Life with cats

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One nice thing about the Canary security is you catch little gems like this.

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  1. My cat has done similar things. Not that big of a deal.

  2. This song is called something other than “Darude Sandstorm.”

  3. Wash thoroughly and cook! Screw it.

  4. The most genuine “What the fuck!” I ever heard.

  5. Fucking priceless. Toss that shit in the oven and cook the germs away!

  6. My reaction is exact the same.

  7. This is why I hate cats

  8. If only he had “paw”sed the camera just then….

  9. That face doe

  10. Вирусная реклама new yorker полюбому

  11. Adzam Abdul Wahab

    does anyone know what song this is?

  12. Lesson learned. Should’ve got a dog

  13. Kamikaze…

  14. Orion Entertainment

    Haaaaa ha ha ha ha!

  15. RIP chicken dinner

  16. Hahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  17. Now it has pussy taste
    : D

    Sorry had to do it :D

  18. How to be famous on youtube
    Step 1. Put a comment on a popular video
    Step 2. Get 100 likes
    Step 3. Record a video of your cat

  19. LOL This is why I love black cats!

  20. Akumautsukelipingakumintadis

  21. ηλιας βασιλακος

    fuckin cats

  22. Why does he care? I mean his kitchen is probably full of hair. He lets his
    cat walking above his dishes , fridge and counters.

  23. That’s what you get for being a faggot owning a cat. 

  24. what really happened :
    he woke up, found the cat on top, grabbed camera, placed in corner, acted
    like he didn’t see his cat, ( normal day ) 0:13 ” still pretending he
    didn’t see the cat ” ok, np…
    cat jumped ( like the olympics ). got annoyed, posted to share with
    everyone as “Life with cats” tho, it’s only one cat.

    oh wait, it’s a security camera…?
    keep scrolling, nothing to see.

  25. That moment you realize cats are the scum of the earth and fuck
    cats…..FUCK CATS!!!

  26. I bet he ate it! 

  27. lynx318therealone

    Whether this is exploited by Canary or not, still makes me laugh every time
    I see it. No way you could force a cat to do that.

  28. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan)

    Nice video! :)

  29. What kind of narcissistic psychopath films himself while cooking a meal????

  30. Dogs are better 

  31. Ha! You can actually see the guy progress through the 5 stages of grief
    over losing his meal! 

  32. this is why dogs are better than cats

  33. Nobody even questioned why and how he filmed this? He was filming himself
    making food in a weird angle where we can clearly see the cat jump. His
    other videos doesn’t show similar things like this. 

  34. wendysnutsgoinyoass

    Id bash tht cat with no foregiveness for tht dumb shit no mercy

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  36. Did the cat setup the camera

  37. Oh shut up! …It’s just a pussy! we all love pussy right guys? :p

  38. ههههههه
    كان ودي بقطوة بس هونت ?

  39. I just dont have the patience for life bullshit luck anymore. What a
    trooper, if it was me something material was going to be broken.

  40. Sylwia Gostkowska

    Skąd ja to znam….;-)

  41. Therealllil_Ninja


  42. never mind…

  43. Next time you give your cat food stamp on it ??

  44. Nothing wrong with a few cat hairs in your food it won’t kill you, lol

  45. Meh, rinse it off and cook it. No worse than dropping it on the floor.

  46. Andd he cuts the cat and eats it.. 

  47. And this is why I will never own a cat

  48. That shows how stupid and annoying cats are.

  49. yea, but that’s your own fault for letting your cat in your kitchen and on
    your cupboards…

  50. ‫غالب القحطاني ‬‎

    Good luck man good luck ??

  51. Who records themselves cooking in the kitchen. This doesn’t seem staged or

  52. He put it in the same spot the cat is usually get down from…

  53. Cristian Gonzales

    is anyone else questioning why there was a hidden camera recording at that

  54. That’s why you get a dog

  55. Omg his reCtion??

  56. Left my Hawaiian chicken dinner on the counter. Came back and my cat was
    happily chowing down. She was, or so I thought, trained not to get up on
    the counter. Oh well.

  57. Then you gotta make the choice, do you pick out as much cat hair as
    possible, or hope that it’ll all burn up when you cook it and still risk

  58. When I was 6 my cat vomited in my lunch bag without me noticing and I
    brought cat vomit for lunch.

  59. Cats are pets best owned buy people with lots of patience for curious,
    destructive, and often aggressive behavior.

  60. Do life with dogs

  61. AnimeShippuudenSub

    I didnt get why he Recorded this. I mean i dont think he just Recorded
    himself Random doing thinks. Maybe the Cat did it Already before.

  62. Microwave it for 5min u’ll be fine.

  63. i fuckin hate cates

  64. Luis Diaz (ASAPlueiii69)

    Just throw your cat in the wood chipper like I did.

  65. Your cat is always up there. This shit was staged as a mofo. Great job
    convincing the idiots.

  66. F yo chicken…

  67. Simple, dirty, one-track, disloyal creatures. Ugh. Disgusting… oh, I hate
    cats, too.

  68. What a purrr-fect leap!

  69. Kill all cats.

  70. That pussy got its paws wet!

  71. Then Better not feed that sorry ass animal.

  72. that sounds like the sims music

  73. #i #hate #it #when #people #use #too #many #hashtags #like

  74. Would have skinned that cat. Then put it in his next meal

  75. that has to be the most honest WHAT THE FUCK

  76. Did the cat take the food?

  77. Just a camera filming 24/7 in the corner of the room

  78. Does.he just casually record his kitchen wtf lmao

  79. Made with Imovie

  80. OK……LMAO!!!!!!!!

  81. Love Cats, so fluffy,once you hold them it’s hard to let go.

  82. I would make my dinner out of that cat if he would screw up my dinner.

  83. he re-discover gravity!!

  84. epic cat

  85. Gabrielle Marin (YoshiLikesCandy)

    The last few moments was the intense debate going on in his head to still
    eat it or not.

  86. whats the name of the soundtrack

  87. That was intentional I hope you know that. Cats are like that you do
    something to make them mad and they will get back at you lol So funny

  88. Trooperandcooper Ale

    Everything tastes chicken. mmm cat too.

  89. This is an ad for Canary, whatever the fuck that is. This is unethical
    adverting because they did not make it explicit that it was an ad. I am not
    even going to investigate who Canary are. Never heard of them, and never
    will. Had I known this was an ad, I might’ve been interested to find out
    who they are. Boycott 🙂 Fuck you Canary and whatever shitty product you
    are trying to sling.

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