I caught my chicken sleeping on the job

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  1. go home ur drunk

  2. Chickens are real nice animals actually and roosters, very peaceful to be
    around, but they just taste so good, sorry, if its had good life then i
    dont mind.

  3. Robert Robinson

    I thought it was dead

  4. f*ckers in school telling me

    Should I get Popeyes, Church’s Chicken, or KFC??

  5. watche this guys 1st video he uploaded. :0

  6. lmao he tired of his job

  7. JFS The Reviewer

    Poor Chicken was just getting some rest, before its owner woke it up.

  8. josemanuel goldenwhite

    i guess the job was so hard he chickened out…

    wheres the door?

  9. He was comfortable! I’m guessing all the rain has caused your grass to grow
    really tall and he was taking advantage of it.

  10. MOREBEAST Gaming

    lol :)

  11. Great. Now my recommended videos includes one with a close up of chicken



  13. hahahahahaha! That was too funny!

  14. proof

  15. Thats me when i have to wake up for an exam

  16. Joselito Rosales

    That’s rape! Its gross , its sexist. Wait till Tumblr hears about this.

  17. how funny. lol

  18. looks like he had a good hangover!

  19. Now this, this is news!


    wow lazy ass chicken lol

  21. The Sleepy Chickens…I saw them live in concert back in ’97.

  22. KFC is gonna be pissed he was their employee of the month

  23. I’m about to wake up my chicken, then choke him ;)

  24. Seamangifted Jr.


  25. lol it fell asleep XD

  26. Awesome Universe


  27. DJJay Music Mixes

    I want some KFC now….

  28. Portgas D Rogue

    lmao what the hell

  29. How’s is this featured again lol

  30. That was so funny!

  31. Let’s start a argument…KFC or Popeyes?


  33. Marcos Calderon

    If I saw the chicken I would think it died

  34. Lo, so kawaii!!!

  35. COOLLLU Awesome

    god damn i thought it was going to be dEAD


  37. lmfao xD

  38. Hahahaha

  39. Rodrigo Uriel Montes

    Sonará estupido pero de algún modo me recuerda a mí

  40. Best video of 2016 so far

  41. Get back to work or its the deep frier for your ass

  42. Otaku_ Lover_ 101


  43. people are getting mad at areing this in their feed but ehy do they care if
    its a video you dont know just keep going and select not interested but for
    the video its actually kinda funny so I dont see why thered be so much hate
    for it

  44. Chicken run

  45. das not a chikin

  46. ronnie ssebaggala

    Why doesn’t my cock get up that fast when I want it to?

  47. I thought the chicken was dead at first

  48. It’s a Cock!!!!!!

  49. ElsaMagicSparkle

    umm XD dont know how i got here but it looked funny so XD

  50. Oh my gosh, this is so cute!

  51. That’s my uncle.

  52. What’s that? A tasty snack? You don’t want to eat a snack like that.

  53. that was me in my job on Tuesday morning.

  54. Bahahahaha better than catching an employee asleep in a cubicle ^_^

  55. lol dick move.

  56. The Hound is back fookers. All chickens are hiding, & you’ve foiled his

  57. Why do you even have a chicken in your backyard? Lifetime supply of eggs?

  58. This is hilarious!!! I thought it was dead.

  59. Back to work chicken!

  60. In this video, that’s how I raise my cock in the morning!

  61. I also hate it when my cock sleeps on the job

  62. LOL I take it they are used for farming eggs?

  63. I wanna taste his insides. Soon…

  64. What’s the up Imgur?

  65. Red Power Ranger

    He really means ” I caught my wife sleeping in the job “

  66. I think I seen that chicken somewhere. That’s my homie :D

  67. Daniel Legizaman

    A galinha pintadinha e o galo cheira pó!

  68. en los comentarios es puro ingles osea english ?

  69. can’t you leave the bird alone?

  70. Poptart Nightmare

    What if the chicken was sleeping

  71. Anti-Jew Warrior, Mel Gibson

    You realized you poked it in the butthole right?

  72. why did I watch this twice? btw I want to sleep at this grass Idk why :|


  74. ALVROZ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Is it a cock or just a hen ?

  75. I believe that’s a rooster my friend

  76. Little rude. Be nicer. You don’t want anyone to wake you up that roughly
    out of a cozy, lovely sleep.

  77. Fire that chicken! On the grill!

  78. That was funny

  79. Is that a pet chicken?

  80. now the grilled chicken bacon burger dream ends…

  81. He was hiding from the Hound

  82. expert with a PhD

    the chicken is real

  83. Lol, my chickens scare the shit out of me when they sleep in that same
    position. They look.. dead.

  84. My mom wakes me just the same way you woke that chicken up.

  85. Timothy Villatoro

    lol why was it sleeping like that.

  86. This makes me miss my little hen. :’c

  87. Imense Remiix TM

    that grass need some cuttin’

  88. Vincent Contrado

    thats really cute??

  89. Don’t play with your food Fred.

  90. Ackshun Basterd

    0:05 “what does it look like im doing?” (runs) “I’m workin!!!”

  91. Square Squid Studios

    Cocks don’t appreciate being poked

  92. lazy ass chicken.

  93. The Gaming Legends - TGL

    that damn chicken

  94. do you always jusy record your sleeping chicken?

  95. Dat little leg shuffle ?

  96. let the chicken sleep dickhead.

  97. He was having a nightmare about kfc

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