Icelandic horses are super friendly

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  1. perfecttrunks2000

    do horses have a good sense of smell. they look like they sense food on

  2. Tinyunfinishedpastry

    This just makes me want to go to Iceland even more than I already did

  3. CourtneyLynnPelican

    are you not allowed to pet them?? ;n;
    it would be sooo hard not to love all over these cuties~

  4. beautiful

  5. seeing huge creatures in a huge group approach me and stare at me would
    scare the shit out of me

  6. Welcome to our lands

  7. They look happy

  8. When horses got close to you I made funny voices for each of them saying:

  9. abdulaziz alrakban


  10. Sandia Barrera (SanDish)

    Gorgeous! Horses are very noble animals.

  11. This is actually kind of scary

  12. *Insert horror music…*

  13. 0:27 SCARY!!

  14. “ONE OF US. ONE OF US.”

  15. bills mafia Tru ny

    when you suddenly realize your on the wrong side of town lol

  16. Casually waits for *”THIS IS ANIMAL ABUSE”* comment

  17. and after the video stopped, they raped the cameraman…

  18. Jacky Jack (The Weed Creed)

    I live in a giant bucket

  19. I wish to have my hair as majestic as their’s one day. One fine fucking

  20. why do wild horses look like emo kids with emo hairstyles ?

  21. what u don’t see is the cameraman being jumped by a horde of horses


    That’s a lot of glue … Or Chinese food


    Sorry couldn’t help myself

  24. they are so cute and magestic?

  25. I love horses and I want one but my mom won’t let me get one cuz their too

  26. All my exes live in Texas.

  27. Anti-Jew Warrior, Mel Gibson

    They look like models.

  28. why does that horse have a mullet?

  29. we had a bunch of icelandics at eagleton school in great Barrington ma

  30. Alexandra Koenig

    how majestic

  31. but are they JRHNBR?

  32. Horsies!

  33. Get a job Hippies!

  34. don’t replace ( not afraid ) as friendly .. you can say the same about a
    gator coming to you at the waters edge .. I saw this woman walk up to a
    bison laying in a grassy field to have her picture taken . since the bison
    did nothing she decided to pet it .. yes we will remember her as a nice
    woman with a pure heart every year we visit her grave

  35. There used for food over there

  36. You can continue watching this video on pornhub

  37. TwofiddyFourstroke

    good horsy

  38. Just don’t get your picture taken with them without tipping, they are
    already unstable.

  39. “Welcome to prison”–horse probably

  40. magdalene gorospe

    I want to hug ALL of them

  41. EquestrainForLife Rides


  42. They’re all named Fabio

  43. wow and beautiful…

  44. devamı yokmu bu kadar mı

  45. aww, so cute. i’d be terrified though

  46. If you run with them they will want to play chasing games


  48. You’ve been surrounded!

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  50. 0:29
    looks like a setup for a porn movie

  51. Vanessa Rodriguez

    This remind me the movie Spirit anyone else?

  52. I wish I could be in that type of weather! IT IS BURING HOT OVER HERE!!!!

  53. this is gonna be one those videos that reach a million in like 3 days

  54. KnivesOfTheRound

    Look! Korean BBQ!

  55. Rhiannon Lynch,

    loved the one with the brown head

  56. Awwwwwww!

  57. are they wild?or just someones horses just hanging around

  58. Alex Almansoori

    Leader Horse: What set you claim, Cuz?

  59. That feeling when This horse has a better hairdo than yours

  60. “a local Icelandic man has been missing since thursday, last thing his
    family herd him say was ‘i’m gonna go look at the horses'”

  61. Icelandic horses are nosey too! Gorgeous photography!!

  62. Look at my horse
    My horse is amazing
    Give it a lick!
    Mmm! It tastes just like raisins

    Have a stroke of its mane
    It turns into a plane
    And then he turns back again
    When you tug on his winky

    Ooh, that’s dirty!
    Do you think so?
    Well, I better not show you where the lemonade is made
    Sweet lemonade
    Mmm, sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    Yeah, sweet lemonade

    Get on my horse!
    I’ll take you ’round the universe
    And all the other places, too
    I think you’ll find that the universe pretty much covers everything
    Shut up, woman, get on my horse

    Look at my horse
    My horse is amazing
    Where is he now?
    He’s over there grazing

    Have a feel of his hoof
    You’ll find they’re all bulletproof
    And if that’s not enough
    Then take a look at his ballsack

    Why’s it purple?
    Custom stylings
    A ballsack looks fresh with a two-tone paintjob, don’t you know?
    Now try this lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    sweet lemonade
    Yeah, sweet lemonade

    Sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade

    Get on my horse!
    I’ll take you ’round the universe
    And all the other places, too
    I think you’ll find that the universe pretty much covers everything
    Shut up, woman, get on my horse!

  63. creepy

  64. Farm animals not afraid of humans? Am I supposed to be shocked?

  65. Yaay!

  66. Joshua Torres (xXZHunter)

    “You came to the wrong neighboorhood”

  67. i have contacted PETA this wont be tolerated.

  68. Man those horses were styling with that hair. It look like a final fantasy
    game about horses.

  69. What gorgeous animals.

  70. What the hell?! All of them have 80s rockstar’s hair!

  71. its like an army of animal Fabios

  72. SeanTheOriginal

    When your Khalasar only has one stable boy.

  73. is this kanye west’s bound 2 video?

  74. Mix of Everything

    horses like who this little bish lmao

  75. Gosh, they’re BEAUTiFUL.

  76. Black one:should we kill him?:white one:no we can feed him too satan:other
    black one:no we should eat this one there is alot more people we can give
    too satan

  77. Get a filter for your mic OR delete the audio…

  78. SkyPowerDragoness

    Where is this exactly??? I NEED TO KNOW.

    P.S.Pls n thx u

  79. TheNotverysocial

    Get real. They are curious about the camera. Or smartphone. They have
    either rarely seen a camera, or they have never seen a mobile before. All
    animals living are curious by nature, some more than others. Common
    knowledge. Humans just happen to outclass the rest in curiousity. Ain’t
    that cute how humans love to project themselves onto everything and body?

  80. i would have brought chocolate chip cookies. horses love those things. when
    i was a kid there was a horse my grandpa would drive us out to see in the
    field across the street and it would come to our bronco as soon as it saw
    it because we fed him cookies.

  81. They’ve got some amazing flow. Thor would be proud of their flowing manes.

  82. useless animals in the 21st century. we don’t fight wars on horses anymore.

  83. Muzammil Hussain Khan

    This video is from which place ???

  84. Isn’t this lovely! What a beautiful scene!

  85. Where was this recorded?

  86. They have great hair

  87. Man I feel like these horses inspired the 80’s hairband styles.

  88. damn, why can’t my hair be that majestic?

  89. You said nothing in the video, was your throat a little horse?

  90. Bitchin mullet

  91. Looks like they’re all about to fuck you up xD

  92. Their hair looks majestic blowing in the wind! A complete contrast to my
    poor excuse of a hair LOL. Even without wind my hair will still look like
    shit. You have it great Icelandic horses! :)

  93. that’s what happens when you dress up as a carrot

  94. JRHNBR

  95. Icelandics are one of my favorite breeds!! But of course, I love all horse
    breeds :’) They’re all so kind and smart!

  96. Joshua Chamberlain

    They’re probably thinking *should we stomp this guy to death for intruding
    onto our territory*?

  97. hey

  98. maylea mineyourbusiness

    i want to move there

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