KLM Lost & Found service

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KLM’s dedicated Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is on a mission to reunite lost items as soon as possible with their legitimate owner. From a teddy bear found by the cabin crew to a laptop left in the lounge.


Yes, it’s a lot of fun. Personally I think he is a real asset to the company. And he can really do something no one else can. Our main goal is to return lost items to the owner. As fast as possible. And the crew checks the plane after every flight. I really like the fact that we are now getting some help with that.
We train for muscle strength, endurance, and of course socialization.
When you see the reactions of the passengers that really is amazing. He drops by regularly but I have to admit: I do spoil him a bit.


  1. Super idea!!!!!

  2. Michael Sarmiento

    I hope this adorable little guy finds my ipad too ? I left it on board and
    have reported the loss to KLM already. Their response was impressively
    quick though. Overall, my experience flying with KLM was a pleasure. They
    have the friendliest cabin crews!

  3. Camilla Kristensen

    Lost my phone a 8 days ago, and you haven’t found it yet :'(

  4. Maria do Céu L. Battaglia

    I flaied for my first time in KLM and loved this! Now, more!

  5. 2404 people don’t like beagles

  6. Can I just hug the little guy lol

  7. is needs to be real….like today :)

  8. Holy shit Dutch is such an ugly langage. Also, leave the dog alone.

  9. Dogs are so smart, and this guy is adorable to boot.

  10. 최에스더 (mayan125)

    Nope, I didn’t cry. Damn, talking about tear-jerking marketing! Good job
    guys and of course you, little buddy! :)

  11. Holy shit Dutch is such a beautiful language. Also, that dog is awesome.
    You guys are awesome. :)

  12. on the 25th july we had the most horrible experience with KLM because of a
    storm we had no solutions from the company and we stayed in the airport
    more than 30h, sleeping on the floor. The staff was really unfriendly –
    they went home and left hundreds of passengers without any solution. Shame
    on you!

  13. Going to fly KLM for the first time in November. First from ZRH to
    Schiphol, then to ATL. I really planned my trip in order to fly with KLM
    instead of Delta (they’re good, but I gotta try something new) or Air
    France (sorry but… never again). Can your Beagle travel with me? I’ll
    make sure he’s comfy with me ;-)

  14. The dog is awesome but is this a fake video or it’s real

  15. this is so cute!

  16. İ love klm royal Dutch

  17. is this real life

  18. Beagles are used for animal experimentation is labs across the world… so
    glad to see that at KLM they are used to return lost stuff to passengers!
    <3 what a wonderful thing KLM is doing! The Beagle shown here is such a
    happy helper!

  19. Make me laugh some more, why don’t cha?

  20. SOO cute!


  22. Bravo KLM. well done. ??.

  23. Incredibly innovative and useful! Talking about customer service!

  24. Miriam Lupfer Reed

    Geweldig! Bedankt!

  25. I hope Thomson Airways hire trained dogs to get the items back to the
    passengers and having dogs bring lost items back to the passengers is a
    great idea I hope the other airlines should follow suit

  26. Makes me almost want to visit & forget something on the flight :D

  27. Propoganda!!!
    I recently travelled on KLM between Schipol and Helsinki. I had a 4 hr
    layover, yet, KLM left my luggage behind. They were unable to advise me on
    where it was at any time because their tracking mechanism is non existent.
    KLM used to be one of the top airlines in the world, but their standard of
    service has plummeted in the past year or so

  28. I will try to flight from Denpasar to Prague bring my dog and then they are
    falling in love in Amsterdam . lol

  29. Rich “Rixar13” McGinnis

    Thank you to my friend Roger, smile :-)

  30. ADORABLE! :)))

  31. Now I have to plan a trip to the Netherlands just so I can meet this dog!
    So cute!

  32. Good job

  33. I love little sherlock! Where can I meet him?

  34. Raven House Mystery

    That is absolutely adorable and the dog’s name is Sherlock. How

  35. wow the dutch language is very ugly

  36. I think doggy is a terrific return idea and of course, everyone loves him.
    Go KLM.

  37. Glatulieren fuer diesen wunderschoenen wideos !
    Herzlichen Dank und Gruesse.

  38. thats so cool

  39. Brilliant! Love it.

  40. This dog mascot is a joke. KLM recently stole my computer and refuse to
    give it back.

    I left my computer foolishly on a KLM plane full of KLM staff for 10
    minutes. I was the last customer off the plane, so it can have only been
    found by KLM staff.

