Lion’s Roar at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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The male lion at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park decided to give a speech!

For those of you asking to license or purchase the video:

The video is free to use.
It was shot on the grounds of a not for profit nature conservatory; Selling the video seems a little unethical to me.
If you do use the video please mention the San Diego Zoo.

Best Regards,


  1. terrible cgi… nice try uploader

  2. Still nothing compared to alex the lion

  3. It sounds like he is crying. Agh I want to cry now!! 

  4. Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course
    in German means a whale’s vagina

  5. It sounds so funny, though i think i read somewhere that in tv and movies
    lion roars are actually tiger roars because real lion roars are usually on
    frequencies that are difficult to hear, i mean this would take some sound
    editing to sound nearly as impressive as we hear in the movies, but it’s
    still awesome

  6. Constipated. Too much meat. Needs vegetables.

  7. Sounds like it gave up 

  8. Lions roar the same way in Africa, he’s establishing territory. 

  9. He like “okay jobs done today. Ahhhhhh, time for a nap”

  10. To all of you wondering this Lion is perfectly happy and very thankful to
    his friends at the zoo for taking him out of the horrible jungle he was in.
    He hated being kicked in the face by zebras, he hated running 100 miles
    just to find water, he hated fighting for his life just to defend his land.
    He loves being in his new home where he is very safe, he even gets free
    dental. And yes he loves to see your smiling faces and wishes he could hug
    each and every one of you.
    The love he gets by his new friends at the zoo is more important to him
    than some stinky dry patch of dirt in some horrible place where he is
    always hungry, thirsty and in danger. How do I know? I was with him out
    their in the wild, we both agree it’s better where it’s safe, warm and full
    of love. Please come visit this Lion and others at your local zoo, there’s
    something they could teach you I have no doubt.

  11. MegaDragonslayer1997

    Free Simba. 

  12. Lol…..walks up……roars a few words….leaves.!! Just wanted to get
    that Off his Chest..!!

  13. yup, sounds like me when i wake up too

  14. I’m still king of the beast.

  15. I demand you release this majestic king of the forest back into the wild
    that is all

  16. It sounds sad

  17. Sounds like he´s asking for help! Poor lion!

  18. Awwww. Kitty kitty is upset. 

  19. alex the lion?

  20. Awe sad~. Cat lovers know this behavior–he’s lonely, sad & frustrated. ?

  21. That’s so sad 🙁 poor lion

  22. “Mercury is moving out of retrograde, you have survived. Enjoy and take
    cover. While your physical body is rejuvenating, the earth below is
    crumbling. You don’t feel it..stupid things you are…never mind.” That’s
    what I got!

  23. This broke my heart!!! ?????? DOES ANYONE ELSE AGREE??!!!! 

  24. That lion is depressed as fuck.

  25. not a single positive comment, its hard to satisfy all you ungrateful fucks

  26. He looked sad

  27. Is it only me or that Lion is crying?…
    Cause i almost cried…
    that cat is sad…so sad to be there.

  28. poor lion, free food, plenty of females to fuck, nobody shooting at him, no
    rival males to kill him and his children. that poor poor lion…………. 

  29. He doesn’t sound happy.

  30. “what a beautiful speech.” lol

  31. That would make a great cell phone ring!

  32. Look at the size of that guy.

  33. He is stressed and not happy. It would be like big fine home and it is cold
    outside and without electric. 

  34. People are such fucktards. He wants his freedom. He’s protesting his

  35. a game bred pitbull would ruin that lion

  36. This is straight after the end of watching Madagascar 

  37. Alex! Alex! Alex!


  38. Awe i wanna give him a big HUG…before he shreds me to bits!!

  39. Does people reaction, priceless! 

  40. do you whiners realize male lions spend over 80% of their time sleeping?
    the hell does he care whether he sleeps in a zoo or in an open field? plus
    he gets abundant food here, vet care, and even female mates, while not
    having to worry about getting killed every single day…oh poor creature
    how he must be suffering!

  41. He’s roaring because that’s wtf lions do smh some of you are such sensitive

  42. There is no beauty in stolen freedom

  43. this was right before they shipped him off to Madagascar (along with a
    hippo and zebra and a giraffe)

  44. Probably crying out for help

  45. 0:38 what was I saying…

    0:41 fuck it

  46. He’s just roaring, people who are saying that he’s “roaring for help”. He
    has plenty of land, food, and care. He’s lucky. If he was in the wild, he
    would’ve been poached a long time ago 

  47. Look at all of you complaining lion’s are endangered would you rather have
    them in captivity to keep them living?

