Leopard ‘Befriends’ Impala: Unusual Predator – Prey Interaction Caught On Camera

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Most impalas run for their lives at the sight of a leopard – but this plucky youngster seems determined to BEFRIEND one. The bizarre interaction filmed in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, sees the baby animal nuzzling the killer cat’s nose and mouth as it lazes in a clearing. And even when the leopard starts playing a little rough, the newborn makes no attempt to leave – and even follows it around. The encounter was filmed by game ranger Estiaan Houy, 31, while out on safari with British and American guests.

Videographer / Director: Greatstock
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal / Joshua Douglas



  2. 1:09 is that blood on hoe leg ?

  3. Stockholm syndrome looks like

  4. Just like when the US shadow government wants to ‘befriend’ a nation
    targeted for exploitation. Ukraine. Cuba. Africa. It’s more like a future

  5. Leopard : Noo.. cameras every where. I will kill u when nobody is watching.
    Can’t let people see my secret moves

  6. LOVE IT … but don’t like the thought of this trusting baby having later
    become ‘dinner’. Back in the Garden of Eden days, there were NO carnivorous
    (meat eating) predators, so ALL animals and humans alike roamed freely
    without any danger whatsoever (well … besides that of other devious,
    ill-intended humans). I can’t wait for all life on Earth to return to such,
    just as it is in Heaven aka Nirvana. 🙂
    ~KwaZULU Natal~ xox

  7. Poor baby. I think this impala might be a little special needs.

  8. animals only kill when they’re hungry, unlike humans. 

  9. at 1:08 what are those red gash marks on the back of the baby impalas

  10. Well that was adorable!! I choose to believe that the leopard did NOT eat
    the impala :)

  11. “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat,
    the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will
    lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

  12. Lol they’re not friends the cheetah is just playing with his food…

  13. Disciple of The Way

    This is God showing us that animals know how to obey Him more than we do .
    This is what this means & we look at it as entertainment , we’re so lost .
    God commanded this leopard to not eat it & commanded peace between the two
    of them & we think it’s something unusual & deep . But it’s nothing more
    than God telling us consider these two can you not esteem your fellow
    citizen as these ? 

  14. meanwhile behind the scenes…

  15. He didn’t befriend him what this cat does is they catch the baby and keep
    hostage to bring out the mother so it’s like a price for two
    It’s called an impala hunt

  16. Awwww so cute but yet when reality hits. It hits hard and sad. :(

  17. Елена Кириленко

    мне даже не верится что эта киса не съела это милое создание

  18. AdventureTime Girl


  19. Its called luring. The leopard wanted to eat a bigger impala. 

  20. 0:35 says it’s been attacked.

  21. cabdiraxmaan cabdulahi

    Kkk to kill leopand u think is easy damn it

  22. He’s using it as a lure to bring his parents closer. Genius.

  23. Maybe the leopard was a mother who was deprived of her cubs in some way or
    felt alone. Strange adoptions do happen. It is seen that the leopard is
    being very careful, deliberately not landing even a single wound on the
    impala. Even after being picked up by the head, and we all know that
    leopard could have crushed its brains in an instant, the impala came out
    unharmed and unshaken. That is no coincidence.

  24. cat was not hungry and there known to play with there food before a kill

  25. 0:27 he s not playing at all since he was ready to catch the impala if it
    run away

  26. The leopard probably recognized the impala had no meat on its bones and was
    too skinny to bother with.

  27. People are like “oh no! He ate him, oh so sad, oh I don’t wanna know waaaaa”

    Hey, thats nature! As much as we would like to think that this cute little
    twosome had some fun together and parted ways, it’s not like that. The
    leopard, if hungry, would have killed it, and eaten it. As all Leopards do.

  28. With “friends” like that who needs enemies? ;)

  29. Donald Ulimboka

    Ameondoka akiwa bado kuifaidi dunia

  30. Leopard – “RUN Already, Geezus… I need incentive.”

  31. not hungry at the time !

  32. It was using it as bait. No friendship there…

  33. Harold Clendenen

    I wonder if the leopard had some farva beans.

  34. This event was also filmed by others and it took a long time but eventually
    the leopard dragged the baby Impala up a tree and ate him.

  35. Mujhe acha laga dekh ker.

  36. Well, they attack only prey that runs. Y’know…well I may be wrong idk

  37. If you pause the video at 1:10 or 1:09 it show the babies back legs are
    freshly wounded and its from that cat which most likely was doing so to try
    and shoo the baby to its herd

  38. now now, don’t play with your food hahaha

  39. Perlita Habanera

    He said the friendship lasted for an hour until dinner time. so that means
    he ate it. The impala was trying to survive.

  40. The leopard’s mother forgot to tell her son not to play with his food.

  41. Was using the impala to bait the parents. Seen it before. 

  42. Stop the footage at 1:09 and look at the back of the impala. It has cuts
    all over its rear end that look like claw digs. I am pretty sure that
    little impala didn’t last more than a day or two.

