Husky Puppy Tries to Wake up Other Puppies

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  1. This is just soooo cute!

  2. The puppy tried to touch the camera. That’s so adorable and funny seeing
    its cuddly face that close! :)

  3. lol what a lazy bunch =D

  4. He kind of looks like Demon from “Snow Dogs.”

  5. He is the one I’m taking home

  6. lol.. look at the puppies eyebrows.. :D

  7. Too Cute! :D

  8. So KAWAII :3

  9. I’m dying ?????so sooo cute! I’m getting a Norwegian Elkhound when I’m
    older and live by myself. Well I’m hoping to.?

  10. That’s what my puppy Choco Chunk does do to my grumpy dog Marshmellow

  11. Awwww *-* They’re so cute. How old are they? :3

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