Lexi Wakes Dad UP

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Lexi the Samoyed wakes dad up very gently. She wants to go on a walk and she doesn’t like when dad sleeps in.


  1. I WANT ONE?

  2. Omg I freaking melted

  3. My gsd would belt at me and spring on me ….sit on my face ….

  4. Now this is unbearably cute!

  5. 顔をベロベロ舐めない辺りは許せるwww

  6. dislike , seriously ?

  7. Absorbent Products Ltd.

    Wake up, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!
    #fathersday #dogs

  8. oh my god! I’m dying here

  9. That dog is patient

  10. this is so cute im gonna cry

  11. “u okay there buddy?” “human move”

  12. “Hey…. Hey…… Hey….. Hey… Hey…. Hey. Lets go….”

  13. What kind of puppy is Lexi? Shes gorgeous! <3

  14. I want to make a fur coat with it!

  15. 아빠의 잠을 깨우는 강아지 !

  16. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    What a beautiful,gentle dog!I just had to subscribe!

  17. BUNA DIMINEATA! Ce poate fi mai plăcut decât să fii trezit cu atâta
    delicateţe de animalul tău de companie în fiecare dimineaţă? Deşi stăpânul
    încearcă din răsputeri să doarmă mai mult, se pare că nu poate rezista
    drăgălăşeniei acestui patruped alb ca zăpada.

  18. That is so sweet

  19. That motherfucker is huge

  20. She is so cute!!! She looks at a cloud!!!!!

  21. daisy_the _fabtastic


  22. I wish I have one of this! 

  23. Aww that’s adorable.

  24. もふもふやん ばりかわいい

  25. I want one

  26. This is what my Jax does every morning. I luv your videos. They always make
    me feel so good.

  27. Lol. My cat gets inches from my face and meows to wake me up. Cute vid.

  28. ?????

  29. Karmaziniosz Trokimantor

    this is so cute and the dog

  30. Karmaziniosz Trokimantor


  31. I’d rather be woken up by her then a loud alarm clock. She’s so cute. <3

  32. とても可愛いです!さすがサモエド‼︎

  33. Aaaaaaaaw! I will name him squishy! And he will be mine! And he will be my

  34. wow so cute and adorable lexi..

  35. wow so cute and adorable lexi..

  36. I’m gonna cry now.. so cute…so lovely… Can i cry?

  37. She is sooooo cute! :)

  38. Gorgeous dog!!

  39. やばい!

  40. Tim Schweizer (C1NEMAGIC)

    Wow! What kind of heavenly majestic creature is this? =)

  41. If this ant my dog “candy” she wakes me up every morning, just like that.
    In the bed. Smelling. Touching. Pushing. Bite my hair. Licking my noise. I
    say “candy girl” goooo onnnn. She bark and start pulling sheets then. Smh
    every morning.

  42. onakaitaikedoganable


  43. “are you alive hooman?” -lexi, probably

  44. That is so cute!! ?

  45. I cloud cuddle that all day.

  46. It’s like ‘come on then. Oi! What’s the matter with you? Sleepy time’s
    over. Play time now.’ So adorable. Such a sweet, gentle dog & so beautiful.

  47. “OMG this is too funny im cracking up watching this ! LOL!

  48. the dog is like: dude what the fuck?! You know what time it is? Get up! I
    have tons of things to do today 😀 lol

  49. 狗鼻子冰涼涼的,用來叫人起床超好用,一貼到臉上就醒了…

  50. Dogs demand attention,it’s only fair to give them attention.You gain by
    getting the sweetest companion in a lifetime.(Even though I can’t really
    say that because I don’t have a dog)

  51. Complete opposite of my dog at home. He’ll put his face on the bed and
    breathe loudly at me until I wake up.

  52. Human we must walk *kiss human we must walk *kiss. You will walk me human
    and love me *hand on face*

  53. lexi <3

  54. she is very beautiful

  55. So so so cute !!

  56. SO CUTE!!!~ ^0^/~~*

  57. I need one

  58. Wow, she looked at the camera like a human

  59. Omggggg how cute

  60. Lexi made me realize there’s a heaven on earth!

  61. cute lovely~♥♥

  62. むやみに吠えて起こしたりしないのがすごいな

  63. C’mon human…I command you with my canine cuteness to wake up!!!!

  64. wakeupdaddywakeupdaddywakeupdaddy

  65. It’s like a giant Pomeranian/Keeshond.

  66. all i can saybeautifull dog

  67. Akamaru!

    Kiba, I found him!

  68. Cuteevill robloxlovers

    soo verrry cute ^^

  69. My german sheppard is just jumping on me, and put his nose to my face…

  70. What’s wrong with your mic? All that static noise is horrendous

  71. Paw in face lol same thing happens to
    me with my husky Bo lol

  72. if i woke up and i saw that i would thought that i’m being attacked by a
    lion/polar bear hybrid

  73. it so cute

  74. ‘oi. oi. oi oi. oi. oi. OI. oi.’

  75. ㅋㅋㅋ

  76. michaelnguyen2005


  77. I wish that the other Lexi would wake me up in the morning. If you know
    what I mean

  78. ???

  79. ‫עטרה גלינסקי‬‎

    כמה שזה חמוד שעון מעורר אנושי אהבתי מאודג עטרה

  80. (Inside Lexi’s mind): Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Come feed me. Dad. Dad.

  81. SO CUTE!

  82. 幸せを感じます❤️

  83. She’s so

  84. Alexander Sarmiento

    Lexi the Samoyed vs Phoebe the Samoyed (of the Samoyed hug videos): Who’d

  85. Ahhh! WHY is this the first time I’ve seen this?!! So fkn CUTE !!!

  86. 「ねえ、パパ〜、起きてよ〜。散歩行こう。パパ〜。ほんとは目覚めてるんでしょ?」って感じでしょうか?(笑)

  87. Hahaha…lol
    Ur dog just acts like my white pomerian

  88. Awww what a total FLOOF!

  89. legalosmumakilslayer

    this dog is a 5/7

  90. I grew up with Samoyeds (dogs not the people) Samoyeds are the best ever. I
    miss my second mama her name was Dama

  91. On the top (not #1 but still) on Reddit!

  92. I will ride it to battle

  93. ЭТО ЖЕ САМОЕД!!! милаш :)

  94. “Pardon me human, I have to use the outside” – Dog probably

  95. What a gorgeous, fluffy dog!

  96. My cat does the same thing…. but with claws….. in my face…..

  97. Dog’s polite way of saying, “Get the hell out of bed and feed me. Pronto!”

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