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  1. With that kind of effort, the dog deserved that stick. Sad 😐

  2. I thought the brach would break but it didn’t end up breaking at all

  3. What a selfish tree.

  4. And this is trending why…

  5. This is sad…

  6. TREE ABUSE! I’m calling Groot.

  7. *Plot Twist* the stick was grabbing the dog.

  8. Bitches love sticks.

  9. Reddit users?

  10. Awww. Poor lil pup! Don’t worry if you can’t get this one. Plenty more sticks out there!

  11. You have a bad mind if u read ” I. WANT. THIS. DICK.”

  12. 8% of this comment section is “how is this trending?”
    2% is anything else
    The other 90% is something like, “GIVE THE DOG THE STICK!!!”, “Let the dog have the stick,” “Did the dog get the stick”, etc.

    I just saved you from scrolling down the rest of this comment section

  13. This is fake that tree is an obviously an actor

  14. So stick, much bite.

  15. Rumor has it the dog is still hanging there

  16. Earls Family Vlogs

    Dog’s just trying to get a good stick to fetch!

  17. what’s brown and sticky?

  18. this dog had hang time

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