Looking Ruff: World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

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A HUNCHBACKED mutt named Quasi Modo has been crowned the world’s ugliest dog. The crossbreed, which has a shortened spine that makes it resemble a hyena, beat 26 other finalists to the award during the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. Chief judge Brian Sobel said he’d ‘epitomised excellence in ugliness’. As well as scooping $1500 for his owner, Quasi Modo, from Loxahatchee, Florida, will get a full makeover on Jimmy Kimmel Live and attend media events in New York and San Francisco.

Videographer / Director: Sam Wolson
Producer: Jack McKay, Chloe Browne
Editor: Ian Phillips

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  1. my friend showed me a video of a girl having sex with her dog……i hate
    dogs now lol

  2. This is just so terrible.. What’s next? Ugliest child contest? 

  3. ‫مستر فيفاوي‬‎

    kill that dog

  4. The speck on the camera during 1:51 on the dudes hairline and to the ending
    is urking me for some reason.

  5. SonicsShadowisSilver

    From reading the title, I was very much against this idea, but watching
    through the video, I think is a great way to raise awareness and let these
    dogs shine.

  6. I can’t stand some white people.

  7. Can we have a world’s ugliest human contest next, I would like to enter

  8. Cats>Dogs

  9. Mariah-Nathalie Larsson

    These dogs are not ugly they are uniqe and have personality i dont like the
    title of this contest whats next the “worlds ugliest human contest”?

  10. This is disgusting, these dogs are beautiful in their own way, and fuck the
    people who want them dead. 

  11. Dogs are dirty, vile creatures. I despise them. It baffles me how people
    can keep them as ‘pets’. They belong in the wild. My aunt has one of these
    ugly mugs, I’ve avoided going to her house for years -,-

  12. This just makes me cry

  13. why are the ugliest dogs so precious at the same time hahaha ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. If an ugliest human contest sounds absurd…. Why would we do it to our
    dogs ? 

  15. This is so cruel. Dogs shouldn’t be praised by their ugliness – they should
    just be accepted for who they are no matter what they look like. 

  16. aw, I still think they’re cute, every dog deserves to be loved. (: 

  17. Ugly is the ppl who do this to their dogs -.-

  18. Disability=ugliest ??? I know it’s just for fun but wow great lesson for
    disabled kids

  19. The people behind this video and event should be ashamed of themselves!

  20. Ugliest dogs? This is some sad video right now. Being a dog owner this
    hurts me. These dogs are adorable. These dogs are probably happy going
    somewhere with their owners and this is how it goes? Seriously, this video
    made me pretty sad.

  21. I don’t agree with this, just because the dogs may have birth defects
    doesn’t mean that they are ugly. They could change it to the world’s most
    beautiful dog contest and have dogs with only birth defects be allowed to
    enter. Just imagine this with people, the ugly person contest. Oh wait
    there is none. Maybe because people are more then animals, WELL THERE NOT! 

  22. Quasimodo is soo cute ? 

  23. This is really mean! It is not their fault that they are born that way and
    now you are calling them ugly?! What is your problem??

  24. Those dogs are not ugly they are beautiful 

  25. cCANDYWOMAN The 1st

    Your so rude. They are animals not dolls! They have feelings! I think they
    are beautiful. This is ridiculous!

  26. Looks like a tasmanian devil

  27. Mahalakshmi Balasubramanian

    Aww they are ALL beautiful 

  28. They’re so cute!!!!

  29. This is so mean to dogs! This is a sad video and contest. The owners have
    no heart for their dogs. It’s so sad to think that these pole think that
    they have the ugliest dog. DOGS HAVE FEELINGS TO!

  30. Jim Cameron (deutsch51)

    Eye of the beholder!

  31. AG YummyCupcakes


  32. Thats pretty mean to a dog every one need to be loved ugly or not☺

  33. All dogs are beautiful 

  34. Even ugly dogs have a chance to shine!

  35. The one that had no neck and won was so cute 

  36. This is so mean

  37. This is so mean. Okay, he might look ugly but you don’t have to do a
    freaking ugly contest. Messed up shit. 

  38. SO CUTE!!!?????????????????????????????

  39. I think these dogs are adorable 

  40. Good to see that people are taking care of them.


  42. I live in Petaluma 

  43. There are all gorges and they are gods creation and they deserve
    Ever right of love And respect and people are judged on the on the outside
    beauty is only skin deep

  44. There not ulgy

  45. I have a Mexican hairless and hes adorable and so are all of these dogs

  46. No dogs are ugly their actually cute 

  47. Wow. The voice-over guy called Quasi-Modo “him” and talked about “his” back
    immediately after the owner said “her”.

