Little Kitten Suddenly Wakes Up After Having Nightmare

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Little kitten kicks with his little paws in air while having nightmare. Suddenly kitten wakes up and looks for his mom to eat. It is very cute kitten video.


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  1. Krazy Krystal Kitten

    First. ADORABLE 😍😍😍

  2. Like a giant ball of cotton that yawns! 😍

  3. you build it we destroy it

    Little confused after that bad dream as to which orange tiger cat was mom

  4. Ghosoon758 Mawlawi

    Oooh so cute cat baby

  5. Somebody plzzz hold those paws and give a tight kiss..:* :* :*

  6. Look so like he’s dreaming about nursing, chubby little belly! Very cute.

  7. Kitten twitches?epilepsy ?

  8. Cool Chicka Vlogs

    Kisses and cuddles the kitty 🐱

  9. Kathleen Thorpe

    Look at her little tummy!! Stretch you adorable little baby!!!😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤

  10. Byronlee marley

    Ridiculously cute!!!

  11. Saba Farhin Rose

    OMG mind blowing
    ❤😙😙Cuteness overload ❤😙😙❤😙😙❤

  12. Yawning cuteness…

  13. Look at that big belly!! Mom is doing a great job. Love the tongue hanging out all curled ready for a nipple. That is just priceless!!

  14. Purple guy loves fnaf

    So cute

  15. Little White Kitten with pink accessories is so magical/mystical that I was shocked to see a brute arm& hand grab abruptly, disregarding the fragility of this New Perfect-Being, to quickly pick Kitten up, and place beside his Mom: If holding the video unhindered your motions to be smooth and gentle with New Perfect-Kitten, just put your video down somewhere and gently move Kitten beside Mom: I am tramatised by your I sensitive manoeuvre

  16. Cute Cat 🙂

  17. Lanthis Lombard

    So beautiful and adorable…

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