Liger: Half Lion Half Tiger Video

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Liger: Half Lion Half Tiger Video

Hercules the Liger is half lion and half tiger and is vying for the title of world’s biggest cat – weighing in at 900 lbs and topping ten feet tall. He’s called a LIger because he is half lion and half tiger. His father is a lion and his mother is a tiger. Watch the video to see Hercules the Liger in action, with liger pictures, Hercules the liger playing and Hercules the liger jumping up to really show the huge size of the world’s biggest cat.


  1. its as calm as a lion, strong as a tiger!!


  3. napoleon whats ur favorite animal?

  4. It would never survive in freedom.
    It has too much weight to run fast, so it cant hunt.

  5. Why’s she sitting on his back? 

  6. next up, we mate a brown bear and a black bear :O

  7. Dang this was 2006

  8. I’m glad they had the 900 lbs kitty on a leash so he can’t get away! Are
    these people still alive?

  9. Napoleon Dynamite would want it as a pet.

  10. I would ride the liger into battle if presented with the opportunity.

  11. your fucking crazy

  12. That liger is amazing can I take it home

  13. Dominique DeJonette (NerdNation)

    Aha, this gives a new definition of tiger mom.

  14. Wow that is huge! My friends weren’t…LION! Thank you I’ll be here all
    week, I enjoy tens an twenties.

  15. Now mate it with a polar bear or grizzly. And then mate their child with a
    great white.

  16. slim figure? thats the fattest animal i’ve seen 

  17. That’s a whole Lotta PUSS!!!!

  18. That monkey.. so cute. The liger is obviously beautiful.

  19. Wow… so beutiful..

  20. HA! My house cat still ways more than a Liger! 2376 pounds. 

  21. oh really 900 pound and 12 feet tall well my chiwawa is 9 pound and 3 feet
    tall what u gatta say bout that

  22. he is beautiful o.o

  23. The_Boss_Tiger Productions


  24. Zachary Matthew James

    Hercules again? What, is he the only liger in the world? Fucker’s
    everywhere! I’ve even seen him with my own eyes at a big cat show in East
    Bumfuck, Massachusetts!

  25. Now there are white liger cubs, children of a white lion and a white tiger.
    Search it on google they’re really cool.

  26. Huge! But still very cute! <3 :)

  27. click on my channel to watch my video on a Tion. Half tiger half lion

  28. The lion half tiger is so cute

  29. like if ur watching this 10 years after

  30. Breding animals that qouldnt do that in the wild is just wrong but hurcleas
    is gorgeous

  31. I wanna see humanbearpig!

  32. 2nd name is lier

  33. Are there seriously no comments about Napoleon Dynamite? “My favourite
    animal is a liger. It’s basically half lion, half tiger.” Anyone? Really?

    Napoleon Dynamite is life….

  34. luis gustavo honorio de barros


  35. Has sience gone too far?

  36. That guy for 2a defend the constitution

    That’s a big “pussy”.

  37. Minecraft Lover4281

    thats like the tallest animal i’ve seen besides a girrafe

  38. Napoleon Dynamite anyone?

  39. It’s ugly. I hate it. It’s just a tiger with spots.

  40. Nepolean Dynamite

  41. There is no such thing- they have just forced the lion and tiger to cross
    This is happening far too much and only 1/100 of the offspring survive
    this- even then, they only live 1/3 of the life of a lion or tiger.
    Animal cruelty.

  42. SadieBear the Steeler Fan Heiress

    What a beautiful creature.

  43. Nice video i love animals but i would ride it to show suppority

  44. I would like to what a bear and a liger would make

  45. Napolion dynomite

  46. another killing machine! great

  47. DESTINE2beMoreThaN

    20 pounds of food per day? Are u kidding me? What are you trying to starve
    him to death?

  48. Vote for Pedro

  49. you can ride it to battle

  50. Lester The Molester

    don’t think her house is gonna get robbed any time soon…

  51. That chimp with him is more dangerous than the liger lol


  53. lonewerewolf neonbluemoon


  54. wee wee wee

  55. Goddamn hippies, those animals belong in the wild. Specially that idiot
    sitting on him, who sits on a tiger or in this case liger.


  57. Jag vill dela

  58. James Wright (Wolfpack)

    Who else though the audio messed up

  59. Im going to go to these grazy people and let the animals free because white
    people always have to dominate some one or thing these animals should not
    be there

  60. Gardenia Carbajal

    Impresionante. Bellos animales. Tenemos tnto que aprender de ellos. Los

  61. Marianne Darragh

    Napoleon Dynamite yeah. Now for my negative comment. She needs to get her
    bony ass off this beautiful animal. 

  62. A liger

  63. How was this uploaded in 2006 when youtube was made in 2007?

  64. It’s so beautiful. omg

  65. Jordan Lavender


  66. Jordan Lavender

    theres parents have some talking to do

  67. This is really dangerous

  68. This is what humans do to nature. Fucking pathetic, I can only imagine how
    much they love making money off of this abomination.

  69. That shit is HUGE

  70. In captivity?

  71. VibratoryExistence

    Goooooooooooood kitty. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice kitty.

  72. this should have been in HD tho d content is amazing

  73. Karissa Ziefflie

    0:50 “..He can eat about 20 pounds a day!” *lifts monkey friend*

  74. That tigers they hours away from me 🙂 it’s in South Carolina 

  75. Kermit The Outlaw

    So Cute!!!

  76. I was like something months old when this happens I want a polar bear they
    look so cute and cudly

  77. Liger: Pretty much my favorite animal

  78. HOLY SHIT thats a big liger XD my best friend is a crocodile ;)

  79. Benjamin Webb (2018)

    How the hell did they get those two to do it

  80. It doesn’t even know how to hunt it ain’t wild, it’s useless. 

  81. OMG…COOL 

  82. Jerissa Martinez

    That thing is huge!!! I would hyperventilate and pass out. If I was that
    close to it.

  83. Bear v liger go

  84. World .Amazement

    So very slim and trim

  85. Oh no, don’t worry, I wasn’t gonna read that anyways.

  86. How bout called it Tion instead of Liger? ^^

  87. The Liger. a new type of breed 

  88. Any one else Notice how messed up that poor chimp was?

  89. If i saw that (and it was tamed and nice) i would ride it to my school and
    be leik *SUP BITCHZZZZ!!!!!*

  90. couldn’t stop looking at that monkey xD

  91. 0:53 Majestic as fuck

  92. that is so cool and amazing

  93. Sweet they finally found HEMAN’S BATTLE CAT….now this is a cat worth

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