In The Hall of the Ferret Queen

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A dramatic operatic performance by our beloved ferret Pancake who discovers the joy of digging in a box of rice! . Join us at
Music: “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Brilliant! I love this video! Perfect editing skills! 🙂

  2. MrCookiesandviolence

    soo cute

  3. i saw the ferret bite but cute

  4. They nip. It’s a very instinctual trait for ferrets to nip when they play.
    Their skin is very thick so what they think is a playful pinch can be more
    painful for a human than a ferret. It’s also part of their natural hunting
    instincts, which is why they play this way. It’s not a violent or vicious
    act; it’s their way of saying “Play with me!”

  5. I might have to try this with Loki, but don’t you worry about them eating
    the rice?

  6. we were also wary about this possibility but ours have never tried to eat
    it and it is small enough to pass through their digestive tract safely if
    accidentally swallowed.

  7. They are very adorable and awesome. Question, are they agrressive animals?
    I was planing on getting one myself. And what environment should they be in?

  8. They are very rambunctious. They Play fight with each other pretty
    aggressively but the fighting/chasing/nipping is all good natured. Check
    the video description, I put a link to an article my wife wrote that may
    help you to decide if they are a good pet for you. Thanks for watching =)

  9. Note: do NOT use instant rice as this does swell after ingested and could
    cause a blockage.

  10. “It’s bottomless! There’s no end! What is this!?”

  11. You bêter eat that rice after you play in it. Waste not want not

  12. Great job making the video. I’m impressed. Great use of music…I was
    laughing the whole last 20% of the film 🙂

  13. Do check ears and nose after they play, just to make sure nothings stuck

  14. @eringafilms what can we do if some thing does get stuck???

  15. huh my ferrets name is Loki….

  16. Of course, you do realize now that every time I hear “In the Hall of the
    Mountain King” I am going to have to explain to everyone around me why I’m

  17. sdfkjllshadflhadfshl

    I dare you to invite your friends over for Chinese and then show them this

  18. They are like kittens that never grow up. They aren’t being aggressive,
    just extremely playful. Any of the biting you see is just them playing. I
    used to own 3, and I would ferretsit 6 when a friend of mine went on
    vacation, and only once ever has one bitten hard enough to actually
    hurt/draw blood.

  19. It is like snow!

  20. Wow, what a GREAT idea!!!! Im going to use rice with my hamster and rat. I
    love to give them dig boxes but dirt makes everything – well. . . dirty!
    lol. So i was trying to figure out what else to use. Rice = perfect! And
    your editing and music, fantastic job! Even tho I don’t have ferrets, i’m
    subscribing for more great ideas!

  21. they are not aggressive, yes they play hard but not all are the same. you
    gotta see how they react to you when you first hold them when considering
    buying… if you pick a ferret up and hes biting you… i would put him
    back down and look at a different ferret.

  22. whats the song?

  23. Vertoxis HammerSnatch

    you can also use WATER SOLUABLE packing peanuts… the fosterandsmith i
    think.. site.. sends all ferret products in a box with these peanuts
    specifically so you can use it for play regular packing peanuts can expand
    just like instant rice.. which is bad they also literally sell a box of the
    water soluable peanuts by itself because of how great a “Toy” it is so yeah
    you can grab something off that site for your fuzzy and get the box and
    peanuts as a bonus!

  24. Vertoxis HammerSnatch

    our little girl actually knows the difference between myself…. and other
    people .. including my fiance My fiance is generally the “Food person” and
    the cuddler and the hide n go seek player as with me… i hand wrestle… i
    mess with her by tickling/poke/randomly “Pouncing” on her with my hand if
    shes in her stash spot or hidey spots and i stick my hand in.. im met with
    a pounce and playfull bites if my fiance does it (even right after me) she
    gets licks it all depends on the ferret!!

  25. Oh, I have a full on kiddie pool full of biodegradable packing peanuts; I
    made sure to purchase biodegradable ones because I knew regular ones were a
    hazard for choking and such. But I know my fuzzy would like something to
    really dig into so I was concerned about the health hazards of rice. I
    might check out the site just to see what they have though, thanks for the

  26. Vertoxis HammerSnatch

    yeah its an awesome website for ferret things We could never find a 2nd
    square litter box with a high back (our fuzzbutt HATES the corner ones..
    she needs to corners in her litter box …. spoiled little thing lol) but
    we needed one for outside her cage (we put it in our bathroom.. because she
    put 2 and 2 together and noticed.. thats were we do our “Business” so she
    wants to also) this was the only place i could find a square high back
    litter box

