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Keyboard cat does it better than anyone else!


  1. Chuckieart did fatso really die

  2. That poor poor cat

  3. TyAndersson Sjolander

    i forgot is he really playing

  4. Aww poor cat! I’m sorry cutie

  5. Wow 60fps

  6. Man keyboard cat, I remember when you were normal, now you have gotten up
    above in all the fame. I remember a keyboard cat who was loyal, but now
    you’re just partying and drinking and doing catnip. Please help keyboard
    cat get some help with his catnip addiction make a donation to raise money
    for some rehab for him. Please, have a heart. Call 415-313-8176

  7. - “TheMidnightKinz07” -

    awwww poor kitty

  8. This is so classical music!!

  9. Dat face tho it’s adorable

  10. Is he cat in pain or what

  11. o:19-o:27 lmfao the head receding into the shirt. He’s actually wearing a
    little buttoned shirt lol.

  12. iTwerk4Skittles XxluffyxX

    It’s not even touching the keyboard ?

  13. Wow what a happy cat

  14. yamaha shs10? keytar cat :3

  15. esse gatinho é tão fofo kkkkk

  16. Me kat I wish it doe but i dont koe how 2 teath me kat. I hait me kat so


  18. Why so short??

  19. The fact that your cat lets you dress it up in various outfits doe.

  20. You’ve got to be kitten me right meow


  22. how did he…?

  23. fake the keys don’t move at all look closly>:(

  24. LOL! go keyboard-cat!!!

  25. Why so serious?

  26. go kitty go!

  27. I wish *I* could play like *KEYBOARD CAT*

  28. This Guy Loves Planes (derp brickz)

    you should start a cat band called ‘the strays’

  29. Sooooo cuteeee

  30. Aw cute that’s something that my brother wants to do to his cat 

  31. KeyBoard Cat U Rock Baby

  32. Tenerissimo 


  34. a̶p̶o̶l̶l̶o̶ ̶vёж

    *Cats also know play piano*

  35. omg its more hd!

  36. no se te a ocurrido keyboar cat en forma de nyan cat 

  37. LOLLLLL 

  38. What is its name atually?

  39. What am i doing with my life?

  40. Teo nevan (nevanYrojo)

    Fun fact cats can also play guitars

  41. Every time I see this video it makes my eyes tear up for some reason

  42. Why The Heck Is This Only 29 Seconds Long???? I Love This!!!!!!! Thank

  43. This song is stuck in my head help? lol

  44. LionelGorillaTTA MC Nub

    There’s a guy holding him from behind moving the cats arms and body but
    still really cute cute


  45. Pawan “FOX231” V

    If I do this to my cat, he will rip my dick off.

  46. I’m a fan

  47. LOL love keyboard cat!

  48. Keyboard Cat finds no pleasure in his job.

  49. Still funny a year later!

  50. Dada I Love You

  51. Moon Productions

    CUTE AND ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  52. Elizaveta Tsverdakhleb

    So cute

  53. Olivia Petrowski

    +Xander my cat’s name is Xander!

  54. Olivia Petrowski

    Spell keyboard cat with your eyes closed. my attempt: keunoard cat

  55. Jayden Bou-Quraiss

    He’s so talented! ?

  56. Lol I love kittys

  57. Eduardo De la cruz

    I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. esse gato é um comediante!!!

  59. You can see his hands moving the cat and see him in the background lmao

  60. Fade out right before the cat scratches the living sh#t out of whoever is
    holding him. : )

  61. They got a new cat to replace keyboard cat.. IM STILL SAD

  62. Holy s*it 60 fps !

  63. Who is this cat on keyboards? he can play.

  64. Halairious

  65. ha ha ha poor cat

  66. 1111 people sold their souls to the devil.

  67. More Leik 69 Tears ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  68. The cat is like. KILL ME

  69. He needs to play “Green Onions” next!

  70. this made my day a little better

  71. I love this vid

  72. I can not believe that 1k people don’t like it. I love it!!!!!

  73. ♡♡♡

  74. What am I doing with my spare time xD


  76. so funny

  77. Nur Hidayah Mohamad Yusof

    Yo bro its nice

  78. That cat has some talent.

  79. i love and hate keyboard cat because in one video keyboard cat rick rolled

  80. no your profile picture is telling you to go jump of a bridge

  81. is this Bento or Fatso

  82. is this Bento or Fatso

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