Lead a Goose to Water

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A wild Canada Goose follows my truck on a gravel road so I lead it to Shining Bank Lake (Alberta). Once there, it seems happy and stays.
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  1. Broken Monkey (BrokenMonkey)

    Great job sir!

  2. sungguh luar biasa

  3. I love that you are listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack ^_^

  4. Use the oven and enjoy meat ;)

  5. Ваня Ванечкин

    Clever man…very clever goose! ~<~

  6. хуясе))

  7. Это очень мило :3

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  9. nice work)

  10. That goose is a brand new adult about 8 months old as he is still making
    his “gosling” noises. That’s also why he was so tame. Poor thing got
    separated from his family/flock. Great job on getting him back to a pond.

  11. wow amazing.

  12. Staged, it’s his goose

  13. Монологи о РЫБАЛКЕ

    В России такой номер не пройдет у гуся.В духовке запекли бы его с

  14. Рамис Деловаров

    in America they say anything bad about Russia?

  15. Виталий Онишко

    скорея всего он ручной.

  16. жалко птичку :’-(

  17. Very nice of you to lead it to water, but I’m guessing it really wanted to
    find its family, since it seemed pretty young. Nothing anyone could have
    done about that though.

  18. I love that he’s listening to the across the universe album lol

  19. Notice that he was driving too slowly for much of the time, frustrating the
    goose who could have been more efficient at a higher speed.

  20. Геннадий Бондарь

    UFO or the spirit of this in the right corner at 4.03

  21. It’s like that time I lead your mom to my bedroom.

  22. Faith in humanity restored!

  23. just imagine seeing that.

  24. I remember when I was young how a Canada Goose got stuck in an icy pond. My
    grandfather broke the ice with a stick and after it was free it waddled up
    to us honking at us in what can only be described as in a thank you sort of
    way. Very hard to describe but sometimes you can sort of tell with an
    animals body language.


  26. I guess Alberta is where all the nice Canada geese are because I live in
    Ontario and those things hiss and chase you if you’re 20 feet from them.
    Scratch that, they come close to you then act like you’re the one who
    threatened them. Lil assholes.

  27. WOW! That footage you caught on camera with the goose flying alongside you
    is absolutely unique and amazing!

  28. Is it weird that i was waiting for him to flip the camera to see his
    face?? i know it is sorry for that ?

  29. Holy hell it’s like a flying chicken

    EDIT: Someone write these words on my gravestone too yah?

  30. Better story than twilight.

  31. I feel so dumb for not knowing that geese can fly

  32. I never knew a goose could be so damn adorable.

  33. I like to believe this is one of his loved ones who passed away and was
    reincarnated into this goose.

  34. That goose was way too calm. When I was little we had geese and when a
    batch of eggs hatched my dad told me to try and play with them knowing the
    mother would come and fuck my day up.

  35. That’s amazing…I wonder why it decided it wanted to follow the truck?
    It’s a little eerie actually, amazing though.

  36. What a beautiful animal. You can tell by how he’s opening his mouth that
    he’s very thirsty. He must have been very lost and scared to ask a human
    for help, so thank you for doing this for him instead of chasing him away
    like lots of people may have done :)

  37. If this goose is not your new room mate and best friend, I’ll have you put
    before a firing squad!

  38. Beautiful :)

  39. quest completed

  40. Muhammed Ali BALABAN

    he is playing songs from the movie “across the universe” :))

  41. Ah Canadians. Even the geese are polite.

  42. Hans Wolf (CALIBER WOLF)

    fake shit


  44. I’m just gonna say he fucked up his chance to have a pet goose

  45. Жаннур Сыргабай

    Каусар Аидана

  46. well someone found their spirit animal

  47. An average day in canada …

  48. I dont care how cute this video was… I still hate geese

  49. across the universe soundtrack almost as awesome as the bird flying next to

  50. Exactly how long have you and this Goose been acquainted?

  51. faith in humanity restored


  53. what is going on

  54. I think that Roy — we’re calling him Roy okay — is sexually attracted to
    your truck. And who can blame him, it’s really nice.

  55. i got a little emotional


    Could have given him a lift hahah

  57. This is so great

  58. I like how no matter how far humans are now with technology animals still
    now that they’re part of nature and they can help

  59. Димас Ланин

    Супер. Вот только что дальше?

  60. you are one of nicest guys i have ever seen

  61. *”Excuse me sir, can you give me directions?…”*

  62. Костя Мозговой

    hi my name is Kostya

  63. That is amazing

  64. i’m….i’m pretty sure there’s something stuck in it’s throat. its mouth
    shouldn’t be opening and closing like that…or maybe just dehydrated? poor
    little guy

  65. Thanks god there was no coming cars…

  66. Um dos melhores vídeos que já vi!! Espectacular!

  67. I wonder if this was an orphaned or lost chick that was raised by people.

  68. oh no. its circuits are failing lol

  69. it also feels like an anime video game where they befriend an oc special

  70. What a wonderful man

  71. Goose whisperer.

  72. Makes me wonder, isn’t it just tamed by someone, perhaps his home was close
    by, and it took a liking to you for whatever the reason? Just wondering,
    glad it reached a safe place!

  73. I will keep it clean…………..showing a goose where the lake is, is
    like, me showing a man where his di,…………..nose is!!!!

  74. So does he have pictures of geese all over his truck or something?

  75. listening to the across the universe soundtrack nice!

  76. You’re a lovely human being

  77. Wellll I bet what we don’t see, is that this guy is wearing a full-body
    suit of bread crums.

  78. TIL goose can fly

  79. Aflac insurance company is behind this

  80. Man you’re lucky all the animals in my country usually want to kill you

  81. you are one good human being ; your “compassion” is showing

  82. You rock sir. <3

  83. I think that was a pet goose you just abandoned. Maybe it was too tired to
    leave the lake. I would have been like “Okay goosie, we’re gonna put
    posters up and find your family.”

  84. Speaking words of wisdom let it be, let it be…. Rush of blood to the head
    in this minajupped world.

  85. Beautiful bird. Is the rest of your everyday life like a Disney movie?

  86. Awesome video!

  87. amazing

  88. it was still chirping! I wonder if this goose was that years chick.

  89. once in a lifetime. nay, once in a billion lifetimes. unbelievable

  90. How did you find this goose? I’ve got a cool video chasing some geese
    around… but this is epic. :)

  91. Rui teixeira de Sousa

    Great job!

  92. good man

  93. Devonté Duff-McKree

    doesnt this make you wish you could fly? just a little bit(;

  94. Amazing! Great guy, he rescued a life . God bless!

  95. Beautiful! thank you for helping him. So heartwarming to watch. Did he find
    other geese ?

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