  43. Im 17, a guy, and i love leopards. Hope im not immature :(

  44. Veaceslav Iacovisin

    I saw some scratches on impala legs if u look very good.Just leopard not
    hungry but when he will be the impala were die

  45. Pretty sure that leopards use the newborns as bait to lure the parents in
    for the kill, it isn’t “befriending” the impala.

    It’s nature, not a disney film

  46. “Are you my mummy?”


    does eat it finally?

  48. The impalas legs are hurt!

  49. lol that leopard has figured out that if it keeps it alive until it’s an
    adult, it gets to eat it

  50. its so sad that the impala is ((probably)) dead

  51. Killed the Impala when it was dinner time?! Holy sh*t that’s dark.

  52. Stupid video, this is plain wrong.

  53. not friends he hold it as hostige waiting for someone bigger to save him

  54. Very unusual video…………….

  55. Frederik Likesgames

    the whole story of that footage is much more sad

  56. I saw the full original clip of this video. The Leopard isn’t befriending
    the baby impala. This clip purposely failed to show the leopard hitting the
    impala to make it cry. You can see at 1:09 the impala has claw wounds on
    it’s legs. It’s actually using the impala as hostage bait for it’s mother
    or other impalas in the area to get close and risk saving the baby. When
    none of the impalas accept the challenge, the leopard kills the baby and
    drags it back up into its tree.

  57. You can see the large bite marks all over it hind legs. Very smart Cat
    injured this little guy so it will call out and lure in its family, but cat
    didn’t really expect this… its likely the impala did not get killed by
    the cat though, if the cat was not interested and left as they say, even if
    the impala tried to follow it was likely too injured to keep up. So
    hopefully Impala found another more friendly creature that might decide to
    nurture it, haha who know right?

  58. good

  59. The impala just wanted a friend….so sad. Reminds me of my childhood, I
    thought I could befriend the black kids at my school….but boy was I
    wrong! They pretended to be my friends for a short while and than tried to
    rob me for my shoes and lunch money! What’s up with nigs and stealing shoes

  60. and this brings playing with your food to a new level

  61. O.O

  62. Leopard be like, imma wait for him to grow up and eat it

  63. this is amazing :D

  64. see the full video. its avalable in youtb.
    at last leopard killed his friend and ate ..yu can see…

  65. there’s a cut on its back right leg…

  66. 1:08 its legs wounded

  67. so this kinda reminds me from finding nemo fish are friends not food. in
    this case deers are friends not food! lmao!! xd:o

  68. This is why animal rights activists shouldn’t have a problem with humans’
    treatment of large cats, it’s in our nature to put them up in zoos and kill
    them for sport. We’re just being true to our nature too.

  69. Yea right best Fran at the end doesn’t go well ???????

  70. no one knows what how this ends

  71. KiloG5GUnion Frosty

    you dont se those teeth and claw marks on it? that leopard wounded it and
    was useing it to lure the bigger mama or dad.

  72. Befriends?? are you retarded? If that impala were to run off the leopard
    would chase it and keep it close, it’s waiting for you morons to leave so
    it can have it’s meal in private.

  73. This one must be retarded.

  74. He didnt befriend it, he ate it. Saw the whole video.

  75. I don’t see any frendship in here. Leopard is just waiting with eating the
    impala (and the true is, that leopard was hoping the impala’s mother will
    come back to save the baby and leopard could kill her, which is bigger

  76. this video is very misleading, if you watch the whole video the leopard was
    actually harassing the animal to make it call out for an adult that it
    could hunt, in the end it killed the impala

  77. raising it like pig for slaughter, genius.

  78. Dream Gamer29 //DG29

    wait so the friendship only lasted until dinnertime?? go to 1:05 it says
    the friendship only lasted until dinnertime so that means……………*puts
    hands on neck and slides it*

  79. He ate it at the end of the video

  80. Roosseno Alfathan

    this impala has a balls…

    or maybe the leopard chill out because there’s camera right there

  81. this is how news programs twist the reality…

  82. Gevork Bagdasarov

    Mr L is Vegetarian 🙂 Just like impala or wasn’t hungry

  83. Nature defying itself.

  84. how annoyed a piece of food want to be friend with you? and sometimes you
    want to be kind.

  85. The cat probably had some mor before …

  86. That was the time we saw that Impala.

  87. There was playing or friendship there whatsoever. It was a matter of time
    before the cheeter ate that baby impala. I have its type of video before.
    The cheeter is just coaxing the impala to run so the cheeter could pursue
    and strike.

  88. Asshole photographer should have saved the baby Impala

  89. 1 hour friendship is always fake.

  90. Why are you lying?
    I just saw the whole video.

  91. Spookified Gaming

    Such animals are magnificent! I love leopards “Master of stalking and
    hunting” I can’t imagine the feelings of that impala when they befriended
    each other! I think FREEDOM?!

  92. pikniker Yilm (pikniker)

    LEOPARD wait to impala mama leopard is a stradegie,.sorry for my englisch

  93. If you play with fire you get burn.

  94. Cats like to play with their food; they are sadistic like Humans.

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