Lion and Cute Sausage Dog At Feeding Time

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A sausage dog whose friendship with a lion made him an internet star is now showing he’s the boss. Milo the sausage dog and Bonedigger the lion became a You Tube hit after their bizarre bond was revealed. Now staff at GW Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, revealed the tiny dog appears to be pride leader, and even chases pal Bonedigger to steal his food. Seven-year old Milo and five-year-old Bonedigger were filmed by an employee at feeding time, squabbling over some steak. At first Milo is seen patiently waiting beside the lion as Bonedigger tucks into his daily meal of raw steak. But when Bonedigger pauses to try to play with Milo, the little dog snaps at the 500lbs lion and and chases him away. After claiming the steak for himself, Milo grabs a piece and pulls it in into the den, so he can eat the lion’s share.


  1. That isnt my goal I just thought thats cool why do you have to make a big
    deal out of it? Well this time Im really leaving I just felt the need to
    reply to your comment because its so stupid. And stop using quotes there
    not good comebacks and are very annoying. And because this whole
    conversation has been about maturity and a smartass like you I feell like i
    need to say something about the video its very cute and absolouteely
    adorable! Bai now!

  2. It’s like putting a peperoni off a pizza in your mouth and not biting it.

  3. 自宅で飼ってるの?

  4. pokemariofan123

    that was cute!

  5. sausage dog is king of the jungle

  6. John lost his legs as a professional bungee jumper, he was in a terrible
    accident testing a friend’s new jump. This lion grew up with these dogs and
    their caretaker, John and are inseparable.

  7. He is only 3 years old

  8. i thought lion was gona eat hot “dogs” lol JK!

  9. The lion has a case of down syndrome, and the dogs take care of him.

  10. TheGamingAffiliate

    Why? 0:00 1:17, the whole thing is CUTE 😀

  11. The towns name is pronounced “Winnywood”

  12. one of these days those dogs will become a meal to that lion.

  13. Im sure one day when the owners forget to feed that Lion, one of those dogs
    will be missing.

  14. Little dog with a Big personality xD

  15. Its Barbary Lion. Largest and heaviest subspecies of Lion. Extinct in wild.
    Few can been located in zoos and circus populations.

  16. AWESOME! I hope the carer didn’t lose both his legs to the lion. 🙁 ~South

  17. Typical dachshund. The description for this dog doesn’t say little dog with
    heart of a lion, for nothing . Mine acts the same way.

  18. Like’s

  19. Animals are not violent. Humans are. Think about it……

  20. this is not end nice….

  21. For a moment i think that sausage dog were inside the lion stomach … Not
    playing with it @@!!??


  23. Gsuprise the lion didnt eat the dog

  24. fucking hippie

  25. yup i noticed how thick and wide boned that lion is , its amazing i have
    never seen one before ^^

  26. Milo is the ultimate lesson in that size doesn’t matter…

  27. Is that guy feeding them a robot??? Wtf

  28. i love the way when he has the steak in his mouth and walks away his heads
    in the air

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  30. I know this is crazy but I wonder if they ever tried riding on the lion

  31. The lion is small?

  32. that’s so cute

  33. pause it at 0:16 and then look at the name of the video.

  34. I think the Male lion just sees the dogs as cubs.

  35. This story isn’t going to end well.

  36. “what did you have for lunch today?”. “Had some really good sausage dog”.

  37. yeah bet ya bacrofttv won’t publish when the sausage dog gets eaten as
    always tricky media!

  38. woohoo yay aminal frenship!!!

