Lion, Tiger & Bulldog Buddies: Cute Animal Babies

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Lion, Tiger & Bulldog Buddies: Cute Animal Babies

A stubborn English bulldog has found true love – raising a lion and tiger as his own pups. Two-year-old Hugo eats, sleeps and even disciplines his adopted children Igor and Ice. The trio run riot around the house of 26-year-old Or Lazmi who works at Seaview Predator Park in Port Elizabeth, SA.


  1. Does she adopt humans? I wouldn’t mind playing with her; I wonder if she’d
    try doggy style.

  2. I love animals, but I clicked on this video to see her. No regrets.

  3. Screw the cats, I want her!!

  4. Cristian Mancillas

    Can bulldogs lock their jaws like pitbulls? 

  5. OMG! That Bulldog looks just like my bulldog!
    When I fist saw the ad on TV I thought wtf?!?! lol

  6. Persian and Arab women are the most beautiful in the world, imo

  7. 0:18 the lion cub is walking the bulldog
    im done !!!

  8. What is the name of this beautiful girl ? I need to marrie her ASAP !

  9. That dog will be their bitch when they get older.

  10. FerociousBeaner

    She should breast feed all three of them, that delicious human milk mhmmm

  11. bulldog will always remain senior even at 1/20th the size.

  12. Gameplay Cupcake

    I want a big cat now. THEY’RE SO CUTE AND OMF

  13. Emmanuel Rodriguez

    she can get it 4sho deeep inside them sugar walls -Hodgetwins

  14. Indeed…love the pets but she is just a gorgeous woman.

  15. WeylandYutaniInc

    6 months later….Bulldog is extinct!

  16. i love these animals

  17. Let me have one there so cute ?


  19. So kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii 

  20. Igors going to be the one who’ll rebel first

  21. is her name realy whore?.. :o..i wanna do some bonding with her.. damn

  22. cutest thing here is the girl :)

  23. Alright…how do I get one of these adorable fuckers…

  24. Animals are luckier then me because they can play with her boobs , whole
    video i was put on my eyes on her boobs ;)

  25. Lol! The tiger was walking the dog xD These animal relationships and
    human+animal relationships are so cute

  26. sailormoonserenity99

    ‘Leader of the pack, for now.’ That ‘for now’ has so much meaning

  27. 2 years later, cats eat the dog.

  28. Samson Lalu Matheus (Nasi)

    I want to a tiger an hunt her down

  29. Samson Lalu Matheus (Nasi)

    That chick is so hot ~> not her looks but her lifestyle makes me horny Zzz

  30. Samson Lalu Matheus (Nasi)

    Adoption is a great thing so help me out I need a mother .

  31. Reminds me of Amy Winehouse somehow …..

  32. I bet this bitch could suck a dick

  33. The tiger cub is gorgeous

  34. Domnix the cybercat

    oh ma gawd!!!! so freaking cute!!!!!!! I want a baby tiger even more
    now!?? ???????????????

  35. that bull’s gona be history a few months from now….and i’ll be the shadow
    for her to cry on….MY SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN ARE SO HOT though!!

  36. did you achle have theat to be your pet

  37. Where’s the update

  38. uuuuuuuh…nice ass baibey..

  39. Looks like Colleen ballinger in the thumbnail

  40. Bly Kikosewin Holden

    hey is will Will gravey

  41. That woman is from South Africa? She should be under arrest! For having
    homeless people live in my pants. Because they pitched a tent.

  42. Damn she fine asf

  43. I love you girl

  44. ????so beautiful

  45. Roblox King The Gamer

    I’m not roblox kin im his sister aww isn’t that cute I WANT them

  46. one day dog will be disappeared……

  47. Ol hugo is one ugly mofo.

  48. Damn she’s hot hehe

  49. liked the animals, loved the boobs

  50. I just want to SWEEEEEEEEZZZZZE them so soft,cute

  51. She’s so hot!!! Haha

  52. how am I supposed to concentrate on the animals when all im thinkin about
    is puuting my face in her snatch

  53. hey…protect tigers, they will extinct…save them from white prick
    hunters and asian scums!!!

  54. Can i take them all? (Including her)

  55. In a few decades human will domesticate even lions.

  56. the girl looks brazilian

  57. 0:18 THE LION IS WALKING HUGO! I’m done… :walks out:

  58. keep that stinking dog away from them

  59. This is the best example of America . Ever.

  60. she is beautiful

  61. go to hell for whos person click dislike…fuck you are, ugly idiot!

  62. horses trainer

  63. ill bang her .. anytime if I could,,,

  64. And this is how humans are gonna go extinct

  65. That seriously could be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And
    obviously she has a heart

  66. whats her real name tho

  67. Angel is back on track King

    I want a bangle tiger and a bulldog

  68. such a lovely tiger & lion cubs. cutest than elephant calf.

  69. Алина Старовойтова

    ooo oo

  70. That’s a freaking white tiger… Rare

  71. Y’all pervs?

  72. I am about to explode
    It’s too cute

  73. And you are jealous, because the last woman who was so affectionate with
    you at any given point of your life, was your mum.

  74. They are so cute

  75. The things about animals is that if your loyal with them and respectful
    they’ll be the same with you the bulldog and the lady will always be
    dominant in there eyes because thats who raised no matter how big or small
    you are you could be dominant

  76. She cute

  77. who else clicked because of the thumbnail

  78. 4 cute creatures in one video

  79. Those lucky Cubs….

  80. Just gotta love it how the narrator is like “They are cute now but once
    they grow older…”
    For fuck’s sake, cat is still a cat no matter the size. Age alone doesn’t
    make them extremely predatory and loads of stuff they do in the wild has
    been taught to them by their mother. That is why especially those two would
    good if ever survive in the wild.

  81. I want her to take my virginity

  82. Summary of the comments: She’s hot. I want her to take my virginity. Wonder
    if she can suck cock? I’d fuck her. Boobs. Oh wow boobs. More boobs. That
    ass though.

  83. where are your longer videos?

  84. She should get a bigger dog.

  85. Sperm in her punanny . yes please

  86. thats what i call a thugbull he gets all the men and ladies

  87. I would let her finger me (no homo)

  88. ugh… white tigers…. STOP BREEDING THEM.

  89. Damn she is banging!…the animal relationship was cool too.

  90. Three lovely Pussies.

  91. Animals make me happy in side

  92. What’t up. It’s A Masterpieci! aunt rambunctious What’s your opinion about
    this, gzys !

  93. 1:44 is that turtle????

  94. ‫رامي سعد‬‎


  95. she’s hot

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