    10 minutes after leaving the aircraft KLM staff refused to let me get on
    the plane to pick up my laptop, and claimed that it was not on the plane.
    Which is of course, completely impossible.

    Three weeks later I am still chasing them, and they continue to be rude and
    unprofessional and tell me that my laptop has “vanished”


    An extremely dishonest and unhelpful company. This advert is shockingly far
    from the truth

  41. Dear KLM team, I forgot my pouch in the seat pocket in the flight KL1350,
    PRG – AMS, seat 23C on 4-10-2015. It has very important keys, an iPhone
    charger, earphones and some other personal items. It was already reported
    to Schiphol lost and Found. I hope you do your best to find it.

  42. shows the number of people that leave a $600-1200 smartphone on an air

  43. Wauwieeee, wat een schatje!Als ik hem ooit eens tegenkom op Schiphol, neem
    ik hem stiekem mee naar huis, hihihihihihi!

  44. schateg

  45. AWESOME!

  46. Is the dogs name Sherlock? That’s so perfect!

  47. Left my ipad on a flight from barcelona on Sunday October 18th. Went
    directly to check in counter. The clerk picked up a phone, made a call,
    then left me to wait for an hour and then shrugged and said the KLM mantra,
    “sorry nothing we can do”. Dog or not… When you see 12 klm staff standing
    around doing nothing You’d think at least one person would be willing to go
    through security to find your item or at least explain to you what is going
    on or try to be helpful. Instead, I got asked to stand to the side and
    ignored for an hour like I was a leper. I had to figure out how to contact
    schiphol lost and found by myself. Thanks for the “help” KLM. You just lost
    a platinum lvl customer.

  48. This is a commercial but no matter what ….it’s very touching.

  49. How lovely

  50. Sherwin Puma ELVIÑA

    Don’t click Read more

    You are a rebel, i like you

  51. what kind of dog ?

  52. Lets see a cat try to do something helpful like that! :)

  53. WOW, that’s really impressive! Love it! Love dogs! I think I’do like to
    lose something just to play with the dog! LOL

  54. we should have this in AMERICA, what a great idea. what a Cute dog.

  55. I’m accustomed to cry on KLM when they lost my baggages (that is not
    rare….), but for that time, they found my iPhone so quickly that I can
    congratulate them sincerely.Thanks for all the kind staff at Shipol airport

  56. that is a amazing dog he is so cute and I wish he was my dog

  57. AWWW love the dog so cute awesome what he does

  58. What is his breed?

  59. Виктор Закарявичюс

    красавчик! И хорошо что бигль а не питбуль

  60. Fantastic!!!

  61. very interesting action of dog.

  62. 아 보다가 넘 귀여워서 울었다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  63. Lindo serviço deste dog,muito adorável! Amei!

  64. KLM always the best airline…..

  65. Now THATs CLEVER!

  66. nice job KLM

  67. I would love to see them do it in real life! (instead of just a very
    convincing media metaphor) It’s a great idea!

  68. Of course, a Beagle
    is a great choice!

  69. すごい!!!

  70. すごい!!

  71. lo máximo el perrito

  72. schaatig hoor dat handje . maar komtie echt helpen

  73. 這種失物招領 真的超屌! 我上次在華航飛機上的祖母綠髮夾 就是沒找回來! 雖然耳環還在…

  74. So cute

  75. I love this so much. My son & I have a service dog named Libby.
    Dogs,really,are amazing with socialization,training, respect & support.
    What love does ❤️

  76. I left a Montecristo hat on a KLM flight back from Guayaquil last March and
    reported it and paid £37 to try and retrieve it. No luck – how do I get my
    £37 back?

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