  27. Okay not only is that freaking ADORABLE, but I just love the music! Someone
    has seen a lot of Bugs Bunny cartoons? 😉

  28. It’s called, “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg. Pretty
    cool song huh? 🙂


  30. Pancake is adorable!! I love watching furkids have so much fun!!

  31. Sway, out of all the ferrets I have had over the years, only one has tried
    to eat the rice.. the rest just try their darnedest to reach China.. hehe

  32. wont the rice get in their ears? Ive been wanting to try this with my
    ferret but that’s the only thing that’s stopping me from it

  33. Black The Nerevar Funch

    Keep in mind tho it’s like having a dog, these are not rodents but
    carnivores. They crave a lot of responsibility and time. Do as much
    research as you can 🙂 Also they may be illegal in your country so check
    that up to 🙂

  34. very nice video and editing! props!

  35. Jordan jllpiggylover

    Awww! So cute! Is the thing looking for treasure? 😀

  36. Your guess is as good as mine =) Our other ferret does dig up treasures if
    he knows we’ve hidden something precious, but she is just digging to dig as
    far as I can tell.

  37. I have 4 ferrets, only one of them really plays in his dig box much. He
    digs his front paws in and walks backwards in a circle for hours, like he’s
    trying to plow.

  38. Lol, I miss my lil’ guy and lil’ girl.

  39. Is that rice

  40. The music made it more epic

  41. Adorable and funny

  42. Really well put together. .. made me laugh

  43. ha ha ha proper lil’ diggin’ machine <3


  45. the music is so funny

  46. This was so awesome – I have to get a rice box now for my two ferretts –
    too too funny!

  47. OHooo? What’s she looking for?…The Golden Choclolate?!

  48. very cute!

  49. LOVE LOVE LOVE it… Going to do this…. Xena will have a blast.

  50. I’m doing this with my two ferrets 

  51. Oh my god, this is fantastic. 

  52. Brilliant mix of a gloriously beautiful animal and beautiful music — The
    piece is by Edvard Grieg, though, from his Peer Gynt suite – but never
    mind, perfect match-up.

  53. super zabawa

  54. Won’t the ferret try to eat the rice ? And won’t it have some in his ears?

  55. we did this with dry beans they loved it even if the beans got all over the
    cage and it was noisey at 3am

  56. is that rice?

  57. Epic video to music editing! 

  58. Buenisimo !!!

  59. Haha, drama X3

  60. Julio Hernandez

    Hay gente muriendo de hambre y lo desperdicias en un juego.

  61. Julio Hernandez

    Hay gente muriendo de hambre y lo desperdicias en un juego.

  62. That…. was amazing lol


  64. I like this version of the Mountain King: there are so many variants of it,
    which one is this?

  65. Kimiko “Demon dog” Hanyou

    awwww she so cute and silly

  66. Victoria rodenbaugh


  67. Lol

  68. victoria patterson



  70. Ferrets…gotta love emm!!!

  71. This is one of my favorite ferret videos ever, lol! Reminds me of my

  72. I’m just wondering… what would happen if rice got stuck in the ferrets

  73. oh my god, god will punish you for wasting foods. why not use potato?

  74. I will never be able to listen to Peer Gynt again.

    Oh well the laugh was worth it.

  75. That was pretty awesome, and may i compliment your choice of music AND mad
    editing skillz.

  76. Oh my god. Awesome! Pancake is gorgeous! Wow! 

  77. Gonna try this for my fuzzbutt!

  78. Ha, ha, ha! Excellent timing to the Nordic music!!

  79. perfect use of elo

  80. Nicely edited with the action synching to the music as it builds to a
    crescendo! Fun to watch the little fuzzball, too. :)

  81. esta bueno

  82. Lol Pancake seems to like nibbling you!

  83. Pancake looks exactly like my ferret, Piper! 

  84. I gotta do this for my ferret Bandit. He’s a total dig merchant at the
    best of times

  85. Where did you get the ferret by the way so cute

  86. Im naming my ferret waffle great name right?!

  87. Perhaps packing peanuts would be safer, as long as the ferret does not eat

  88. CUTE. I miss my ferret

  89. Well…. Atleast! You Dont Have Rice To Eat :P

  90. jejejejej so fun =)

  91. Is that rice???

  92. Rice is brilliant for ferrets to dig in mine love it!

  93. super cute!

  94. Dig all day, dig all night.

  95. socks.socks.socks.socks.socks. ferrets love socks

  96. Your videos are amazing! Thank you

  97. Love your films, too nice. The kids cannot get enough.
    Only thing: do you have to take RICE? Whats wrong with sand or saw dust?
    It is food after all…..

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