Joey Runs For His Water Bottle

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My cat Joey loves drinking water from his water bottle. He can be completely asleep but the moment you shake it, he’s awake and running to you. Before you comment, he’s NOT sick; he gets yearly check-ups and is totally healthy. I give him fresh water in a big bowl every day – this is just his favourite way to drink it!
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  1. Amazing. 

  2. I love cats but this cat is the most adorable cat I’ve seen:-)

  3. very weird and annoying lol

  4. so you deprived him of water for a week? Shame on you.

  5. Omg, that couch is sooo dirty

  6. Superbrawlere234

    Good way to poison a cat. ?

  7. What a thirsty THOT haha

  8. Collin's Creations

    The #cat Is soooooooooooo cute

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  10. My cat does the same thing. He absolutely loves water in any form. I have
    to hide my water glass from him. The toilet is fascinating (thank goodness
    he doesn’t drink from there) He licks the rain water off my patio screen.
    He loves to play in the bathroom sink so I leave it dripping when I get
    ready for work in the morning. He also jumps in the shower with me
    sometimes. But the best part is that he is a bit sensitive. When the
    water hits him just right, he does this weird jerking thing with his paw.
    It is so cute.

    Anybody who has ever had a cat knows that they react the same way to the
    sound of food dropping in their dish or the sound of a can opener. My cats
    come running when I open the patio door or even come home after work. 

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  12. Pet owner used WATER BOTTLE!
    It’s not very effective…

  13. Kendall Dickenson

    My dog doing the moonwalk to Michael Jackson music it’s awesome!!!!

    Moonwalk MJ style


  14. sweetcrazygemini

    What a bunch of idiots on here, acting like that cat is abused. Read the
    description before you start with your negative troll comments. 

  15. Plot Twist- There is Crack in the water bottle

  16. Jesus why is it that every time there’s a video of a cute animal people
    have to come in and act like the owners are fucking abusing the animal.
    Get your head out of your ass people.

  17. better beat then dub step 

  18. Lol all the trolls and bad comments on this simple video. No matter what
    you show on the internet someone will always say something bad on it

  19. Geez how long did you make her go without water just so you can get it on
    camera. Really sad and pathetic! 

  20. What breed of cat is this?

  21. Was probably bleach. He didnt want to be a black cat anymore

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  23. that was humiliating for the cat, next is making it pee upside-down?.. fuck
    the owner of the cat, shame on you

  24. How long did you deprive your cat of water to get it that thirsty? Its not

  25. LOL CUTE C;

  26. Hopefully that wasn’t the wrong window cleaner bottle

  27. Jesus people! My dog, as do many others, comes running when I shake his
    food bowl. Doesn’t mean we starve him! It’s a simple high school
    psychology. Maybe you bimbos should have listen more. It’s classical
    conditioning durrrrr

  28. Best relationship between a cat and water bottle EVER :D

  29. bRad “bRadicalMagic” Nichols

    Does Joey know it’s Windex ?

  30. I do hope he has a bowl

  31. that’s vodka in that bottle, and joey is an alcoholic cat

  32. hahaha。。。

  33. OMG ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!! 

  34. cats do have weird habits

    i’ve had at the same time, a cat who refused all dry food and the other
    only wanted dryfood.

  35. Alvaro Villadangos

    r you creazy?

  36. That’s one thirsty cat !..would be more humane to leave out a bowl of water
    for the poor cat ? just saying !!

  37. I amend my previous statement, cats are funny people, and humans are

  38. Omg that’s so funnnny and cuteee hehe ?????

  39. Completely made my day!! Sharing with family and friends :)

  40. CUTTTEEEE!!!!:-)

  41. Hopefully he doesn’t do that with cleaning products.

  42. This cat is so beautiful and cute :D

  43. That’s awesome 

  44. Fat ugly cunt.

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  46. He is not thirsty, just quirky! I love the way he is demanding “Meoooow
    give me device that squirts delicious water now human!”

  47. “I give him fresh water in a big bowl every day – this is just his
    favourite way to drink it!”

    You better read the description before judge, now shut up and enjoy the
    cuteness of Joey

  48. Awww sweet Joey:)
    This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen!!!

  49. Awwwww

  50. We have dogs where I work that like to drink from the squirt bottle too!!

  51. Get that cat a damn water bowl. Looks like its been without water got 2

  52. No nieźle :D

  53. The squirt bottle’s punishment at our house!

  54. Thats is fucking adorable.

  55. Our cat does this too! He loves it lol

  56. he’s not sick, he’s turning human, i love cats 

  57. Joey is a pretty strange name for a cat.

  58. I love how people think that the cat is dehydrated. Joey looks completely
    healthy, but just seems to love the spray bottle. My cat is similar. She
    hates drinking out of her water bowl (even though it is cleaned and has
    fresh water daily), but ONLY drinks when I run the faucet in the bathroom
    sink. Not the kitchen, the bathroom. And a slow drip. Not the toilet, the
    shower, the bathtub. Only the bathroom sink lol. [But we always make sure
    she has water available for when we aren’t home to give it all the sink
    water she wants].

  59. “this cat must be dehydrated you’re lying!!!”
    Ok my cat does a similar thing like this with food instead. His bowl is
    almost always full, but whenever we eat he climbs up on the table and meows
    for human food even if his bowl is full.
    Cats can be perfectly healthy and still prefer human food or in this case,
    drinking from a spray bottle.
    Also the kitty here is adorable

  60. I’ve never seen so much stupidity in the comments before…

  61. Why are my cats so boring? lmao

  62. Passivehero0famerica


  63. To all the dipshits saying she is dehydrated, you are fucking stupid, and I
    take personal offense from your stupidity. Cats are not easy to dehydrate,
    they rarely drink water in the wild, and usually get their fluids from the
    food they eat. And just as well, who in their right mind would dehydrate
    their cat for a fucking YouTube video?! And how the fuck would they
    dehydrate it anyway? You guys are immensely stupid.

  64. So cute!

  65. Bwahahah this is awesome

  66. Just staying hydrated.

  67. А я возьму и по-русски тут что-нибудь напишу.

  68. Aww he loves the feeling on his tongue :p

  69. awwww, those adorable velvet paws ))

  70. Meeeooooowwww!!!

  71. Did anyone assuming this cat was suffering from dehydration actually
    observe the can properly? Have any of you experienced dehydration? 

  72. That made my day. =D My cats fear the spray bottle because I used it to
    keep order earlier (of course it didn’t even work). Joey looks so happy

  73. Why are people saying he is dehydrated? Does he LOOK dehydrated to you? Do
    you even have a cat? Cats love to watch and drink from flowing water
    sources period.

    I don’t understand why so many people jump to defend pets & animals who
    they haven’t really seen or know nothing about their daily lives, aside
    from a short video online. Why don’t you care as much about humans and
    human children as you “care” about animals online? Do you jump the mom
    whose kid likes to drink from a spray bottle and scream “YOUR KID MUST NOT

    P.S. This cat looks to be living the good life. Stop being so jelly.

  74. Cats are so goofy. Mine rides around the neighborhood in a stroller.
    Shaking his fist at all the dogs. LOL!

  75. It’s not dehydrated people who think it is

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