I held the paw of this stray dog and asked her to help me. Please share.

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Thanks 🙂


  1. jorden mccarvey-oliver

    is that the sad theme for naruto playing in the background

  2. wtf is up with the Naruto music?!?

  3. why the naruto music tho?

  4. Is that one of the songs from naruto?

  5. when i get my allowance i will give it all to you guys because i love

  6. Lol that Naruto music though

  7. If only people loved refugees as much as they love stray dogs.

  8. Its so sad to see Petunia lost her other puppies but i am so glad Petunia
    and Petals can be saved at the end

  9. Oh my god. I can’t get past the use of Naruto music.

  10. please donate 5$ and save precious lives

  11. This is beautiful. Makes me wanna apologize to my dog when I call her *fat*
    and *ugly.*

  12. Why do people throw away their dogs like garbage? said ?

  13. xXx_CreeperKidMChd_xXx ya boy

    whoever ends up adopting them please either adopt both of them or don’t
    adopt them at all. please! it would break my heart if the mommy and baby
    got split up!

  14. Fuck all the people that have disliked this video.

  15. You guys should work with Vet Ranch

  16. Nothing puts a smile on my face then seeing the helpless get helped! I’m
    only 15 as of 2016 but after college I’m going to dedicate my life to

  17. Found a stray beautiful Yorkie pup. Searched for the owner and it turned
    out the owner was ateenager that had just passed away from cancer. Her
    mother was desperate to locate the pup that ran out a crack in the fence in
    her yard. She was extremely grateful to have the only reminder of her lost
    child back.

  18. Anime comes to life

  19. Petals is such a beautiful name ?

  20. Cute bitch, the dogs were cute too :)

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