Kitten and Grown Dogs Meet for First Time | Too Cute!

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Louise is a curious kitten that wants to become pals with two dogs: Wally and Buster. How can Louise win over the reluctant canines? | For more Too Cute!, visit


  1. Awesome video. Thanks my kids and I enjoyed it.

  2. Mohammad Nihal Shaikh

    oh my god i had to punch the wall to gain my manhood back

  3. Is it me or does the narrator sound like some sort of white Morgan freeman 

  4. That face the dog has when that kitten jumps!!

  5. Who is the narrator? I could listen to audiobooks with this voice all day.

  6. The KITTENS were adorable!!

  7. Anyone know if there are videos like this narrated in Spanish available on

  8. Thank you for one of the most satisfying videos youtube.

  9. The Music Gamer Girl

    Lesson cats can fly ….

  10. HaytanaLinda Bitstrips

    that was so cute >-<

  11. I would love these shows if it was on netflix

  12. There’s nothing wrong with a straight man watching videos of kittens, is

  13. Lol ?love animal planet

  14. I refuse to look at those adorable creatures! >:( <3

  15. Louise is badass yo.


    Louise is a BAMF

  17. what is this
    this is the cutest thing ever im going to just drown in a pool of cuteness
    please help 

  18. madisonelectronic

    Kitten: Hello doggy!
    Doggy: Burp!

  19. Louise is so adorable! She can even fly back down.

  20. What is the breed of these two adorable dogs

  21. yes …
    the voice ??
    great narration.

  22. hubert cumberdale

    Oh my god.
    That horrified look on the dog’s face as he watches the kitty fall. 

  23. SOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. They really should have taken the kitten off of the curtain, instead of
    making it jump just for better t.v. we had a 10 week old kitten come into
    our clinic because he basically did the same thing and the owners thought
    “well he’s a cat he’ll land on his feet” which he did, but he also broke
    his leg and cracked a rib. Kittens at that age are still developing and are
    very fragile. Most of the time they may be alright, but there’s always a
    chance for injury. Better not to risk it

  25. Anoushka Sanjeev


  26. Narrator : but the kitten never plan, her route back down
    Louise : meow (help)

  27. Cutepuppies Theperson

    How can people be so heartless to dislike this!?

  28. assomiglia proprio al mio gatto da piccolo

  29. Prince Fabulous

    Cuteness overload! :)

  30. Abhyas Mandapati

    that cat is a better climber than me

  31. My cat and my dog loves this video and me too so cute ?

  32. “Somebody’s been sleeping in our bed, and she’s still there!” 1:21
    Kittylocks and the Two Dogs LOL.

  33. omg lol dog was like ‘how can you do~~ that~~’ so cute and awesome thanks
    for uploading

  34. Awww…SOOOO Cute!!!?

  35. 。【Rhyme】。 【。Reiss。】


  36. The Look on the dogs face while the kitten comes down is priceless. Slow
    motion just added humor to it. lol

  37. I LOVED IT!!!

  38. Thank goodness these are here, I just watched danger dolan’s 15 creepiest
    true stories

  39. Valentina Valentina

    Я очень их всех люблю! Москва! 

  40. Hinata “Love me Or Hate me” Uchiha

    question:who would dislike that answer:some idiots

  41. turns on mission impossible music

  42. Oh my god! Too cute to handle!

  43. i just love ‘too cute’!!!

  44. Spook cute

  45. Louise was always the cheeky one in nursery 

  46. too cute !!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    ?????????????????????????????? tun up the

  47. ♥♡♥♥♥♥ قطط


  49. “Get down here young lady!”


  50. awesome!!


  52. Wally & Buster learn that cats rule the house. : )

  53. Louise is so cute.

  54. 2:45 look at the dog

  55. OMG! That’s so cute ♥ little fearless kitty ^_^

  56. its funny because the narrator for this also did monster bug wars

  57. heytheresawolfinminecraft

    lol when Louise jumped down the dog was like “WHAT THE HECK?!?!?”

  58. dat ear flop though @ 2:44 hahha

  59. 2:46 the floofy ears tho!

  60. Camellia-Daliah Pro (The乚a丁ackie、【我没拧】)


  61. Best video ever!!! Who’s with me?

  62. Super-Rainbow-Unicorn Im Happy

    toooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee i’m melting

  63. Winnie Plays Awsome Games :3 Ibe

    KITTEN 3 :3 :3

  64. 0:05 – 0:15

    This narrator is going to give me diabetes, I swear to Christ.

  65. Mommie and Me Show

    So funny !

  66. Yes cats & dog’s get along. We have 4 cats & a Basset hound & they are best
    of friends’

  67. cute omg!!!!!!

  68. That cheeky little Louise.

  69. Queen Louise bitches!

  70. WOW! 74 people didn’t like this. STONE COLD DEAD INSIDE.

  71. i love the sigh the dog made omg

  72. Lps ValintineHearts

    aww loose is SOOO cute

  73. Kianna's fun toy Vito's


  74. If you’ve had a cat, you would know that face at 1:03 XP
    This face = pure happiness and satisfaction

  75. Adourable

  76. Cute!!!!!! ?

  77. So cute awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  78. Louis rules

  79. awwwwwwww! so cute! it’s a good video not a sad one!

  80. Louise is sooooooooooooo cute!

  81. omg omg omg soooo cute!!

  82. I love the narrator on this show. So cute the way he reads his script.

  83. This episode is so cute!!!!

  84. its not too cute its so cute

  85. so cute and hilarious

  86. that’s so cute?

  87. so very cute♥

  88. That face at 2:50

  89. the end was fun ^^

  90. I loved this one!

  91. Cutest

  92. Dealova Indie Shye

    you know what?im just want to take home that kitty!!!!

  93. milf’s phat ass at 3:29

  94. i really want to kiss that cat

  95. When Louise jumped , I was like , ‘SuperKitty!!’

  96. Nicola D'Agostino

    Tenero e’ il tentativo di questo gattino di farsi adottare sala simpatica
    coppia di cagnolini…

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