Jenga Cat

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Moe playing some Jenga.

Jenga-playing-cat + rage-quit = internet love!


  1. Fun cat!

  2. Fun cat!

  3. The expression at the end haha she was like “Fuck it , I win.” XD

  4. whatta sweetie!

  5. LMAO!! how cute. Cat 1; Human 0. 

  6. A real cat would of just slapped the shit out of that thing n kept it
    moving. Cats are assholes. But I love em 

  7. Very Cute…. You could see the wheels turning in kitty’s brain …. should
    I knock that one off the top or not…. Hmmm…. Kitty even looked for a
    few seconds at master… and then – yes – in a bitchy way said… I’ll show
    you cat rules for this game… Bang… Smart Cat.. :-)

  8. giantwaffle sent me here

  9. Cat was like shit,im fuck at 1:10.Then rage mode!

  10. Cats rule!

  11. That rage quit at the end XD

  12. This is truly amazing

  13. Say no to vertical videos!

  14. Cat at the end is like “fuck this this shit…”

  15. 1:13 -“Fuck this shit I’m bored”

  16. Nirvel Istar Nethar

    Last look “are you freakin kiddin me hooooman?”

  17. It’s all fun and games until the cat has no more moves to make…or rage

  18. 1:14 – “fck you human. i’m a cat.”

  19. I love how Moe gave that look at the end 😀 really cute!

  20. 1:13 Cat was like: f*ck it, I’m quit!

  21. Zatch Xavier "Kuja"

    1:10 “Listen up,i’m fed up with this!”

  22. “Help!!! They’ve Turned me into a cat”,” & they’re forcing me to play this
    jenga shit!!!”

  23. 1:14 That’s why you should have let the cat stack its own piece..

  24. Awesome!

  25. 1:13 look at those eyes when you see the rage-quit being activated

  26. Merde le minous est meilleure que moi a ce jeux la :-/ :'(

  27. Professional Youtube Commenter

    1:14 Ragequit.

  28. “fuck this game” 1:14 HAHAHAHA

  29. Cutie!

  30. i love the ending xD

  31. 1:14 F**CK YOU HUMAN I’m a cat!

  32. NewKingofControversy P Kelley.

    This is adorable

  33. Such a poor loser :D

  34. It looks like he stole the cats next move so he was like “fuck your couch
    nigga” haha 

  35. Cat wins

  36. i wish there were more human vs cat games. im not sure how but i feel like
    the cat has a fair amount of understanding of what is going on or at least
    the objective of removing one piece with out making the structure fall.
    what a cool cat!

  37. I love this cat!

  38. василий 6 лет

    Ебать а мой кот только срёт жрет и спит :(

  39. totally the coolest cat in the world!

  40. That “You think this is a game?!” stare

  41. Wow. Awesome.

  42. Cat 1:10 Fuck these blocks 

  43. I love cats ❤❤❤

  44. 1:14 cat like| you can’t just throw it on like that!!

  45. Kawaii (^o^)/ ?? (Plus, Duncan from the Yogscast liked this)

  46. how did you train your cat to do this?

  47. Cool kat

  48. Nice try, Professor McGonagall

  49. Looks just like my cat Hailey, we left her with this lady who gave her to
    her son I think. Watching this reminded me of the best cat I could ask for.

  50. かわいい!kawaii!

  51. 1:07 u did not just do that … Ugh … Idk wat to do now…. 1:14 you know
    wat… F**k this sh*t .. No one like this game anyway

  52. SamThe RandomG1rl

    If only you could teach a cat to play Monopoly.

  53. I think I know why Moe snapped. That piece the guy pulled out at the end
    was the one Moe was trying to pull out at the beginning, and Moe was like
    “Fuck you you cheater”

  54. The cat looked as if it said, “I was gonna pull that piece, you A-hole!”

  55. The Autistic Atheist

    1:10 (Ah what the hell) *fuck your Jenga!*

  56. “I’m Loosing to a cat” … He plays better than me… ( — .–)

  57. this your cat?

  58. Thar’s a smart cat! I want a cat that will play Jenga with me.

  59. ⊙ω⊙

  60. he stared at it for a good 7 seconds before deciding to quit lol. mind you
    it didn’t fall over that whole time *slow clap

  61. The cold stare at the nearly end of the vid :DThe cat like “dude, i’m
    bored, why you stack it again??? So weird!!!”

  62. Piglette Фан Клуб

    Прикольно. Рекомендую. А как это у Вас получилось?

  63. 1,795 people are lousy jenga players.

  64. Kell ez a macska.

  65. how do I teach my cat to do this ???

  66. whatever. let me know when he can play monopoly.

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