Kickboxing Kangaroo Buddies

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Occurred on May 1, 2017 / The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, Australia

“Sebastian and Jimmy are best buddies and are always together. And they just love to practice their kickboxing skills. ”


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  1. Soulja Boy #PIRU #GANGGANG

    That one kangaroo standing there watching is thinking “WORLDSTAAAR!”

  2. So this is why Roger didn’t make it to Tekken 7

  3. Sweetlollipop 720

    When u and your sibling fight…

  4. 0:23 “da fuck you looking at”

  5. 2,000 views is trending WTF

  6. This is what should be on trending.

  7. 0:24 When the cops come and you act like you’ve done nothing.

  8. 1000 videos with no subscribers

    The winner got a coupon for IHOP.

  9. 2.5k trending squad wassup

  10. Kangarough

  11. 0:23 Clever Girl

  12. kangaroo jack 3 looks great

  13. Jesus TheOmniscientKidd

    When you skip leg day

  14. how much did you pay for this to be trending ?

  15. reported for animal abuse

  16. And now we just wait for ozzyman

  17. They are waiting for you to announce the winner.

  18. this would be 10× better with added commentator.

  19. They stopped because you were recording vertically.

  20. Better than the shit they call boxing nowadays

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