Kitten wants to play, dog wants to nap

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  1. so freaking adorable! the kittens paws are so cute

  2. Kevin B. MacAnthony

    CNN brought me here.

  3. Why is this trending with only 1,500 views?

  4. 1.5k and trending yeah sure

  5. The Curious Art of Alexander

    What was that at the beginning about kicking someone’s ass?

  6. *I will never understand the YouTube trending algorithm…*

  7. This. This is what the trending tab was made for.

  8. “Maybe it will go away if I ignore it.”

  9. YES this is what I want to see in my reccomeded feed, not talentless brothers creating garbage

  10. This is what youtube is supposed to be about

  11. People are freaking out because of trending views… but i am surprised how does a kitten has that big paw!!!!!

  12. Is it me or does the kitten look like it has a bunch of extra claws on its paws? 🐾 still cute though!

  13. This is what youtube used to be about…. Cat videos

  14. It looks like this kitten has opposable thumbs 😂

  15. wife wants to fuck, husband wants to nap.

  16. Elizabeth Obrien

    Niсе vidеo! Guys please ratе mу hot vidеo on mу channеl. Who liкеd this vidео, сliсk “likе” *)

  17. this is about to get so much views..

  18. usually it’s the other way around

  19. I just noticed that the cat is double pawed

  20. Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme

    0:18 “Hey uhhhhhh you okay? Is this thing on?”

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