International Tiger Day 2016

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Critically endangered Sumatran Tiger siblings, Cinta and Jalur, from here at Symbio Wildlife Park, Sydney celebrated International Tiger Day today relaxing in the knowledge of being able to live their lives without the fear of poaching or habitat loss their wild counterparts are facing each and every day.

International Tiger Day is held annually on July 29 to give worldwide attention to the conservation of tigers. It is both an awareness and celebration day. 
Founded at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010. The goal of Tiger Day is to promote the protection and expansion of the wild tigers habitats and to gain support through awareness for tiger conservation.
The world has lost 97% of all wild tigers in just over 100 years with as few as 250 Sumatran Tigers alive in the wild today! 3 out of 9 tiger sub-species have already become extinct, and with numbers as low as they are currently, it is clear that many more are on the brink.
Symbio Wildlife Park is currently the only public facility in Sydney that cares for Sumatran Tigers, and have been bestowed with the responsibility to care for these majestic creatures and provide a sanctuary where they can thrive. With daily educational keeper talks, it helps give the tigers a voice to influence people for the future and further help protect them.
This Sunday, the 31st July, Symbio will be inviting all members of the public to come out and join in the celebrations which will be ramping up around the Tiger habitat, with facepainting and some very special tiger presentations, with some very special tigers.

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