I Let My Dog Walk Me For A Day

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“I’m just trying to trust in the shiba.”

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  1. 加藤みずっち

    1 Doge = 1 Doge

  2. Aww this is so cute! I want to do this on my channel now with my dog! Only we’re going to put a time limit lolol

  3. iCandyBunnyMadness

    I let my parents dog walk me once, we both ended up in a river cuz she dived right in and took me with her and i didnt know how to swim lol but she did…ahh… fun times….

  4. As a *Husky* , I approve this video!

  5. listen bro; my first love story

    _oh hi_ *d o g g i e*

  6. “I have a LiTtLe extra time before work”

  7. dontrestyourhead

    I haven’t watched the video yet. If it’s anything other than the dog holding the lead in it’s mouth while the other end is around the human’s neck, I’m going to PITCH. A. FIT.

  8. Never seen a Shiba this colour before. So pretty :o)

  9. In russia, dog walks you.

  10. RaSHWaN فلسہٰطينہٰي وافہٰتخہٰر ❶

    مين عربي هون ,؟ اثبت وجودك بأسم بلدك في تعليق ع منشوري ولايك

  11. I was very concerned when she said it was “60 something degrees outside” but then I remembered,
    She’s in USA

  12. Haru the Shiba Inu


  13. Does Hadley have a doggo instagram?

  14. I love dogs

  15. This is the content America wants.

  16. Puppers!! My heart is melting 😱😱🙌

  17. Let her dog walk in peace……..

  18. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss

    next video: I let my dog hump my leg for a day

  19. _”I have a ‘little’ time before work”_ *Takes dog on a 5 hour walk* 😅

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