Lola the chihuahua & the Goat kids Daily Playtime

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The latest animal on Sunflower Farm is a tiny chihuahua puppy named Lola. On her first day at the farm she was feeling a little shy, but as soon as she saw the goat kids (Princess Leia and Lady Bug) she warmed right up. We figure she was likely missing all her puppy friends and goats act a lot like puppies. Daisy is trying to perfect her goat leap so she can fit in with the kids. Princess Leia likes her best and thinks it’s funny to lick her face and chew on Lola’s tail and ears. Interestingly our older dogs, an English Mastiff and a pug are not at all interested in Lola, so she depends on the goats for fun and games!

Lola now enjoys daily playtime with her goat friends. Princess Leia (the cream colored goat), always invites her to play with a toss of her head and seems to protect her when Ladybug (the brown spotty goat) gets a bit jealous of their friendship and occasionally head buts the pup away. They play each day when I am doing chores…great exercise for the puppy who is full of energy and fun! The puppy is now 9 weeks old and the goats are three weeks.

Sunflower Farm is a no cull dairy farm which means every goat lives out their life even after they are done producing. On many dairy farms, the bucklings are immediately killed. Ours are neutered and sold as pets. We have a couple (Don Pedro and Rocky) and they are delightful pets! Much like having outdoor dogs. Any goat kids we can’t keep are sold to great families in pairs as pets or future milking goats. People put their names on a waiting list a year in advance so our kids never go to new homes as an impulse buy. You can read more about our unique farming philosophy on our farm website.

Thanks for checking out our kids!
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  1. they are such cute playmates – I think I could watch them all day long lol

  2. ShatterGlassProject

    my only fear is those goats butting heads with the chihuahua

  3. I MUST come and live with you. PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSE? What is it that the goats
    have on their heads? looks like two big holes….is that horns growing in?
    Do goats even have horns?

  4. so cute and funny I love it

  5. OMG that dog is sooooooo cute i want one jk i olreyer have one

  6. Sooooooo cute!!!

  7. ????????????????????????????

  8. ????????????????????????????

  9. ????????????????????????????

  10. Where did you get her from?

  11. ADORABLE!! ???

  12. Where ru guys located

  13. this is animal abuse

  14. FREEvelocity x - CLASH OF CLANS

    So cute :3

  15. ass&ole goat….

  16. They crave that mineral.

  17. so cute!!♡

  18. NOT COOL!!!!!! Those goats WILL KILL your Chihuahua. Goats natural
    instinct is to ram their very hard heads into the head of each other AND
    any other animal. It’s what they do. I had a goat give my pot belly pig
    brain damage. NOT JOKING or trolling!!!!

  19. When you are out in the country, be mindful of eagles and hawks. The goat
    kids are a little too big to swoop down and carry off, but that puppy
    isn’t. Birds of prey won’t avoid a meal because it’s cute to humans.

  20. Kids may be the cutest damn thing on the planet

  21. That little chihuahua does not stand a chance with those baby goats!

  22. Dylan Lyons (ZeroJab)

    I’m stealing that pup ;-;

  23. What are the metal things in the goats’ heads?

  24. que viveo mas mierda….

  25. Sadly Lola died because the baby goat jumped and accidentally landed on

  26. Awwww, I would love a Pygmy goat and Lola.

  27. literally want to cry that puppy is so freaking cute i want it omgggg

  28. Even my 16gb RAM can’t handle this cuteness

  29. Ooooooh ! what a cute video !! Can I have little Lola? soooooo cute !!!!

  30. its very cuit

  31. Scary when there is a possibility of getting head butted and trampled by a
    freight train.

  32. Oooh~~~ cute!


  34. I Drop Everything

    0:28 goat ate shit

  35. I Drop Everything

    But i wanna put those animals in my spot of tea

  36. jorge alejandro monroy guillen


  37. 1:10 is the cutest moment when a goat jump forward in order to stop another
    goat from hurting the puppy :)

  38. Goats AND dogs? Is this heaven?

  39. Cute little dog is cute

  40. aww. This is TOO cute <3 How old is your chihuahua?

  41. 1:01 Was really funny and cute :D

  42. karleineplays roblox

    aww so cute

  43. evilvsgoodgamer #gg

    that is so cute

  44. AWE!! That’s so cute! And I bet the chihuahua believes that she’s a goat
    too. My chihuahua believes that he’s a goat, and he jumps around on the
    couch like one.

  45. the dog is so cute

  46. parkour goats

  47. come check out my vids

  48. Oh my word the chihuahua trying to jump like the goat lol so so so cute

  49. Mia “Raylene” Aguilera

    I want the chichahua! ?

  50. Jeremiah Beristain


  51. Lola thinks the goats are bigger chihuahua’s, and the goats think she is a
    tinyer goat

  52. It’s so precious the way they play together. WILL THOSE Goats get any

  53. awww too cute

  54. lola the chihuahua is adorable

  55. Jamie Evans (James)

    34 people never had playtime as a kid.

    …pun intended.

  56. AWWWWW!!!

  57. Goats are weird, I love them.

  58. 3 animals with different colors on them playing all together, but who won’t
    be coexisting? The freaking human beings!!! What a shame!

  59. This is so funny!
    Check out our channel, we have a video of our Chihuahua howling.
    Not as funny as this though.

  60. yea, this puppy is going to get injured ‘playing’ with goats, which are
    notoriously rough, and obviously 4 times bigger.

  61. Darn dog is going to be running around head butting everything lol

  62. I didn’t like the goat head butting the puppy. It’s soft skull won’t be
    able to take too much of that.

  63. The goats are scared of that little chupacabra! D:

  64. Lol aw they are so cute! Thanks for sharing the vid with us; Jesus Christ
    Bless! ?

  65. I want Lola!!


  67. give meh the puppy ppplllllllleeeaaassseee

  68. knowdise me lo la knowdise me

  69. 0:28 that’s a suicide goat


  71. What’re the circles on their heads? Is that their horns ground down? The
    diameter is huge.. ‘:f

  72. Adorable! I just got 2 Chihuahua puppies. :)

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