Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE!

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Please donate $5 today and help us save many more animals in 2017:
Special thanks to our friends at ART N’ Paws for finding Julia and amazing home!


  1. Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

    I really need your help with SHARING this video. Please share it with your
    friends on Facebook and Twitter so we can make this video GO VIRAL.
    Thanks. Eldad :-)

  2. what a flippin sweet hart. I wish I could keep it.

  3. I’ve been reading some really dodgy things about Eldad and Hope for Paws
    from other charities/shelters. I really hope it’s not true 🙁 I really want
    to believe they care

  4. at 31 I’m getting my first dog tonight and I can’t wait!

  5. I thought that the plant behind her was part of her fur( I’m colorblind)
    but wow what a pretty dog

  6. Emma the gaming girl

    I really want to adopt her ? But I am only 10

  7. wait but isn’t half wolf dog really hard to contain? This is probably 1/4
    th wolf and 3/4 dog. A real half wolf dog is extremely hard to train and
    contain, and overtime they can grow really large.

  8. when I’m older it’s litterallyy DREAM to become a vet!!! I really would
    love to join “hope for paws” and rescue all animals including
    dogs,cats,birds….and Animals Luke that plzzzzzzzz keep making along
    videos like this one and also I just want to say that I think the dog I’m
    this video is a husky at the end he looked a lot like one although I think
    HUSKYS are a bit bigger

  9. Personally, I think its a rabbit.

  10. she’s clearly a husky or malamute mix, those facials markings don’t occur
    in wolves :)

  11. i think julia is a husky mix or something. i might be wrong

  12. she’s a dog I looked at the results

  13. XxLone_WolfxX Playz

    I gave $50 to hope for paws

  14. Amazing transformation sad but a very happy ending!

  15. Coyotes are part of the wolf family just saying..

  16. I think Julia was Siberian huski

  17. From the thumbnail I thought that plant behind her was part of her hair

  18. what kind of dog is it??

  19. She was smiling at the end of the video.


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