Koalas take Valentine’s Day to the next level

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In true Symbio style, the team at Symbio Wildlife Park have created one of the cutest, cuddliest and Koala-ty Valentine’s Day video ever, and who should be the stars? None other than two of their handsome Koalas, James and Harry.

With there favourite human, Zoo Keeper Tami, entering the Koala Sanctuary with roses in hand, the two boys soon started vying for her attention, with each taking turns to ensure they got prime cuddle position to wish her the happiest of Valentine’s Day.

In the video, you can see both boys running over to Zoo Keeper Tami, as if it was a race to be her Valentine’s.

Understandably, Keeper Tami was all smiles with the bundles of fluffy affection she was shown, and the boys, well, mission accomplished. Best Valentine’s Day ever!


  1. too cute

  2. Que lindoss!!??yo sería tan feliz de poder abrazar uno alguna vez…

  3. q bonito los amoooooooooo??????????????YO QUIERO UNOOOOOOO??????

  4. happy valentines day to all..

  5. That’s the best job in the world! I think the koalas would have preferred eucalyptus to roses, though. 🙂

  6. Melanie Casado Perceval

    bonne saint valentin les petit koalas jador leq koalas c’est mon animal préféré et ma praline que jaime

  7. 0:26 hahaha is jealous

  8. so lovely cuties…i wish i could touch these koalas….so sweet!!!

  9. I thought it was about fucking each other

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