    That’s some quality production work you’ve got there +Barcroft TV

  48. they may not look butifull on the outside but they are loving and caring on
    the inside

  49. Battleship510 Gaming and vlogs

    i think i heard Stampy

  50. And the winner is Hilary Clinton

  51. The Owners Bought These Dogs So They Weren’t The Odd One Out


  52. All dogs have a beautiful soul.
    None of them were ugly!
    I do not believe in someone being ugly.
    there is no such a thing!
    Please don’t call anyone ugly even if they don’t care because it just prove
    how much you don’t like yourself or how you look.
    These dogs looked special, different!
    There’s no such a thing ugly, pretty, skinny or fat, society made it so
    there will be labels so everyone could label everyone which is ridiculous
    then don’t be a part of it. Everyone is different! You all look different
    or what so ever for a reason!
    Be yourself, care for others, be thoughtful and of-course DIFFERENT!

  53. I’m a cat person but I don’t think dogs are ugly

  54. All dogs are cute in there own way!


  56. And the winner is…: QUASIMODOG

  57. Always NinaCherry

    This is not nice ?

  58. Can I enter my brother?

  59. None of those dog are ugly they just have different problems , this is shit

  60. Don’t say that who cares if their are ugly ?

  61. All of those dogs are adorable

  62. 2:05 that? Ugly? I think They are all pretty cute

  63. How do I sign my ex up for this?

  64. There all cute

  65. No dog is ugly and no dog is beautiful. They are all loving and adorable.
    Depending if you care for them for the loving part. If you don’t teach them
    right they aren’t very loving but you can make them!

  66. they are unique not ugly I said aww to all the dogs

  67. Awwww. But that dog is adorable! Retarded people saying dogs are “ugly”.

  68. I tried entering my girlfriend in this competition but she said she did not
    want the attention

  69. Kiera Ray i agree

  70. I think all dogs are cute

  71. How rude! These dogs are cute

  72. they r so cute I think they all deserve to win

  73. Awwwwwwww they are sooooooooooo cute mashallah

  74. the uglest dog is that ugly fat one with no neck and no butt the first one
    is not ugly it is cute just kidding all of the dogs are cute

  75. I wish these dogs knew how their owners really feel about them and how they
    are used for the owners’ benefit :(

  76. That’s a proper mean contest

  77. It dosent matter what it lookes like I love dogs

  78. No dog is ugly just not perfect

  79. I loved them all!!! If I had enough money I would adopt every single dog I
    could!!! They are little angels, mine changed my life for the best!!! ?

  80. the dog is sooooooOOOOOOOOO pretty to me


  82. I see people almost everyday uglier than these dogs

  83. They’re dogs guys. They don’t speak English. They just understand that they
    get to go out, meet other dogs and get petted and loved on by lots of

    Geez. Shouldn’t you people be protesting a steakhouse or something?

  84. Nope…This is Wrong… Each of These dogs are not ugly…. THEY ARE

  85. no sam the dog was uglier but i think he was sweet


  87. tbh i think all dogs are cute whether they are ugly or adorable they should
    be lived and not entered in a ugly or best or adorable because all dogs are
    special in thier own way and they eache help other people or play so yeah

  88. someone said stampy , stampy is cute cat

  89. Two Tumbling Girls

    to me they look beautiful some of them look normal

  90. quazimodo (the dog) looks like a pokemon

  91. Fuck you putting statements on dogs because of their appearance. They are
    normal dogs it’s just that your shallow heartless self is to retarted to

  92. Toxicthewolf9 Feral Heart Videos

    I think ugly dogs are funny XD

  93. Am I the only one who thinks these are cute

  94. humans are stupid who don’t know dogs dogs have feelings too theyre all

  95. lol I actually find them cute, mostly

  96. The winner looked like Taz from the Loony Tunes.


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