Kittens Chasing Bowl

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No two ways about it,kittens are adorable. It’s easy to be transfixed by the tiny paws, tiny noses, and big bellies galloping around your home in a riot of excitement. Kittenhood, the first six months of life, can be one of the best times in a pet’s life.

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  1. you just made my day

  2. *Nice video* *Few pleasant minutes*

  3. I love Scottish folds video is most adorable all the rave here iam totally
    a subscriber thanks miss awww I love all your cute video:-)

  4. Anne Marie Dippoliti

    I’m head over heels for this gorgeous bunch of Scottish Fold babies!!!

  5. Saniya Thomas-garcia

    so cute!! ??

  6. I love how they start playing with the bowl, and then start chasing each
    other around. So cute!

  7. do u sale dogs I will love to buy a puppy husky.

  8. fun play so cute

  9. Honestly,.,,, GOD done a good job,,, creating kitties…

  10. a good life truly start at chasing a cup,,, so we all should give up our
    jobs and stress and all that and start chasing cups…

  11. Soooo fluffy and cute , can’t stand it …..will …self…destruct?

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