 10 second.. after that he will never touch that toy again.. so now i
    really want to has a ferret.. may i know what is ferret odor smell like? &
    can i take him to travel like i do to my suggies?

  15. I bought my first ferret & these video’s are very helpful

  16. The Chaotic Canine (Panic)

    This also allows them to use there wild instincts sense they are

  17. Mine doesnt play with any toys and is fat but has close to no hair on her
    tail because shes got ear mites

  18. Simple the perfect toy is socks

  19. Amy Deanne (TitaniumBiscuit)

    I love the name Pancake! My ferrets’ names are Bubbles, Butterscotch and
    Siri, all girls!

  20. Mine is coco and tiara

  21. Psycho girl A.K.A Crazy

    My ferret would love that I’m gonna make it for her

  22. jajajaja tomorrow i go to test it!

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