Koala joey plays in baby basket during first ever photoshoot

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Imogen is the cutest, most adorable and affectionate koala joey!

It’s easy just type in Symbio Wildlife Park and voila, there we will be. 🙂


  1. I just fell in love with him :)

  2. camera used?

  3. What a beautiful, perfect little creature :3

  4. Omg… so cute!!! I want one… ×_×

  5. fact: baby kowala eat there mother’s feces.

  6. Be still my beating heart?

  7. Where are the pics from the photo shoot?

  8. So cute ! ???

  9. WHAT A CUTIE!!!!

  10. Awww he is so precious! I want him <3

  11. Koalas have chlamydia, stop touching them.

  12. I would sacrifice my family for this koala

  13. Bear + Monkey = Koala

  14. just when u thought koalas were cute, they give birth to miniature versions
    of themselves

  15. Did you know that koala babies eat their mother’s poop? you’re welcome :)

  16. OMG… Cute Overload! <3

  17. It’s not cute, its gay


  19. One Way Ticket To Phaelon

    Haha ppl r such twats ? how can u dslike this video? haha

  20. awww I wanna lick it

  21. This is bliss.

  22. Mariel Ocharán Leano

    Its adorable ?????

  23. it’s amazing ^_^

  24. *Q-T π.*
    Absolutely adorable. :D

  25. Awe joey your adorable ☺️??

  26. Im in love <3

  27. Flea ridden cute shit bag.

  28. Have u Skype? I would design your a Channel-Design and Intro. Dont forget
    to sub

  29. I think i am going to die of cuteness! SO CUTE OMG I LOVE KOALAS

  30. I want one NOW

  31. cuddles with mommy


  33. Very sweet baby!

  34. Very sweet baby!

  35. I’m so thankful the Koala is my Spiritual mascot. Just seeing that baby one
    fills me with so much love from head to toe which heightens my vibrations
    and energy….the World seems Heavenly to have such a beautiful creature
    reside here.
    If I could physically open my heart and place the baby koala in for
    protection I would !

  36. so cute

  37. He’s very cute now, but wait until he grows up and turns into a moody
    diabolical furr ball. lol

  38. Awww. Looks like a great appetizer on Sunday Nights Football.

  39. It’s very cute!

  40. jibanyan the yo-kai


  41. please please i wanna cuddle with her!!!

  42. BAL00NB3D - Dubstep Music And More!

    Awwwwwww OWO So cuteeeee

  43. SO CUTE

  44. TheBabyKoalaTho Its so cute!!

  45. Never saw anything sweeter…

  46. Mariel Ocharán Leano

    I’ll would kill my best friend for that extremely adorable koala

  47. ???❤️❤️❤️

  48. It made my heart melt. ♡♡

  49. The music just adds to the cuteness!

  50. so cute
    nice to see it
    but i want him

  51. so cute

  52. this is so cute i nearly cried

  53. All Australian!

  54. I wanna hug the crap out of the koala

  55. I should give that to my son

  56. Drop Bears!

  57. Looks delicious. I’m only kidding.

  58. It’s VERY VERY VERY CUTE !!! ;3

  59. I’ll go to Australia right now!!!!!!!!!

  60. Olivia Williamson

    AWWWW! Sooooo cute <3 <3

  61. I’ll take 20

  62. Just impossibly cute!

  63. Chey I think hapmsters are cute Dietrich

    OMG so cute did you guys know In school my animal report is koala for my
    endangered speices project

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