Lab has a Funny Snore

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Lab snores and makes a funny sound.

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  1. (*/ω\*)うそーん

  2. He sounds like my grandpa

  3. Tengku Hans Hussey

    sounds like donald duck

  4. I rarely laugh from videos with animals, but this one got me xD

  5. So cute

  6. Bwebwebwebwehhh…zzzz….bwebwebwebwe…zzzz XD

  7. The dog is extremely overweight and having trouble breathing. I used to
    work for a vet.

  8. OMG!! That can’t be true!!! ??

    P.S i know it’s true!!

  9. Is he related to Big Bird?

  10. He’s a murloc.

  11. this dog is fat as shit

  12. Exactly how my turbo sounded before I got a waste gate.

  13. Doesnt look like he’s breathing right to me.

    idk tho I ain’t no vet

  14. oh misty eye of the mountain belooow……

  15. i think all that fat is affecting is breathing

  16. He died :(

  17. When ur dog shits its mouth.

  18. Sir, your dog is deflating at an alarming rate.

  19. *Where do dogs go if they lose their tails?*

    To the *Re-tail* store! :D

  20. I think you should reduce the amount of food you feed this dog smh

  21. Clayton Robert-Stephen Nelson

    so, it’s snoring exactly like Big Bird does

  22. Domino Pianomusic

    So, so funny !! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Антолий Гаркай

    haha dog crazy happy

  24. He’s not snoring, if you see how fast he exhales, he’s growling in his
    sleep, it just happens to come out sounding like an angry sea lion.

  25. князь серебряный

    Это противно

  26. Ronnie House Jr. - Road to 100 Subs!


  27. standardwhiteguyopinionis :

    if only my wife would do that to my balls. HEAVEN !!!!!!!

  28. Was that a cow or a dog?

  29. MIKEY in the CORNER

    the snore is funny but thats not a healthy breathing sound, please take him
    to get checked out

  30. dog:”blrblrlblrlbl”

  31. Sounds like a semi truck slamming on the brakes lol

  32. Big Ol House Dog

  33. For all the people saying he/she is overweight, might want to check if she
    is pregnant before you talk.

  34. He’s just dreaming about motorboating a big pair of titties.

  35. Dog: I wanna be a sheep when I grow up!
    Human: In your dreams

  36. Wade “Kidpool” Wilson

    sounds like me wen im eating your moma

  37. can we all stop fat shaming this dog please? tumbrl has taught me that
    there are no negative effects from being morbidly obese.

  38. Man, that dog better not be allowed to drive a car. I bet it has sleep

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