Hungry Sea Lion Grabs A Free Meal On Back Of A Boat

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A SEA LION hops on board the back of a boat for a spot of supper. The hungry marine mammal followed the boat as it headed back to Cabo, San Lucas, in Mexico. The male animal spotted an easy meal as 26-year-old scuba instructor Frankie Grant waved a live bait fish for him. And the sea lion seemed happy to be fed as Frankie dropped the meal into its mouth.

Videographer / Director: Frankie Grant
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. Bosnian Gamers (JustPros)


  2. I wouldn’t feed them if i couldn’t pat them 

  3. It’s all fun and games until it get’s chopped up by the propeller

  4. it’s amazing that they don’t have to chew and can just gulp it down

  5. More of this and pls no more ugly women with their weird lifestyle, for
    example “world biggest hips”

  6. LAZY Sea Lion! If man / an Earthling can catch such, then SURELY any
    healthy / mobile Sea Lion can do 1000x better at catching their free
    ocean-range meals. 🙂
    ~South Africa~ xox 

  7. I love that sealion!!

  8. Classical conditioning in a nutshell.

  9. So cute!

  10. Степан Старофф

    Like my wife! 

  11. im a car man

    but this vid still made my day

  12. wow God is GREAT 

  13. This is awesome!

  14. he was probably getting a free ride out of the harbour too. 

  15. White people still aint learned

  16. Seadoggies

  17. Should we be doing this? this sea lion won’t know how to catch his own
    fish. He’s gonna be the first spoiled generation that are unable to hunt
    for themselves, and eventually goes to extinction

  18. Very cool!

  19. Real cute until the sea lion bites off your hand with the fish.

  20. lol this was so awesome.

  21. That is so CUTE!!!! ?

  22. I hate to be that guy but this is kind of disrupting the natural order of
    things. They may just become a bit too dependent on humans for food that
    they would no longer get food themselves

  23. I was in Cabo on vacation last month and this happened to us, there was no
    fish on the boat but he was really hoping there was, he stayed on for a
    really long time along with some Pelicans who perched on the boat looking
    for a snack 

  24. do you think animals of the sea go about the ocean as we go about roads and
    such with cars?
    like do they know where they are going in the ocean 

  25. Kucni Trikovi URADI SAM

    Impresive :D

  26. This is so cool! I used to live in Cabo and I would always see them. One
    actually lived in the marina and the locals named him Pancho?

  27. LadyCassandra Emerald

    Why does this sea lion understand English….?

  28. Fantastic

  29. Владимир Баранов

    Мне очень понравился 

  30. can i kiss it ?

  31. For once the animal is exploiting the human :)

  32. Their very intelligent just as much as a dolphin or dog etc 

  33. There is nothing cute about a dependent sea lion hoping to get food from
    humans. These poor souls are so conditioned, they think that boat = food.

  34. ??so cute!!

  35. Fred Krapinsiten

    so awesome

  36. 1:33 That “You’re serious bro ?” look.

  37. fuck the sea lion

  38. Poor fish! I know the sea lions are cute too! 🙂 

  39. It’s hilarious how some people are freaking out over this! They obviously
    don’t have a lot of experience with animals. You are not teaching this
    animal to solely depend of people. It’s an adult animal that lives near
    the docks and has plenty of human interaction through that.

  40. Too cool.

  41. this is what dogs evolved from

  42. 1:32 Sea lion: Just chillin’…. Do ya’ have some food? 

  43. Cute

  44. what’s that thing behind the guy on 1:55 ?

  45. This is so dope!! :)

  46. That’s just adorable.

  47. the theory of evaluation says:
    a day will com when the Sea Lions will drive and humans will follow.

  48. the sea lion looks high???

  49. what do you mean “in search of a free meal”? its a sea lion, all their
    meals are free, it doesn’t have any concept of money.

  50. Aww, so cute ??

  51. My concern is the spinning prop in the back.

  52. Hate sealions when im fishing..!! always stealing my bait right off the

  53. Miss Amanda's world

    Not stealing he is being fed

  54. Big ole greedy bastard 

  55. I like how Frankie looked in to make sure it was empty. Lol

  56. Not aggressive yet…

  57. Give up the fish esse or I’ll fuck you up!

  58. funny Sea lion

  59. The sea lion has a name actually his name is Pancho

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