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Hey, guys! After I got my husky pup, Roxy, I became really interested in dog psychology and dog training. Today, I’m showing you guys how I trained Roxy and how you can use those same tips at home to train your own dog.
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Have any pro tips on how to train a dog? Share them in the comments below!


  1. Deimantė Karinauskaitė

    when you don’t have a dog but you watch it because its Doctor Mike🙊

  2. I never clicked on a notification so fast


  3. Priti Kewalramani

    Roxyy is really your love♥♥♥♥♥♥😁😁😁😁

  4. Last time I was this early Shawn didn’t know what I did last summer

  5. I LOVE HUSKIES😍😍 that’s my favorite dog breed 😍

  6. you should do more than 1 video per week! I will be like ”what is he going to present this week”! and everytime you rock😅 you and roxy are both adorable!😜

  7. this is so cute omg

  8. I need a dog 🐶 I keep begging my parents and they just say no 😒😒

  9. I’m very scared of dogs. Whenever I see one I almost always will cross the street or turn the other way, because I was once chased by a dog and the owners and people around did nothing. To set the record straight, I did not run away when I saw it, nor did my two brothers, we didn’t even notice it until it was literally on my brother, and it looked sick. How can I know when to trust the dog and the owner?

  10. Hey Dr Mike, I read somewhere that when an owner is walking his or her dog, the owner should not let the dog walk ahead of him/her and instead the dog should always be either at the side or behind of the owner. This is to show the dog that you are the leader of the pack. Do you walk Roxy in this manner too?

  11. I suffer from dog phobia because a dog chased me when I was a child. When a dog passes beside me, I feel scared and trembling. For a while I try to get rid of this fear so I do not like dogs so much.🌝 roxy so cute

  12. Awww… She is so cute💜💜 And i love roxy’s eyes😍😍😍

  13. I legit want a dog now 😢😢❤ I want a best friend

  14. marigianna kaminari

    How old was your dog when you trained it?

  15. Well i could be your next favore person 😏🤔

  16. I’m sorry for your lost hope you get help

  17. Dogfur Hank Lawson, iff it ooou??

  18. What if a random dog runs after you!😂 I am so scared of dogs..🙄

  19. Carolina Markides

    Congrats dr.mike the vid is trending !!💪👏

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