Learning to Swim Like Dad | Too Cute!

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Some adventurous pups take their very first swim. | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/too-cute-kittens/#mkcpgn=ytapl1


  1. It is too cute!!!!!

  2. Wow he’s a natural swimmer, howling of triumph at the end ;)

  3. so cute to see those little ones swimming!!
    Cute <3

  4. Too cute!!!

  5. so cute can I hug them?

  6. the puppies are so cute

  7. mannacc’ ‘a maronn’ fa murì a me quann’ s’accappott’ <3

  8. Aw… Poor little Nora!

  9. OMG! This is soooo cute. I love puppies!♥

  10. anyone else lost his manliness? who’s up for a good fashioned bare knuckle

  11. Loved it!

  12. LittleSweetFarming

    Puppies r Too Cute!!! ???

  13. Ffs cooper, it’s not that hard

  14. danielandhisguitar

    This video shouldn’t have a dislike button.

  15. Louszem Oliveira

    0:49 quase MURRIIII

  16. Why do the parents look so different?

  17. That was cute just lovely awwwww…. :3 <3 !!!! 

  18. guillermina torres

    So cute!!!!!!!!

  19. Awww cute

  20. Craze of americans mix breeds dog! Cocker with retriever now, pooch later.

  21. I love them!!! My husky LOVES the water. But he hates the ocean, I guess is
    just too much water for him :P

  22. Awwwwwww :)

  23. I died

  24. Supertiernos

  25. Too cute! ?

  26. This is torture, now I want a puppy even more!!!!!!!

  27. What breed is this?


  29. Q cachorros tan lindos igual a su mamá 

  30. It is good that dogs can siwm


  31. Dkristhelt Torres

    OMG are beautiful !

  32. This show is so cute

  33. Some one get Nora a paddle!! You know.. so she can do the doggie paddle.
    Wow, time for me to go to bed.

  34. Definitely too cute!

  35. Tinkerbell1991xo


  36. soooooooooo cute there so small

  37. My dogs affairs of water

  38. Huynh Kim Kieu Tien

    they’re very cute 

  39. i always wondered if small dogs can have puppies with big dogs, this
    answers my question

  40. Nand Kishore Khemka


  41. What is the mom’s breed?? So cute! 

  42. My dogs names SPIKE,he’s very clever but naughty and mischievas.he sets lil
    trip traps for me then sits back an awaits my enevitable arse over shit
    moment 🙂 he thinks its funny the lil bugger!.he thinks the world revolves
    around him and that he’s cleverer than me. proper character my dog SPIKE.

  43. Mozart is sporty. Wat

  44. so a cocker spanial and a golden retriever

  45. Wow they could swim

  46. these are like short disney movies

  47. Melinda Gustafson

    It’s okay, Nora! The water isn’t scary!!!

  48. Awwwwwwwwwe that’s all I can really say right now 

  49. Yay!!!!! Cooper!!!!

  50. Oh no, Nora I’ll save you!!! Help, I can’t take this…I’m calling 911!

  51. why do dogs like swimming but hate baths?

  52. the narrator sounds like one of the narrators from “creepy tails for dark
    nights.” I can’t remember his name

  53. The puppies seem old enough to try swimming, but not to climb on those
    rocks. They seemed to get knocked around too much by them.

  54. Yes, It is very too Cute.

  55. 0:48 Omg this made my day xD

  56. Elijah Washington

    wait their mom is that small dog

  57. Christine Lawson

    Cooper’s dad is a DILF

  58. Awww, my old girl Tammy was at least half Golden Retriever and she was
    mortally terrified of water =( I always figured her extreme phobia stemmed
    from being dumped in a reservoir when she was a puppy, my poor baby. But we
    gave her 13 happy, healthy years far away from swimming pools =) Rest in
    peace, my sweet girl <3

  59. Rosselin Mendoza

    So cute

  60. Lol @ Nora! She said “Forget this”

  61. Priscilla Palomino

    It’s cooper

  62. Soon cute?

  63. Gaara Panda King Kazekage

    Awwwww they are so cute I am going to die of cutess

  64. So cute 

  65. I have 8 pups and 1 mommy dog

  66. I bet that the camera crew often has to restrain themselves from
    distracting the puppies here XD I don’t think I’d be able to resist asking
    the pups “Gonna go swimming? Gonna swim? :3″

  67. That was so cute 

  68. ThatGreen Dinosaur

    Who ever dislikes this video is a complete IDOT ?

  69. Freakin Nora, get your shit together!

  70. Why does everybody in America name their golden Cooper? It’s like how every
    iguana is somehow named Iggy.

  71. What breed are those?

  72. Aww I died when he fell down down all of the rocks I knew this was going to
    be a good video

  73. aaaaaaaawwwwww

  74. if that last puppy was mine id throw him in the water get a swim diploma or
    die trying

  75. 0:49 That’s where buzzfeed got it from lol

  76. there all tumbling everywhere xD

  77. sooooooo cute im Angely


  79. Bravo

  80. just like babies learning how to swim

  81. when the puppy was falling i was like OMFG SOMEONE HELP THE POOR THING

  82. That poor bitch, shes half the size of the sire

  83. who’s watching in 2016

  84. omg cocker spaniel mix golden retrievers are so cute!!

  85. Crybaby dog took the blue pill at the end.

  86. Arrow The GoPro Dog

    Great video! I like swimming a lot too which you can see on my channel

  87. Arrow The GoPro Dog

    These are some adventurous puppies! You can see my water adventures on my


    Everytime Too Cute came on- by the time the episode was over, my whole face
    would be sore from gushing and aawing and laughing at everything.

  89. to cute

  90. Nora you fucking idiot

  91. | Too cute

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