Lil BUB’s Big SHOW Episode 13: Michelle Obama

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SUPRISE! It’s another episode of Lil BUB’s Big SHOW featuring The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

BUB decides to bring the show back specifically to prank The White House, and to her surprise, Mrs Obama answers the phone and presents her with a #GimmeFive challenge. Naturally, BUB’s prepared as ever, and even gives her SIX ways (one for each of her toes) that she stays in shape.



  1. I wanna watch Grumpy cat vs Bub in IMAX.

  2. im supposed to be doing home work

  3. Holy shit Michelle Obama really is a transvestite male I didn’t realize it
    b4 now

  4. So cute :)

  5. It’s so good to see Bub continue her Big Show and with Michelle Obama, no
    less. First Lady of the internet meets First Lady of the White House.

  6. Michael is a tranny. Barry and Michael had Joan River’s killed for telling
    the truth about these apes.

  7. The queen of the white house!

  8. HardlineFeminists

    Michelle Obama is so YESTERDAY!! Hillary Clinton for President 2016!!
    When WOMEN rule the world, PEACE & PROSPERITY HAPPENS.

  9. #GimmeFibe

  10. ANYTHING Lil Bub does is downright adorable !

  11. Other than that skank michelle obama, it was a cute video.

  12. You all care to watch this? YOU ALL will go to hell with this homosexual
    you call a woman and its partner, the beast! damn all of you who dare to
    waste time watching this, no mercy for you, all shall be and are damned
    forever !

  13. The noise the cat makes is adorable.

  14. Could you guys check out my new Vlog please

  15. So much exercise-y sweetness…and our FLOTUS looked gorgeous, as always.
    An excellent interview once again, Lil BUB-e-kins (you’re sooo cute)…!

  16. I worry about Bubs tongue, I hope hes ok. Why is it like that and is he ok?

  17. #gimme five

  18. Chimpelle could loose some LBs herself.

  19. Don’t blame Bub. Cats really don’t know about gov.

  20. Oh my ♥ I really want to hug that kitty

  21. wtf obama an mishel become chiper than prostitute

  22. making money off retarded cats now? cool world we live in.

  23. Stevan Cavalcanti

    awww precious bub ur so cute i love u so much adorable *big happy snuggles
    for u cutie pie* :3

  24. lil bub is a very cute cat. :)

  25. It’s pretty cruel allowing an obvious vegetable to go on living like that. 

  26. Emanuele Montalto

    I love cat!!!!!
    (sono Italiano)

  27. LOVE Lil’ Bub, but can’t stand his guest this week.

  28. Ok now the cats legs are super weird

  29. AnnBearForFreedom

    Golly, Bub! Youre moving up on the social ladder, The First Lady! I’m
    sure she knows how popular and influential your show is. You did a good
    job passing on the message that physical activity is important. Good job,
    Bub, and welcome back!

  30. Today is my cats birthday

  31. power eating is my favorite

  32. PebblezDaFluxyGal

    Don’t scroll down. It’s full of hate down there.

  33. César Oswaldo Montoya Aguilar

    her real name is michael and he is a TRANNY

  34. AY que cosita :3

  35. My tongue hangs out every time I see Michelle Obama . I want to suck her

  36. I know I will never meet Lil’ Bub, but I will imagine Bub is probably the
    most famous magical cat I will ever see. And I will salute her any day,
    now. #gimmefive

  37. Watching Bub overcome his physical challenges is an inspiration to us all!
    Go Bub!! :)

  38. William Braudis

    MACSHIT obam can go back picking up tricks for a living

  39. TheWhocaresusername

    I squealed. Another Lil Bub’s Big Show. How awesome 🙂 Great job Bub

  40. ~ Catwoman121212~

    meow meow !!!!


  42. Can someone tell me why is the cat’s tongue out all the time ?

  43. He sounds like a pokemon! It’s so cute!!

  44. AwesomeDesertTortoises


  45. I LOVE lil bub!

  46. Jeniffer Alexis

    “I can give you six”!!! Oh Little Bub you are soooo sweet! ~ ♥ ~ And I love
    you so much! :-*

  47. The L.A. Show Real Estate TV

    screw anyone related to Obama, sorry bub

  48. The L.A. Show Real Estate TV

    Michelle Obozo eats organic yet pushes crappy GMO shite on kids in public

  49. It seems like the owner of Lil Bub is the only one that doesn’t just use
    the cat for the Internet and actually care about there cat. Grumpy cats
    owners seem like they don’t care about grumpy and just use her for the
    Internet. Lil Bubs owner cares for her. Good man.

  50. #GimmeFive :$

  51. 1:54 HAHAHAHAAA *The kid laughed like a hyena in the back ground*

  52. Lísa Björk Ingólfsdóttir

    omg lil bub ur FAMUS and i love ur tung sticking out and big eyes :DDDD


  54. Bub I love ur work I want u so much ur to cute for words

  55. Kawiii Female Toy Bonnie

    Awww so cute #Gimmefive 

  56. #GivemeFive

  57. #GimmeFive

  58. Great message lil Bub! I have missed your shows.


  60. what channel is this show on

  61. Wow. This one really brought out the trolls. I personally thought it was
    pretty sweet and fairly benign. It’s a shame that Socks the Cat died before
    But could interview him.

  62. Impeach Obama !!!.

  63. Your the best cat BUB ?☺

  64. thats me

    hes swedish cousin

  65. I wonder how people dislike your vids Bub

  66. I love you Lil Bub

  67. Hello it’s me

  68. awww ;3

  69. Pampered Pet Sitting of Miami Beach

    I cannot believe The First Lady was on a show hosted by a kitty. That’s
    awesome! You go Bub!!!

  70. I love Bub :* :D

  71. #Gimmiefive

  72. I forgot that lil bub was from hometown Bloomington! I love Bloomington and
    hope to one day meet lil bub

  73. Don’t fucking bring politics into your cat affairs. Especially not shitty
    politics that no one in the world supports and are driving the country into
    the ground.

  74. #Gimme-five

  75. What was the song at 1:18 ?

  76. Space ghost coast to coast much?

  77. Gimme5

  78. 01:55 I’M AWAKE!

  79. Yay Lil Bub got to interview The First Lady. Good job Bub.

  80. Americans are so weird.

  81. A Monkey on the desk would be more appropriate….

  82. Ann shut up hole

  83. I sububscribed

  84. lil bub – prank calling obama (gone sexual) (gone wrong) allmost got aids.
    bub is the cuest cat ever btw.

  85. I can’t get enough of this cute cat?

  86. Wtf did I just stumble onto.

    This is why I quit cable. Shit like this is what makes the internet, wait
    for it, LEGENDARY

  87. Apparently has nothing better than to do in that White House.

  88. Alieu Jallow (predator x)


  89. Wow, Lil Bub, great moves, keep it up, proud of you.

  90. That was the cutest thing ever!! I love you lil bub !!!!??

  91. Christopher Gagliardi

    Get President Obama to meet Lil Bub, it would be sooo cool 🙂 !!!

  92. Omg I live in Indiana !!!

  93. Even the first lady Michelle Obama, loves Bubb……and so do we…. truly
    loved this video…thank you

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