Just Dance: Cute Ferret Edition

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Not only does pancake the epic ferret love dancing, she wouldn’t dream about criticizing your silly or unpolished moves. Music In Tune by Kellee Maize http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kellee_Maize/Owl_Time/


  1. Moonlight .Productions

    Ferrets do have a rather musky scent but all ferrets in the USA and Canada
    come “descented” meaning their main scent gland has been removed and giving
    them one/two baths should reduce their scents ;3 They don’t smell as bad as
    your mom thinks. 

  2. I..want…the…adorable ferret…. <3

  3. Please put on some pants…those are not short shorts, they are underwear

  4. put some pants on

  5. I have to say I am very impressed with how well Pancake was able to balance
    on his/her hind legs. My little guy Bandit could never manage very well.

  6. Marie Louise Olthof

    my two ferrets also like dancing, when I dance my disco numbers the dance
    along with me, people should know how much fun you can have with ferrets

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaa GAY 

  8. Lilie Strawberrydreads

    So cute ferret 🙂 very cute pancake :)

  9. Jeanie Champagne

    Very cute!

  10. Cutey! The ferret is sweet also.

  11. Initiative soon cute he fell off the couch

  12. So cute! He’s absolutely mesmerized and he’s doing turns!

  13. What is the song? Please tell me its very good

  14. he looks like he wants to learn how to ‘dance’

  15. lol the ferret fell off the cowch

  16. Unicorn Princesus


  17. Georgios Manousakis

    nice hairy legs :)

  18. OMG! Dat ferret knows how to stand up! LOL! dat fall was funny but poor
    ferret! I hope it’s ok.

  19. Adorable!

  20. dem legs thou~

  21. that was so cute and an added bonus a sexy man dancing with a nice bulge

  22. I had no idea they were such sweet animals!

  23. ferrets are adorable i have 2 cats and a ferret and a bearded dragon :D

  24. OMG!! This is the cutest video ever! I love the way the ferret is so
    adoring to you..That’s how my ferret JimTom is..he is always following me
    around..and sitting up looking at me..My other ferret Bobo…well, totally
    different attitude..he is really fat, laid back..however he gets some pep
    in his step when he gets a hold of his squeaky tennis ball, or a baby wipe!
    He runs like hell to go and hide it!! He also doesn’t mind a bath, while
    his brother goes insane…and starts scratching, and shaking..poor lil guy!
    lol I LOVE THEM ALL!

  25. 1:09 Pancake is like “DAT ASSSS”

  26. Lol.?.why???

  27. Dumbfounded ferret is dumbfounded.

  28. dance, guy, dance !!!

  29. I’d love to know what Pancake is thinking. LOL!

  30. 1:18
    That awkward moment when you realize you’re dancing for your ferret.

  31. I love, love , love this..! pancake is soooooo cute. I have two ferrets and
    I just love them so much. they are like my kids. cuz I have no kids…! I
    would love to see more of pancake on youtube.

  32. The cute factor made melted my brain. SO. FREAKING. CUTE! Also, Ferrets are
    awesome. Pancake is adorable. 

  33. Getting a ferret really soon! What kinds of toys should I get?

  34. I had a cat that I used to sort of dance with. He’d try to figure out the
    ‘game’ which would eventually involve me petting him to the beat. Cats are
    ferrets can be similar in some of their behaviors. :)

  35. That is so cute! I wish my ferret would dance with me but she doesn’t
    that’s just the cutest thing ever I died of cuteness xD

  36. Love this little guy. Your dancing was not too bad either! :-)

  37. 1:36 omg sooo cute xD!

  38. WHY? WHYYYY DO I HAVE TO BE ALLERGIC TO FERRETS! I seriously miss my little
    baby… If only I wasn’t allergic to ferrets I would still have him… T_T

  39. 1:36 the ferret’s mind is BLOWN.

