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It’s time for the twin Löwchen pups, Spot and Ebony, to get a haircut, but the new look takes some getting use to. | For more Too Cute!, visit


  1. Emma “EmmaMCD” McD

    Aww second comment

  2. Jacqueline Acevedo

    I, personally, find those haircuts ridiculous. The beauty of that hair is
    its long, silky flow. Can you imagine an Afghan dog with such a haircut?
    How about a Pomeranian? Anyway, the puppies are cute!! 8-)

  3. Dad is walking around shaking his little nuts…. 🙂 but too cute video….

  4. Aslan, eh? Pretty fitting.

    Those puppies are so adorable!

  5. Lieutenant Amiero

    I think it looks fcking stupid, almost like chicken legs.

  6. adorable but that cut needs to fade away now…

  7. that haircut is not the greatest. but the puppies are sooo cute!

  8. i would’ve kept them fully puffed.. lol.. its so ugly.

  9. Dog butts.

  10. The puppies are adorable but why not keep them puffy? They look so weird
    now even they know that…

  11. i think that hair cut is a bit cruel since a dogs hair is to keep them warm
    and comfy and they shave that back bit off just because its a style… 

  12. “More air than this little fuzzball is used to.”

    I died.

  13. why the ugly hair cut? they were so cute.

  14. Only a show poodle’s cut is worse. Poor babies.

  15. disliked

  16. I think they looked a lot cuter with their normal hair styles

  17. I love watching this show, they’re so adorable.

  18. aww why shave their behinds like that =(…they looked cuter before! the
    poor things lol.

  19. People really need to stop doing things like this to cats and dogs. If you
    want to cut and style hair and play dress up, then get a Barbie doll.

  20. Dog don’t need to be shaved like that!

  21. That haircut is the most stupid looking thing I have ever seen.

  22. Ugly hair cut! Poor puppys must support human style.

  23. Ha ha… The puppy is like “Damn.. you removed my underwear” :D

  24. They made the dogs look uglier…. :(

  25. why, just why would you make your dog look like a baboon?

  26. Gonzalo Orive Villa

    Oh heck no! They did not just do that to those poor pups. Are they trying
    to make them look weird in the back?

  27. Natalie Rodriguez

    Nasty haircut they were so cute before!!! 

  28. Aslan is a good name for a Lowchen. :)

  29. omg, whyyyyy D:

  30. :'( the puppy named SPOT was like my puppy that died :(((((

  31. Aww they were so cute before their hair cut

  32. Wait what did it say aslan

  33. This looks terrible and they look like they were chocking on the rope to me
    it looks like torture not style

  34. SHIMMYshookmybone

    They are not any less cute. However, that fuzz cut isn’t a nice looking
    one. Looked better before it.

  35. That is the ugliest hair cut ever

  36. Ted Bennett (The Ted)

    Yeah shaving off the other half is such sacrilege!

  37. Sickening

  38. Also Animal Planet: I do not like the voice of your narrator, nor your
    scripts! The man’s voice sounds false, falsely cheerful, and condescending.
    Scripts are vacuous and anthropomorphic!

  39. It’s just a haircut, it’s not going to kill them, people.

  40. Oh god, they look ridiculous. At least the weird cuts poodles get served
    the purpose of keeping certain parts of the body warm when they swam. This
    just looks ridiculous, and the puppies clearly hate it.

  41. The shave is horrible. Stupid human taste. 

  42. LOL… 

  43. Very cruel

  44. These puppies were MUCH cuter with out that hair cut!!!!!!!! 

  45. egad no! those furcuts look awful! the pups are better with ALL their fur

  46. Aww, they’re so confused by the draft! X3

  47. Andrea Balestri

    Beautiful dogs with ridiculous hair cut…

  48. they need to get used to the cutters and the brushing 

  49. Raelene Bertram

    The poor thing…total animal cruelty.

  50. Why did they cut their hair poor cuties 

  51. that dog became really ugly when they shaved it 

  52. Cant they cut a little less than half their butt or at least even. I feel
    like one side of its body is peeing ice and the other side is drooling
    steam. It’s like being eternally pantsed.

  53. no one should give their dog a lion cut

  54. Seriously this is stupid. They shouldn’t cut the dog’s fur this way. They
    are born with those fur for a purpose. If those humans really love those
    style, they should cut their own hair

  55. my butt is cold….my butt is cold…. :D

  56. Love the puppies HATE HATE HATE the hair cut…..

  57. Dulguun Usukhjargal

    Wth! Stop Making them so uncomfortable. Their fur protects their skins

  58. Freya Sinclair-Brown

    I mean.. It is good when it is hot – but just plain mean when it is that
    time! Called The cold dog rescue on 999!

  59. They where probably looking at each other saying “YOUR BUTT IS BALD!!! “

  60. im not trying to be mean but the hair cut is ugly they where more prettier

  61. Poor little puppys they look so ugly at the back now :/

  62. Why would they do that to the puppies??!!?

  63. Why would u do that

  64. To ur dog

  65. Vladimir Chekashov

    I like it

  66. What the hell have they done its so GROSS–

  67. That naked butt bottoms fro two lowchen puppies.

  68. That’s a wierd cut

  69. That’s nasty

  70. That’s nasty

  71. This looks to me like a sophisticated form of getting pantsed.

  72. puppylover2.0 Melgar


  73. mranonymous122112


  74. Poor babies don’t like their new “style” and i don’t blame them!
    Totally impractical AND ugly!

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