Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey Seized by German Authorities

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Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey Seized by German Authorities

JUSTIN Bieber’s pet monkey remains in quarantine after it was seized by customs officers in Germany. Justin Bieber, 19, failed to produce the necessary paperwork for the baby capuchin monkey called Mally as Justin Bieber flew in to Munich during his world tour. The 14-week-old monkey was held by German authorities before being handed to Tierheim Munich, an animal shelter. There staff have been caring for Justin Bieber’s per monkey Mally, who refuses to eat unless accompanied by a cuddly toy. And staff claimed the monkey, whose sex is not known, had been calling out for playmates. It has been reported that Mally will remain at the animal home until documents proving the monkey is free from diseases, such as rabies, can be supplied by Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has come under fire for abandoning the monkey, with the pop star allegedly failing to phone the animal shelter in Munich to find out how Mally was. Video journalist Marc Seibold, 25, from Munich, Germany, was one of the first to see Mally at the shelter. He said: “The monkey is a baby. You should not take young animals away from their mum that early, and especially not fly them around the world. Justin Bieber was previously reported to have given away his pet hamster, PAC, to a fan in Atlanta, Georgia last year. And Marc fears Justin Bieber may have lost interest in Mally too.


  1. LOVE 0:37 when the man at the centre kisses Mally!!, awwww, so cute!.
    Justin should give the centre a good donation I reckon!!.

  2. Another micheal jackson. But at least micheal didn’t walk into doors and
    windows, get stuck in a revolving door, and fall off a table and wear a
    hairy helmet.

  3. Fucking faggot doesn’t deserve a monkey, hopefully the monkey rips off his
    fucking face when he gets it back.

  4. Michael Jackson had a ape not a monkey.

  5. Awwww he’s so cute I can’t wait until my Love gets him back!!!<3

  6. What a cutie!!, super cute, TOO CUTE!!, aawwwwww adorable. And what a kind
    man at the centre (LOVE the bit where he kisses Mally)!!. Peeps, please
    join my group on Facebook ‘CAMPAIGN FOR SHAMEME ADAMS TO MEET JUSTIN
    BIEBER’!. I am a sick girl and this is my dream!. #DreamBIG x

  7. If you knew me you’de know how different I am and am certainly NOT
    brainwashed!. He’s not even gay!, not that they’de be anything wrong with
    it if he was. Try and be kind sweetie. x

  8. One more reason to hate the bieber…

  9. Aww i need to a baby monkey too

  10. Poor little monkey. Should be with his mommy.

  11. The poor little monkey ned a mommy

  12. Maybe if Justin would get his head out of his ass, and realize this isn’t a
    fucking game. Take care of your damn monkey you asshole

  13. ggggggggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeee tttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee

  14. wow, that one is old

  15. poor monkey 🙁

  16. He even has a photo Justin that is so cute

  17. fuck fo fwhat does a noob like him need a monkey for . get fuckign realand
    leave a 14weeks old monkey in its natural habitat

  18. Justin bieber let the monkey go u are a stupid animal killer let me teach u
    a lesson

  19. he is copying micheal jackson D:<

  20. I hope the monkey bum raped beiber.

  21. Aww poor monkey i hope u get OG back Justin. Aww OG is so CUTE

  22. Break the little bastards hands and feet and then gouge out its eyes and
    shove a lit firecracker down its throat.

  23. 0:45 YAAAA STEP ON THAT BITCHES FACE!!!! c: thanks..

  24. Laughed so hard xDDD

  25. So rhianna can have a tiger but he can have a monkey? Wtf.

  26. melissa castillo

    Aww it misses Justin

  27. Sebastian hejhejhej

    My brain reads “Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey seized by German Authorities” My
    heart reads “Monkeys pet Justin Bieber seized by German Authorities”

  28. Jeannette Delgado

    LOL XD.

  29. Daniella Bartels

    Why would the man kiss the monkey if he does not know if it has a deiseas

  30. Damn you hate JB that much?

  31. Who doesn’t?

  32. Monkey famous as his owner, but he is so cute!

  33. I do not want to offend, but Justin Bieber to come and take it sometime!!
    It is good that he is protected, but that little brazen Justin!

  34. Only because he didn’t have the right legal documents and proving his
    ownership. It is also pretty dickish of him to adopt a monkey that was
    taken from its mother wayy too early like that …

  35. and in hands of Justin Bieber. Really feel sorry for it

  36. Awwwwww he has a poster of him!!!!!!

  37. I always feel bad for these ‘pet’ monkeys. =/ It’s cruel.


  39. FlumenSanctiViti

    Bieber is his father!