  40. Ferret: “OMG, WHAT is wrong with my human??!!!”

  41. The ferret is all like can I hide the wii remote now?

  42. Oh my gosh, that ferret is utterly mystified by that guy’s dancing. So

  43. that was funny when she fell off the couch :P

  44. Wait if where you live is illegal to have ferrets can you go to court to
    try to legalize ur pet or something I really want to get one pls respond 

  45. Oh My, Adorable :)

  46. That is cute 

  47. Ferret: “Damn it, i think my human is broken”

  48. He really wants to chew up the the rubber on the WII controller.

  49. And your ferret can still see after watching you dance!?!?

  50. lol my favourite one in just dance ferret and the frig one I love your
    video please visit my chances it is paige 99 tischer @gmail.com

  51. lol piz do more soooo cute 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 lol
    love it 

  52. my sister haze a ferret her name is arora lol pancake is my fav lol kiss
    kiss () say hi for me to pancake I love

  53. I just lost my 10 year old ferret. I <3 Pancake, reminds me so much of the
    ferret who owned me!

  54. 33 cats dislike this video.

  55. Nice butt!


    Hes looking like : Dat Booty!

  57. Rubii Hernandez

    Would you rather want it to live or die? Live so that’s why they have it in
    the house or whatever and since they sleep A long time.

  58. YsabetJustYsabet

    Wonderful video! I’ve had ferrets for almost three decades and have loved
    them all with every bit of my heart. They love right back without
    reservation, and they’re pretty damn good dancers too! <3

  59. They love it when we do daft human things don’t they…keep dancing!

  60. WeepingCheshireGrin

    Pancake is so cute!! I under stand how to tell the difference be between
    Fuzzy Lightyear and other two but it’s hard to tell the difference between
    Pancake and Yossarian (sorry if I spelled his name wrong)

  61. Awesome

  62. Oh my gosh I was nearly crying that Was so cute ♡♥♡♥♡♡♥♡♥☆★☆★☆

  63. cool

  64. CUTE!!!!

  65. My ferrets can’t stand up that long! My male ferret (Sebastian) does it
    when he wants me to pick him up ? lazy fat man.

  66. one thing noticed is that it’s like pancake is actually dancing

  67. How did you train your ferret like this? My ferrets would try to nibble my
    toes/ run under my feet if I was dancing in front of them!

  68. I… love…. this…. SO MUCH! thanks for the smiles ^_^

  69. such a curious little creature. i’m talking about the ferret.

  70. That is so cute!! This reminds me of my Bucky RIP buddy ?

  71. That moment when your farret fell off the couch lmao!

  72. I love this video so much !!!

  73. I had a ferret once but it died of old age??

  74. My ferrets name was slinky

  75. Pancake – “Dad you are dancing ALL wrong, here lemme show you how” *falls
    off couch* LOL

  76. Put some socks on you disgusting pedo-pervert

  77. That ferret has begun to love that Wii remote… Its only a matter of time
    before it goes missing.

  78. IlovecheesemoreAJ lps

    Thats one of the cutest things ive seen being. Alive.

  79. Too cute! I’ve fallen in love with your channel!

  80. lol hes like ” dad I wanna dance too !”

  81. Teehee my carpet shark only does the war dance before battle

  82. so cute 🙂 As a ferret rescue family for 10& years its great to see caring
    ferrants :)

  83. Pancake: Dad you’re dancing it all wrong! Here this is how the bosses do
    it- * falls off couch while doing an awsome break dancing* O.o * ( in his
    or her mind: oh wow that was super embarrassing! ) You: Oh, ok cutie I’ll
    dance like that next time! ;)

  84. What’s the song?

  85. it is so cute

  86. i love your ferret!! my ferret is bandit, he’s a trouble maker. he first
    name was cody but i thought he looked like a bandit. lol, he acts like one
    too. steals ANYTHING he can find. but i still love him <3

  87. Bambou lovepistaches


  88. Alexandra LeStrange

    I want a ferret but my mum won’t get me one!! ?

  89. there so cute

  90. Ferret is like WTF? As a ferret mom I KNOW that look. Too cute!

  91. I tried it but it ended up with my ferret eating my wii U remote lol it was
    so cute

  92. Ohh so cute, pls look my Channel and my Ferrets 🙂 ♥

  93. 1:43

  94. whats the song

  95. Your videos bring me so much joy! :D

  96. Is it possible to have a ferret on a boat?

  97. I kinda like the song

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