Levitating Whale

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Levitating Whale Photo and Video

This stunning moment of the levitating humpback whale was frozen in time by wildlife photographer Jon Cornforth, off the coast of Tonga. The baby humpback whale, which was already 16ft long, breached out of the water in front of Jon as he swam in the ocean. He spent 90 minutes in the water with the friendly mother whale and her baby whale – coming within feet of the gentle whale giants.


  1. I literally expected to see a flying whale. Internet you have ruined me.

  2. youtu.be/mj7KJFK-M9o?t=21m30s Have a flying shark.

  3. Nice that’s awesome

  4. holy shit. I would have pissed my wet suit.

  5. Awww the mom was like get your tail over here you don’t play with strangers

  6. it’s not quite thatcher, but it’ll do!

  7. That would have been amazing to swim with them.

  8. i would do that anyway xD

  9. Livlovfallaughmoveon

    Wow. I would looove to do what you do. 🙂

  10. Whales are Earth’s sea angels…not dolphins they’re sex fiends

  11. Wow! Amazing

  12. So amazing.

  13. Whales are HUMONGOUS!


  15. aaaaw! that was great. i love animals! 🙂

  16. Daww what a little cutie! He must’ve been pretty excited to execute such a

  17. The Immortal Phoenix

    it baffles me how those heavy whales gather enough energy to even jump out
    of the water, forget about leaping 10 feet out of it.

  18. I wanna pet it

  19. Misleading title. >_>

  20. Always wondered why they do this? Is it for play? For mating competition?
    What?! So beautiful.

  21. These ads are pissing me off so much!

  22. JB should be responsible for his pet

  23. Whale:I believe I can fly!

  24. At least you’d be warm

  25. I feel like whales and elephants are the two most
    amazing/intelligent/caring animals in this planet – including humans (we
    don’t even come close). 

  26. That picture is amazing.

  27. Whales are so cool

  28. Hehehehehehe… I like whales.

  29. Its not levitate its just a pic

  30. princess de Chavez

    1:17 there are some ramora fish under the baby whale

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