    Or let them roam around and get killed off by poachers ? Seems like you
    want all the animal’s on the brink if extinction hmmm


  48. Hes prolly saying u what u motherfuckers looking at interrupting my nap and
    shit I’m hungry sleepy if I could only get through these fences and eat yo
    smiles off ur faces

  49. The Person With A Very Long Account Name

    Never go to the San Diego zoo! It’s rare that you see that happening. When
    i went there,there were barely any animals, they were either not there, or
    just sleeping. Not worth it.

  50. Why are people saying it sounds sad? Have they never heard an actual lion’s
    roar? Dipshits.

  51. Real life Lion King is tired of being captive against his own free will, as
    he cannot escape his true wild animalistic instinct.

  52. Translation: Get me the Fuck out of here! Now I need to eat fresh
    cantaloupe deer and hyenas please please Get me the Fuck out of here!!

  53. In videos I’ve seen of wild male lions, these roars sound a lot like a
    declaration of territory.

  54. LOL All the flower people here thinking that he’s crying. Shows how much
    you all know about Lions.

  55. Sounds like he misses someone T.T

  56. If he is singing then he is much better singer than Justin B.. ;P

  57. abdul ghani bin othman Othman

    That what I call real auw auw auw auwsome!

  58. Folks, I am an expert on big cats and can tell you what the lion in
    signaling. He wants to eat those fuckin people watching him. He wants to
    especially eat the motherfuckers that put him in a cage for their

  59. Feed him an atheist he’s hungry 

  60. Fake! I can see the zipper on the lion’s back.

  61. Having experienced a white lions roar in person before I can tell you, it’s
    very hard to capture the feeling of hear a lion roar. You can feel it in
    your chest.

  62. They sleep over twenty hours a day, so who cares if they sleep in the wild
    or in the safety of an enclosure?? Here….they won’t be shot by dumb
    fucking humans, or ran off by rival males.

  63. The lions roar felt really sad to me almost like if he was depressed. 

  64. 0:21 im gonna eat you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you.


  66. Put em up

  67. Can you still eat Lions at Nairobi’s Carnivore restaurant?


  69. That was a nice campaign speech, but I really hoped he would talk more
    about relieving traffic congestion.

  70. He’s like Nalaaaaaa

  71. You fucking hippies are lion experts now? Worry about important things

  72. My cat crying at home too. They say that cats shows the other animals that
    it is his territory. May be this is the same case.

  73. Stephanie Moreno

    of course he is roaring, he is mad he has been trapped in a place that is
    not his home. Stupid zoos!

  74. He sound in distress 

  75. We should be in a Cage viewing the Animals in the Wild.

  76. Salve Brasil na função!!

  77. Marguerite Wright (maelstrom143)

    He is most definitely talking.

  78. “Hey, you humans! Get the F**K OFF MY LAWN! I work nights, I’m trying to
    sleep! SHUT UP or I’m calling the cops!”

    * silence *

    “All right, then!” * turns away grumbling * “Damn humans never let me get
    a moment’s shut-eye…”

  79. Anybody else think he sounds like Chewbacca?

  80. ….shut up, all of you shut the hell up … I’m trying to sleep. 

  81. Great clip! Don’t forget to reduce your global carbon emissions today!
    The lions will thank you. Power is the disease. Care is the cure.

  82. “we shall fight on the beaches,
    we shall fight on the landing grounds,
    we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall fight in the hills;
    we shall never surrender”

  83. What an impressive display! Big healthy male lion showing what he’s got! *cheers
    and applause* Male lion calls like that are very far-reaching. They can be
    heard up to 5 or even 6 miles away! The call is saying “This area is mine!
    Any other male lions around here better get away unless you wanna tangle
    with ME!”

  84. LMAO!!! He sounds like Chewbacca!!!!!!

  85. I wonder what lion meant tastes like…I wanna try 🙁 

  86. Its a roar of depression, LET THE BIG CAT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it
    scared me

  87. His roar is so distinct and powerful

  88. This is the most bad ass noise I have ever heard. 

  89. Mufasa!

  90. amazing 

  91. whats funny is if your house cat was that size thats how itd sound too

  92. KevinKlineisawesome

    It’s just what I wanted to hear. I was scared of lions when I was a kid
    because of them roaring like leopards in the media. At age 12, I watched a
    video and saw how it actually goes so I asked “That’s a lion’s roar?” After
    my phobia is gone, I’ve gained interest and do research. I’m just so happy
    to see lions in the TV show Zoo.

  93. Poor lion, once again the unethical abomination known as a zoo has made a
    fool of one of the most greatest creatures of our time. 

  94. ohh poor lion :(


  96. Joshua “Water Dragon” Deale

    this lion’s roar is so powerful i LOVE LIONS! i can’t feel the roar shaking
    through my body lol

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