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BUB successfully stalks and catches her food in the wild. GOOD JOB BUB.


  1. Lil Bub your the best. My Sphynx and i love your videos.

  2. Lil Bub, you’re so fierce! Good job, BUB! <3

  3. I’m just gonna throw it out there, anyone else scrolled through all the
    comments to see if there are haters?

  4. I love Lil’s walk!!!

  5. Ausgesetzt in der Wildnis mit Lil BUB

  6. Is there a big bub?

  7. You know very well that this mutant couldn’t hunt for shit, even if it’s
    life depended on it.

  8. I love you BUB!!!

  9. Bub is so precious, I think she deserved “catching” that canned cat food

  10. what song is this? sorry for the stupid question

  11. Lol that was awesome I love BUB

  12. I love you Lil bub

  13. Good job, BUB.

  14. good job Bub . Merry Christmas and happy new year Bub

  15. Bub I got your stuffed animal yesterday and I’ve been brining it every
    where I go

  16. This song sounds like would be in a game. You guys should make like game
    author bubs in it. That would be awesome haha.

  17. i <3 lilbub


  19. Bub is a good stalker!!! I LOVE

  20. BUB is so cute omg

  21. Good Job Bub! Merry Christmas!

  22. That can never stood a chance.

  23. *MIGHTY HUNTER BUB! GOOD job, BUB!* <3

  24. Just a quick thing, I was told not to let cats eat out of a can in case of
    sharp edges, but that’s besides the point.

  25. Natália Silvestre Soares

    Lil bub is so cute!I wanted to know it!


  27. Good work Bub!!
    Hope you & your dude have a great Christmas!!!

  28. I love all Bub’s video’s awesome little cat makes my heart smile

  29. To BUB.

    I hope to live a healthy and happy long long time.

    And in honor of the guardian.

  30. Do you people not realize that this cat has downs syndrome?

  31. O——M——G!!!!!

    That Cat is soooo freakin CUTE!!!!!
    I love Bub!
    the tongue thing…the stubby legs. shes soooooo adorable!
    Can I have her!!?!?!?!?

  32. What an ugly cat you have,also is the stupidest video I have watched on

  33. Wild canned food everywhere is quaking in fear of its impending doom.

  34. 0:14 Rip Headphone users

  35. this is a really cute video and cat!!! You got a new sub!

  36. I subbed jsut cause this cute kitty

  37. 可愛い……

  38. Yay! another episode of the retard cat!!! dee da dee da dee retard da dee
    da dee da bubs! Dee ta dee ta dee! retarded!!!

  39. Subscribe? To watch a cat eat cat food?

  40. Cat wins fatality

  41. bub is one of the best cats in the world! :D

  42. I bet this cat bites its tongue more than any other animal in history

  43. omg what kind of cat us that its so adorable

  44. It’s a cat with its tongue out like a dog. What is this sorcery?

  45. That cats adorable

  46. He acts like a puppy lol

  47. Christopher Hickman

    Pug cat.

  48. man I love this ? and is she a kitten? or full grown?

  49. Humans are hunters and gathers. We hunt and gather at the grocery store.

  50. Bubs is cute and all, but please people keep your rats indoors. They breed
    like rabbits.

  51. Ricardo the cool boy

    hahaha wtf SBUBSCRIBE????

  52. How the hell did I wind up here and watch this garbage?

  53. In being serious, does bubs have some sort of illness?

  54. I wanna see bub in a subway.

  55. Apex predator.

  56. This video is popular because the cat is ugly right?

  57. I love that background music. It sounds like the perfect music for an
    adorable cat from outer-space.

  58. Bub is an adorable cat, I like bub.
    And bub is a curious little cat, And I like that about her! :D

  59. so cute

  60. this channel is basicly video’s of a retarded (not ment mean but can’t make
    it sound better) cat

  61. Can your next vid be, Lil Bub vs. Potato: The I.Q. Challenge? To prove once
    and for all Bub is twice as smart as a potato.

  62. So cute!!!??

  63. your cat is so cute!

  64. She is so cute!!!!!!!!! I have a cat too, we just love to cuddle <3

  65. thats one retarded looking cat lol

  66. This cat mom’s was rapped by dog

  67. Mrs.Becky TheAwesome

    He IS okay right? P.s. SO cute!

  68. Worst hunting ever

  69. Tongue hanging out is not normal, I think.
    My cat started hanging out her tongue, and soon we found out she had an
    infected tooth.
    Lil Bub is a beauty. Has he been seen by a Vet recently?

  70. Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala

    What is this, derp cat? Why is it sticking it’s tongue out like that?

  71. 真救世主(真戦士)

    I support Bub!

  72. So, is the goal eventually to have a cat that is like the dog in “Never
    Ending Story”. Like a harry snake but with a cat head?

  73. why the fuq his tongue is always out as an @sshole?!! what a moron bitchy

  74. 0:38, SBUBCRIBE ??

  75. go bub. u da mann

  76. KittensandMichaelClifford

    I just want to snuggle her.

  77. he so cute

  78. This cat is always high lol

  79. BUB is doing so much better.

  80. um… this is an inbreed cat! such a sad disgrace. so fucking ugly and
    disabled. look at this poor cat. it cant even walk right. this should be
    frowned upon. who else notices this is not okay. who keeps breeding these
    poor cats? they should be fined for animal cruelty!!!!

  81. Gary Lee Caruthers

    Lil Bub should run as a 3rd party in the coming presidential election in
    the USA.

  82. What kind of anal sacrifice do I need to commit to get a cat of this bred?

  83. Oh no they aren’t writing the end message of Bub thinks you should adopt,
    neuter and spay :(

  84. Awesome.

  85. Que bello ^-^

  86. Good job, Lil’ Bubelah. =3

  87. Not that I have a problem, but is there something wrong with the cat? The
    tongue is sticking out in an odd way…

  88. McEnderMites Gaming

    The FACE ?

  89. Why is her tongue like that?

  90. Good job bub

  91. I want it

  92. Bub is so adorable

  93. Great job Bub you are so awesome and a miracle from God

  94. Love Bub

  95. she’s so cute and the music is funny ?

  96. Good job enriching her life! Usually with cats I’d say their “natural
    environment” is on the fringes of human settlements (like feral cats.
    Natural doesn’t always mean better) there are some breeds we’ve changed too
    much to release (like Corgis). For Bub, she’d have died as a kitten in the
    wild. Bub’s “natural environment” is in your lap or the arms of the family
    who bottle fed her until she was strong enough to be found by her person.

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