  39. You have BOTH top comments…

  40. cute

  41. You aren’t mature. You’re continuing to comment and calling names. I
    honestly think first comment isn’t a big deal. You need to grow up and not
    get flustered over a sarcastic comment that doesn’t even remotely involve

  42. That was 3 weeks ago and of course im going to keep commenting what I think
    because his comments were to stupid to leave without a reply and I know
    calling names is bad Im trying to stop that but sometimes I cant help but
    call idiots names ….. but it doesnt matter if it doesnt involve me it
    involved a moron insulting a person that did absoloutely nothing plus you
    just got involved which is going to create even more drama -.- thanks -.-


    heheh so cute

  44. Yeah, dachshunds will do that. They are basically like sausages with legs,
    big yaps and giant brass balls…

  45. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Mufasa x2 the size lol

  47. what they failed to mention is that that’s Milo No.7. (just kidding)

  48. Male lions will sometimes actually kill the cubs if they take over a pride
    and the lioness has cubs. Its because they can’t reproduce until the cubs
    are grown which takes about 2 years. The males can’t wait because they
    usually only hold the pride for about 2-3 years.

  49. It’s Milo and Otis gone Disney

  50. When i grow up im buying a lion will try my best to save up

  51. Lol fucking tini Milo has some huge small dog balls.

  52. LOOL omg the dog looks like a poor dusty next to da big lion daddy ^^

  53. Well since they were the 1st comment then odds are there was barely any
    views at that point

  54. So what NOW there is 50,000 views and I think that is pretty cool. Don’t
    start a fight.

  55. Their called dachshunds

  56. But I don’t see any females to bring back into season there.

  57. I had a weenie dog named Milo… O

  58. no they’re sausage dogs

  59. So a domestic 15 lbs mini dog takes a big slice of raw meat into a lions
    cage to eat it. While his 300 lbs lion friend waits outside. =))

  60. Teemo Vs Rengar!

  61. One day…that lion will snap

  62. Sooooooooooooooooooooo cute I love it

  63. I have a dog called cookie and she is so cute I love her

  64. my dog’s called cookie to…

  65. Little Red Hen Videos - Dalston

    This dog should do a “One Second Everyday Dog Edition” like Pavel’s the
    Sausages. That would be ace.

  66. Love that video. classic.

  67. aren’t those wired hair duchshounds?

  68. Very Unique Combination of a Lion and a Dog

  69. I love milo

  70. the dog goes: THATS A BAD MR: KITTY (cartman voice)

  71. Lions are just big farm cats. :p

  72. milo is the boss i like him

  73. Our dachshund loves to clean the teeth of larger dogs.

  74. Love it! I have a Doxie who thinks she could take on a lion. I have to keep
    on dragging her back to the real world. These dogs are sooo awesome.

  75. Endeavour Deandre

    The dog could be eaten by mistake :)))

  76. Shibuiul Chidoria

    “лев и собака” или как-то так

  77. Lion looks over at the sausage dog and says, hey, have we got any

  78. Wow… what an unsafe place to have a Lion. The lion could escape easily
    jumping over building… so scary.

  79. manuela redding

    amazing love between lion and little dogs

  80. That does not look like a friendship :p looks like they are sick of each
    other, and the dog is trying to not be eaten by lion…

  81. It’s still a cat no matter what huh? But it’s so kawaii doe~!

  82. hopefully that lion doesnt lose all of his lion identity

  83. If a cat and dog can live beside each other. Why can’t we?

  84. I was expecting something else based on the title

  85. Holy shit! The dog has him in check. 

  86. he is too sleepy from eating all the time :P

  87. This wont end well

  88. We just got a chihuahua and our cat always plays with her, and the size
    difference is about the same as the lion and wiener dog but the lion plays
    just like my cat does XD

  89. must have been an older lion

  90. Size will matter when if that lion has nothing else to eat.

  91. Raymond .Hilling

    if he wanted too he would eat him like a sausage

  92. dog rules Lion funny

  93. Bumbayar bayasgalan

    fucking eat him

  94. moron HAS 48 THUMBS DOWN. no wonder the idiot stopped making videos, no one
    likes them.

  95. Joyxgirl Production

    OMG 0:21

  96. dude fuck the dog what happened to that guys legs

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