How to Wrap a Ferret for Christmas

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If you are sick of wrapping your cat for christmas try a ferret, they are much more fun! Ferret lovers come to Music: We Wish you a Merry Christmas by: the United States Marine Band.


  1. I saw that cat one. Screw cats. I really wish I could get a ferret in

  2. It would be awesome if that happend to me.

  3. My little one tried to wrap herself this year. She completely unrolled and
    wrinkled two rolls of wrapping paper :-)

  4. OMG!!
    Soooooo adorable.. I like to make “furritos” Almost the same steps.. only
    stop after they are wrapped <3

  5. Your ferrets are so cute! and so well behaved!!

  6. lol your ferret is like why are u wrapping me?!?!

  7. Solo cute


  9. Omg. I can barely handle all of this cuteness!!

  10. Please ensure the ferret can breathe at all times and they are wrapped for
    as short a time as possible.

    The cuteness is unbelievable!!!

  11. Lol! XD:3 LOVE

  12. Hahahaha that is cute

  13. Oh what’s that warm feeling? My heart is liquid now

  14. Ivan “Ferrets 101” Cortes


  15. That is too cute

  16. Esther Dragonmoutain

    sweet! :3

  17. this is so cute :D

  18. How do you keep your Christmas tree safe from these bandits?

  19. Don’t give away ferrets as presents…But if you must know, here is how to
    wrap one ;)

  20. I saw this last year and I still laugh out loud!

  21. Wonderful~!~!

  22. i do this for son, boy opens box, ferret dead, 

  23. I think my ferret might be sick he is making strange noises what should I

  24. Ok he seems fine now his name is snickers and thanks a lot bro I subscribed

  25. Ps were did u got ur ferrets

  26. Cottonbunny//Solar// Crimson Wolf Pack (Jib)

    R they ok with that?

  27. Amy Deanne (TitaniumBiscuit)

    The cute little bow at the end was a nice touch!

  28. My ferret is sick i try everything don’t know what to do he’s still
    fighting for he’s life is just so sad seen him like that the surgery is
    really expensive ;(

  29. WeepingCheshireGrin

    That’s so cute

  30. WeepingCheshireGrin

    That’s so cute!!!!

  31. Most adorable video I’ve ever seen!

  32. Ferrets are love.Ferrets are life

  33. What sounds do ferrets make? Be sure to make a vid on that because I want
    to wrap 1 for a special occasion and I will put holes in it. I just need to
    know if they make any sounds so that the person whi recieves it wont sound
    so suspicious. Thanks!

  34. Great tips!?

  35. I ain’t no burrito why are u rolling me? 0:12

  36. WTF THIS IS WRONG!!! how could u do that.. :(

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