I built my rabbit a cart and now he delivers me beer!

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This event marks the release of an epic accomplishment. I have been collaborating for the past year with my girlfriend’s pet rabbit to create performance art and “happenings” that capture this rabbit’s capabilities and worldly passions. In a million years, neither Wallace nor I would have guessed that our creative endeavors would take this route but after such a long journey we arrive at this significant moment.

I couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for Wallace, and he wouldn’t have done any of it if he was given a choice… or had any brain power to make a choice.
Music: “Winner Winner” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. The commercial I had to watch before the video was more entertaining than

  2. Give that wabbit a carrot!

  3. OH MY FUCKING GOD. What are you doing, dood?! You can’t let rabbits near
    beer, they’re known alcoholics! You’re lucky it’s not shotgunning every one
    them you have! Then when it gets drunk it vomits violently and shits
    everywhere. Thumbs down, calling Animal Police.

    -Every overreacting animal video commenter 

  4. Rabbit is like:Whats up FUCK???

  5. lol

  6. Lol.. he may not win a race but at least he brought the beer…go figure

  7. I heard your radio interview. Now I want to see the bunny’s castle.

  8. Wallace, bring me some vodka, please?

  9. Singlecut! 

  10. GREAT JOB……
    can’t wait to watch him programming 

  11. I recognize the first beer as “La Chouffe”, a blonde triple beer from
    Belgium (Europe) and second beer is ‘Singlecut’ a blonde IPA beer from New
    York City, USA .. cheers!

  12. bunny’s are cute.

  13. If you like wallace, check out @chessthechippy on instagram

  14. Looks like Singlecut in that beer cart. Double like for that.

  15. Rabbits ♡♡

  16. Who are these 176 heartless people who don’t like to see buns delivering

  17. Now I’m going for a rabbit, wood and some beer

  18. I wish I had a beer. wait, was this video about the beer or the rabbit?

  19. Love your Rabbit. One of our favourite animals. Congratulations you have
    great training skills

  20. Что, такую жопу отрастил, что сам уже не можешь, блядь, за пивом сгонять?

  21. We loooooove Wallace!

  22. Mmmm.. a rabbit stew would be great with that beer.

  23. I tried to get me rabbit to take a joint across to my friend ,but he
    thought it was ordinary grass and ate it . Win some ,lose some

  24. I was more impressed with the “dog fetching beer” -scene off the movie

  25. Now Wallace, yoo need to demand tweatz & head scwatches fur deliverin da
    beer! Sheesh! Silly hoomin cant expeck yoo to wurk fur nuttin!

  26. Is it possible to train a rabbit?

  27. If you called it the beer carROt, it would sound like Sarah Palin saying
    beer cart…

  28. Aww! So precious. I love bunnies. They are the cutest animals ever.

  29. Huh. When not at work the rabbit spends its spare time staring at the
    wall… just like me.

  30. Too cute! Wallace looks like he’s had a few beers of his own. What a little

  31. sure sure, and it has nothing to do with the food you placed, that rabbit
    did not even realize what it is doing knowing how intelligent rabbits are

    this is disappointing and misleading 

  32. fukn retarded

  33. Александр Муратовский

    Ленивая американская жопа.

  34. Wallace is too cute!! :D

  35. 这怎么训的

  36. +Wallace TheMadKing Hello! I have a media query about your video and would
    love to speak to you. Could you please email editor@storyful.com when you
    see this?

  37. I like this video , it’s sweet and funny ! (:

  38. isn’t he going to ppoop everywhere

  39. This wins the internet. Easily.

  40. This made me laugh! I’d love to teach my bunny to open a bottle of wine
    for me!!

  41. These Comments =
    65% OMG U ABUSER!
    35 % Pointless
    1.00000000000% Dude thats cuul!

  42. Omfg. .. thats was so cute and adorable….wonder how long it took him to

  43. I have a bunny too, and this video is amazing :D

  44. You should try to get him on a Superbowl commercial next year! (The lost
    dog thing didn’t go over too well, but people would love a bunny with

  45. lol so epic

  46. I think this is animal cruelty. He get’s you a beer and you don’t give him
    any? I’m reporting this to PETA.

  47. Just A Bit of Everything

    Awwww, he looks exactly like my rabbit except she’s brown instead of grey

  48. greatest video of a rabbit and beer ever!!!!!!

  49. Bunny: do I have to? Well do suppose I can see you drunk after dis.

  50. What the hell

  51. I can’t believe 234 people thumbed this video down. Do they not have

  52. Wow, that looks just like my rabbit but all he does is chase the cats and
    try to rape the guinea pigs.

  53. That’s why I do not eat rabbits

  54. The rabbit’s owner is LAZY. Sad.

  55. Dude, you’re not supposed to keep rabbits near beer!

  56. 237 people wish they had beer-carting bunnies…

  57. This is slavery…

  58. You sir are a genius !! Well done.

  59. Many countries prefer the warm beer.

    For warm beer: Turtle carts. All the way down!

  60. how silly but cut great video plz check my channel out

  61. Chris Knapp (SurpriseGamer)

    > Spends all his time building a cart, and puts a beer on it
    > Brings bunny
    > Can do all this but can’t keep an extra beer with him

  62. Fabulous Mermaid Girls

    Omg so cute ? !!!!!

  63. Lol ?

  64. umg so cute ?????

  65. People pretend animals have feelings and shit and can understand you, but
    in the end all it wants is that food.

  66. My bunny just tries to steal my beer ?

  67. Maybe you should drink something ells than beer?

  68. love on it

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