How To Survive Working With Cats!

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Take Your Cat To Work Day is June 25th, here’s some tips to surviving the workplace while office supurrvisors “help” 🙂

Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch’n Massage Bed:

MUSIC: “Daily Beetle” – K Macleod –


  1. VictryIs NvrYors

    Or there’s always the option of moving the cats and telling them to “F”

  2. “When you need to concentrate” Scrolls past cat pictures…

  3. Ade Teguh Prasetyo

    Just lock them in other room and its DONE..

  4. Seems the cats have trained their human pet well :)

  5. The cats are all doing the same thing lol

  6. They seem like hard work :)

  7. I have a cat that had kitties that looks just like your black cat I’m

  8. HAHA cats rule the world:)

  9. Hahaha this is literally my everyday life. XD We have six cats, two of them
    are kittens, and three of them are playful adults. The sixth one is an 18
    yr old cat. O.O He’s extremely old, but still as cute as ever. ^_^ Now that
    I think about it, he tends to make trouble for me too! I tend to do my work
    on my bed, so he comes and lies on my papers that I have scattered on my
    bed. Lol he’s so funny. The others do what Cole and Marmalade were doing in
    this video. Lol

  10. OR.. just Train your fucking cats, it’s not really that hard

  11. Mine rests her chin on the touch pad and makes things go bonkers.

  12. 0:15 Marmalade! You naughty kitty. :D

  13. How about take us to office????

  14. Un Portal Al Infierno

    lovely like always <3

  15. My cat Rory follows me every where and is so distracting because he loves
    having “conversations” with me! I of course am not rude so I always reply!
    He helps me do dishes and sew….kind of :)

  16. Or you could teach your cats some manners…it’s obvious that they just do
    this because you’re letting them do this…but to each his own,I guess…

  17. Wired Mouse. Best investment.

  18. srsly just throw that cat off the chair,… man some people treat a cat
    like it’s a baby.

  19. So nice!! I have a cat and he likes to lie down on the newspaper when my
    dad reads it!! all cats are same…just love them…mmmmuaaa :D

  20. i just anoying my cats more than they anoyng me and they stop it, do it
    make me a terrible person? :D

  21. Everything is a toy to a cat.

  22. Димон Лысый

    Т.е.!Этот олух будет сидеть и терпеть всю херню что творят эти куски
    шерсти?На его месте,любой бы нормальный мужик уже давно переебал бы им по
    наглой харе и показал как надо себя вести!!!!Не мужик,а педик,одним словом!

  23. “free zone” LOL ;)

  24. So cute cats! and the Ginger has the most expressive little face! I dont
    see how you deal with two kitties. My little stray that adopted me does her
    best to see how long it takes to make me finally lose what little sanity i
    have left! LOL!

  25. tatsbita aurelia

    LOL and cute..

  26. If my cat sat on my office chair, he’d be on the floor in a heartbeat. I
    ain’t givin that shit up.

  27. I hadn’t thought of working inside a clothes bag. Good idea.

  28. Maybe shut the door or work outside the home? ;)

  29. I did my homework and my cat sit on it but i waited for him and play with
    him until he goes away i dont mind if he gets in the way :3

  30. adorable, i personally feel that my life is empty unless i share bit with a

  31. This would all be super useful, if my cat wasn’t so BORING and LAZY all the
    time : /

  32. Love it! I often have to let my cat have the office chair

  33. So true! Love how you accommodate these precious ones!

  34. Cats are spawn of satan

  35. Kalani'po Enomoto

    We have the same desk

  36. Hilarious,

  37. Wellington Gray III

    Lucky. My cat lays on my keyboard and flops around like a fish and send
    messages like 7RUDMRJDHD to random people.

  38. Here’s another tip: Don’t let cats on the furniture to start with and/or
    close the office door.

  39. How hard is it to move your cat or keep it in another room? Your cat isn’t
    the owner, you are. Show some control

  40. make more video’s

  41. Yes, is hard! But I love working with my cats…

  42. I literally laughed at like every clip XD

  43. The Gaming Potato Cat

    0:29 Loafy Marms is su cute I wanna cry ;-;

  44. When I try to do my homework and my cat won’t let me I just don’t do it lol

  45. this is good because my cat jimmy always makes a mess when we are working

  46. The real answer is you Cannot work with cats, you will have to pay more
    attention to the cat as to your work!!!! too risky for the way you Earn

  47. great video. ..lemme try it now!

  48. Awww…another subscribe from me 😉 cat lover~

  49. Or just throw the fuckers out. Now you can unleash the hate. Bring it on!

  50. this is dumb at first place to let them in your work room.

  51. if ur cat gets on ur chair why dont u just shoo it away?

  52. My cat managed to sell the dog on E-Bay. :-)

  53. Good idea with hamper

  54. Or just close the door lol

  55. hahahaa… yeap.. this happens…

  56. I can’t work with my cat, nor can I knit, sew, draw, paint nails, wear
    earrings, shower (alone), go to bathroom (alone) load or unload the
    dishwasher unless I trick her into hiding in a cabinet or closet for a few
    mins of respite. Basically my Xmas present (the cat) has control over what
    I can or can’t do.

  57. I know this all too well as someone else who works from home and owns two
    cats (one which is black)
    Yea once he steals the chair, he gets quite angry about trying to take it
    back. they also like sit on my arm so I can’t use the mouse or keyboard
    very well.

  58. LOL And I thought I was the only one who keeps a spare chair handy because
    my cat steals my chair the moment I’m out of it. I do the same thing with
    the treats too, hoping to get something done quickly while she’s eating

  59. Why not just close the door?

  60. OR you could just close the door…..

  61. LOL???

  62. I can’t stop watching your video it makes me happy!!!!!!

  63. watched again…so funny, I have a kitty that is obsessed with drinking out
    of my water glass(often testing with paw first), watching Cole do the same,
    had me in stitches! I now have a covered drinking glass…no worries about
    accidental spills…or worrying about where that paw has been!

  64. cute

  65. Chanelle-Lize Marshall

    lmao it never ceases to make me laugh whenever a cat pokes water like it’s
    the first time they’ve seen the stuff! XD

  66. professional!!! lol

  67. when i have to work ,i say to my cat ; ” hey dude , go to hunt a mice or
    to find a girlfriend outside ” then i push him to the garden :)

  68. what a sweet channel

  69. Frederick Stein Smith

    Sweetheart sits on my lap while I am on the computer. She has also helped
    mom and brothers with their schoolwork. Sweetheart has earned the title

    tutor and sister.

  70. Eu amoooo gatos! lindos! ??????

  71. ….create a cat free zone…. Oh my goodness i laughed so hard that my
    cats run out of the room, thus providing me with my own cat free zone.

  72. And the day after is my birthday

  73. SchattendragonflyPL

    I’ve only lived with a cat for few days to look after it while the owner
    (friend) was away. And I have also immediately learned that the sleeping or
    stepping on the keyboard or the mouse-hand was 100% true 😀 The rest must
    then be also 😀
    Nice vid, thank you. I especialy enjoyed the CAT FREE SPACE way haha

  74. I thought some of my cats were bad, how you are able to do work, and post
    funny videos about those two is beyond me. Must take weeks to post one 10
    minute video :-)

  75. yes it real!!!

  76. Hahaha cuty pies cole and marm

  77. I don’t have a Cat I really what one??????????????????

  78. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2:04ㅋㅋㅋ

  79. Marmalade and cole are cuties

  80. lol this is my life xD


  82. Happy Family Pets TV

    hahaha exatly like my cats hahaha

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