If It Fits, I Sits…

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I love cats! Cole and Marmalade are both rescued cats, I’ve been making cat videos since 2008, we do our best to entertain as well as educate…
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  1. Captain Jacklyn Sparrow

    Ya, same with my cat. :p

  2. If I don’t fits, I still sits

  3. They are just precious fur babies 😻😸

  4. This is random, but one of my cats has thumbs X3

  5. Marmalade needs a pet kangaroo ; )

  6. Cats are basically liquid.

  7. Great video. I love cats.

  8. Awwwwww this is sooooooo cute! Love ya Cole + Marm and Cat Man Chris☺️

  9. Marm is adorable!😃❤😼

  10. I have a garbage bag of my dirty clothes, my cats love sleeping on clothes. I was serching for something on my floor and my one female cat payton paws at the bag. I open it up and she stuffs herself in. I couldn’t stop her.

  11. Hi Co-co, Hi Marmie you guys are sooooo adorable I love you. You have to watch Maru. He somehow gets in every box even if he puts just his front 2 paws in it. 👍😆😆😆💜🐱💜🐯💜

  12. HA !  Seeing Marmalade in some of the waste baskets reminded me of Oscar The Grouch.  I’m not sure Marmalade could pull off Oscar’s purrsonality, though….   I used to have cats that would (try to) fit into anything left in their reach.  When we finished off a box of cereal,  I’d remove the inner waxed-paper bag, and open up the bottom end flaps, and one of them would approach and go through. If you let go of the box, they would walk around the main floor with it, wearing it like a turtle wears a shell.  Enrichment for the cat, and hilarious entertainment for us. I wish I had taken more pictures.

  13. This is one of many reasons why I’m a cat person

  14. I want more paper bag compilations! 🤣

  15. My cat makes space for herself too.. even if she doesn’t fits

  16. O:29 is so cute😻😻😻

  17. I just luv ur cats vids. It help me reduce my depression tho ❤😻

  18. Omg ♥ Cuuute! ♥♥

  19. Or you must acquit

  20. This is strangely therapeutic…

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