  40. Go monkey , stomp on her fucking face !

  41. Kennedy muirhead

    Darkstabberelite FYI it a he

  42. themeshell perez

    awwwww molly n___n how cute

  43. 29 other monkeys dislike this clip xD

  44. aditya popgaism

    bieber is her mother

  45. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh the monkey is so cute !


    how dare you separate this animal from his owner bastards !!

  47. No monkey should be taken away from it’s mother that young. That’s animal
    cruelty and I’m truly bothered by it, people shouldn’t even own
    monkeysunless they have a proper habitat for them with trees and fresh air.

  48. hahahahaha nice xD

  49. Prince WinstonTheeThird

    Ummm, Humans have std’s,cancer,aids?some old people and some young piss and
    shit on themselves aswell? some animals do to? So your comment is

  50. i think its the ugly species of human called justin bieber

  51. OG Mally 😀 Justin love him/her :3

  52. At the age of 13 weeks old, the monkey walks over justin’s poster. Hahhaha!

  53. lol its a him

  54. WTF u have made an account to speacially hate baby monkeys?? what kind of
    asshole you are? pls kill yourself

  55. ummmmmmm… I’m pretty sure sometime in your dipshit life you stunk,
    carried harmful bacteria, and pissed and shit on yourself.

  56. smosh kill him

  57. i Think Justin

  58. I hope you mean before he was taken from…dare I say his name.

  59. *SUB-species

  60. I guess they saw Outbreak too

  61. That’s right im done.Every body says dad Bieber is gay.Thats not
    true.Bieber make out with this poor monkey mother and then help him.He is

  62. Cute. Monkey

  63. loveto hatemonkeys

    Trash like that should be tortured and killed. Then do the same to that
    worthless monkey.

  64. PFFFTAHAA nice!

  65. Let him get his stupid monkey back because then we can torture the two of
    them together. Whip em both until they bleed a lot then spray them with
    lemon juice and salt. and then whip em some more just to be sure.

  66. The hell is rong with u Ted brosi it’s a chimp not Justin briber do what u
    want with jb but the poor chimp is adorable and jb is a jerk

  67. He has a MONKEY

  68. another asshole who gets rich and has to have a wild animal as a pet. I bet
    he’s the type of star that sees a poaching video and cries out for that
    type of thing to be stopped yet he is the end result of it. If there were
    no one who wanted to own a monkey, there would be no poaching. And such a
    young one too. cradle robber

  69. Hey never came nd got it

  70. I want a monkey 

  71. a monkey owning a monkey what a strange world

  72. i would laugh if the monkey pooped on justins face in the picture lol

  73. The German Authorities are wrong, they shouldve put Justin in the cage and
    let the monkey free. 

  74. dang it the monkey should have shat on biebers face

  75. Damn. I thought they said they seized Bieber and let the monkey go on tour.

  76. breanna skeen (beautybreebear)

    fucking bieber

  77. Bieber no. Stop it, Bieber. Bad. Bad, Bieber. 

  78. They should have seized bieber as well.

  79. Salvador Nenadich

    I saved a bunch of money watching this video. I no longer buy cat litter, I
    just line the kitty box with Dweebers photos.

  80. People shut up you loved him one time in your life so shut the fuck up its
    not his folt its Germany’s folt

  81. Fuck bieber

  82. They had to seize the monkey because he kept raping it on his tour bus.

  83. He thinks he’s Michael Jackson,
    I’m sure He just got the monkey because Jacko had one! lame!

  84. Good.

  85. The monkey is probably more evolved then bieber.

  86. justin bieber is a twat

  87. Wild Animals should be left alone not owned by owners expecialy if they’re
    Thumbs up if you agree

  88. WTF? Why does the Monkey need papers to prove that it’s disease free? What
    about Justin BIeber? Doesn’t he have more STD’s and disease than the
    monkey? It’s 14 weeks old, whatever disease it has Justin will have too by

  89. Zoey Pilcher - CEM Student

    Justin Bieber should give them what they want

  90. Holy shit. Are you sure the monkey has diseases? I think you should check,
    Beaver , too.

  91. Angelface Sugababe Jackson

    stupid German authorities why did they have to take Mally

  92. A monkey needs a monkey, its that simple…

  93. This is so sad?? Mally is the cutest monkey ever!!!??????

  94. that monkey was an ugly ass monkey anyways,it has a face of a freakin’

  95. I’d torture that ugly shitbag to death if I could only get my hands on

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