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My grin at the end proves it.


  1. omg the cuteness…… my eyes are burning!!!!!!

  2. cute..❤️

  3. cute..❤️

  4. cute..❤️

  5. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!

  6. too cute

  7. I guess cheese isn’t bad for a dog.

  8. Ariana awesome things


  9. That’s so cute??

  10. 134 people are watching this up side down and clicked the like button. no
    cheese for them

  11. I was eating cheese while watching this SUPER CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!

  12. Oh my gosh so cute ??

  13. His face reminds me of… Ted

  14. Pup? teacup pup?

  15. #adorable ?

  16. Someone give this ridiculously cute dog a million dollars!

  17. My grandparents dogs eat baby belle cheese.

  18. Dena Nazarchuk-Grantham

    This little baby is too cute for words, it almost hurts she/he is so cute!
    I lost my crazy little Chihuahua who had been my companion for nearly 15
    years , not long ago and the hole in my heart and life still hurts.
    Watching this gives mixed emotion, but it made me smile! So precious!

  19. Z jak zwycięstwo

    Jaka to jest rasa psa?

  20. he is sooo cute

  21. Teresita Rodriguez

    i love your dog

  22. That is so cute

  23. cheese

  24. He’s got the Marnie tongue! All the awws!!

  25. SO CUTE ?

  26. awwhaha 😀 cute

  27. I wana hug it!!!!!!

  28. Ana Krizia (anawithacamera)


  29. So cute! that is what my dog does!


  31. ibrake4butterflies

    Animal shelters have so many adorable animals to adopt. Save a life and get
    a new friend. MUTTS RULE!!!

  32. where did you get your puppy

  33. Watch out for Dr. Walter Palmer, Norbert :o

  34. Im trying to get somebody who loves my work.
    My last video is called “The most beautiful thing…”
    Check it in my channel

  35. oh my god so so cute

  36. I love Norbert!!!!

  37. so cute it looks delicious.

  38. I love this dog so much I want to be best friends with him

  39. i cant stop watching it ,he’s so qt!!!!!!!THE TONGUE!

  40. EveryThingBROSInc.

    Hey when people say get a life don’t be sad be happy cuz your lucky you
    have one

  41. aww so cute

  42. snowflake the fox

    omg this is so adorable! i just want the little puppy and hug it!

  43. I never saw a dog like that

  44. OMG what breed is this? I wanna get one too

  45. I need to get myself a Norbert

  46. I think Norbert is an alien sent here to overload our species with

  47. I want that dog. That is so adorable, I can’t even.

  48. cuteness cyclone just knocked me over and i can’t get up now

  49. Zeecar4000 Dragonblood

    I died of cuteness

  50. What… His too cute!

  51. aw he’s so cute ???❤????????????

  52. The little tongue!!!

  53. ♥AmazingAnjaIsNotOnFire♥

    this is what I spare my time on

    i dont regret it

  54. eatable dog

  55. Soooooooooo, cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Omg Norbert! You are getting haters! There are 165 ppl that freaking don’t
    like this! I love this! How could they not?!? Btw I is getting a hamster?

  57. And Norbert if you needed some food and you didn’t have any money to buy
    some, i would be HONORED to buy you some?

  58. awe, cutest thing ever

  59. I am dying slowly, from the cuteness. o3o

  60. he is. so sm a ll .. . i am wea k

  61. What type of dog is it.is it’s shedding breed?

  62. I think they may have found a new and very popular breed. They should call
    them “gizmos”

  63. love the mutt

  64. love the mutt??????????????????

  65. very good Norbert… great pooch and great video… Much honor to Norbert
    and you the owner… God bless


  67. omg how cute! his little tongue is too adorable

  68. in a different language this dogs name means “butterfly” because of its
    ears .or is that another dog I’m thinking of?

  69. How old are you Norbert?

  70. Can I have you Norbert?

  71. GreenStickFigureMan

    When I’m depressed I come back here.

  72. your dog is so cute!!!!


  74. What kind of dog is that!!!!!!!!!

  75. cuteness TO PLZ IM – D- DIEYING ….(dies)……………..

  76. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    You’re adorable, Norbert! <3

  77. “Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity…. “

  78. cute puppy

  79. thats the definition of adorable

  80. The sound you just heard was the cute meter exploding!

  81. Yoo da man Norbie!!


  83. Find ?

  84. How sweet is that!? Norbert is so cute!

  85. que lindo!!

  86. Isn’t it cute how Norbert sticks his tongue out? SO CUTE!

  87. The way he puts his tongue to the side ❤️? so cute!

  88. 2 cute!!!

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